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  1. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    Turned out that a fuse was blown. All good now. Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    I will pull the column back out and carefully check the wires that came with it. I guess I could splice in the original wires, except for the ones connected to the ignition. I will charge the battery and check the fuses also. Hope this works. Thanks for all the help guys.
  3. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    The wrecker I went to specializes in Falcons and knew that a BA column would not be compatible. He confirmed it was from a BF. Next to each other the two parts seem identical, and all the old wires fit into the same spots on the new column.When I asked him for a steering column he said "ignition playing up is it?" so I am guessing he gave me the correct part. I even took my old one in to make sure they were the same. I also checked the battery charge 12.5V I reckon the the next issue I am going to have is trying to get the car on a tow truck from where it is parked.
  4. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    The only wiring that is different is the stuff that is connected to the back of the ignition barrel. That harness consists of the wires connected to the black plastic disk on the ignition switch and the green plug for the PATS the small white plug that is pictured above on one end. With a much larger white plug with a spring loaded catch on the opposite end. Everything else was from the original column. I tried plugging my X3 in and it would couldn't load a tune because I could not unlock the ECU.
  5. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    Yeah I am sure it is all plugged in. I have the battery disconnected at the moment. I will try the key thing too. I assume I cycle the key with the battery connected. The only thing that was not connected was one white plug on the passenger side of the column, which I can't see any other plug for. It is part of the ignition switch loom. The repair manual I was using shows pics of it not connected at all, so I assume it is for column gear shifts or something. Thanks for the help.
  6. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    Ok so I have swapped over the Key barrel and the PATS circuit board onto a replacement column I got from the wreckers. Plugged it all in and bolted it back together but car still wont start. The key seems to function normally now, with the right clicks etc, but the car doesnt do anything at all when the key is turned. The ICC screen says Security code error. I was under the impression that I this wouldn't happen if I used my original key, barrel and PATS board. Is there anything I can do or will I have to get it towed to ford after all? I have an X3 flash tuner if that makes any difference?
  7. Removing Steering Column - Help Needed

    Thanks Adam. Looking through that it would seem I unbolt the shaft from the fire wall and remove the entire assembly. The parts I have seen on ebay dont appear to include the lower shaft. Maybe I will just have to go to a wrecker and get the whole thing.
  8. Hi Sorry to start a new thread about this but I am really stuck. I have been trying to remove my steering column to fix an ignition issue and have got upto removing it from the steering shaft (I think that's what it is called). Can anyone tell me how to separate the main part of the column from the shaft. I have attached some pics of where I am upto with it.The first photo shows the parts I need to seperate. The previous topic is here: http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/83669-bf-ignition-barrel-problem-need-help/
  9. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    So I have started pulling apart the car to try and fix this issue. So far I have the steering wheel off, the plastic cover off the column and all the wires unplugged. I have hit a snag now as I don't know how to get the steering shaft off the part that I am trying to remove. I have take some photos of where I am up to with it.
  10. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    Ok so if I get a column from a wreckers, I can pull mine out, swap my barrel onto it and put it into the car. This will mean my original keys will work without the need to reprogram anything? In my town the local mechanics don't seem to like to do anything more than log book servicing, and seeing as the car wont start my options seem limited. edit: my keys are the flat type that I think are standard of BF models. The car is an 08 BF2 XR6T.
  11. Bf Ignition Barrel Problem - Need Help

    If I was to get a replacement steering column, is it an ok DIY job? Can I use the barrel from my car and put it on the replacement steering rack to keep using the same key or doe these keys have some type of chip in them that will screw all this up. As you can probably tell I am pretty confused about this situation. Thanks for the help.
  12. Hi I went out to start my car today and the key spins freely in the barrel and nothing happens. the car does not start. There seems to be a weak click between position I and II but nothing between II and III. I did a search and found some topics on BA having similar issues but in those topics the cars all started, where as mine nothing happens at all. They also had the key springing back to the off position where as min will just sit where ever it is left Has anyone had this issue before, or know what it is or how to fix it? cheers
  13. What To Expect

    I would (and did) use one of the site sponsor tuners. That way you know you are getting someone that knows these cars well.
  14. I have no idea if there was one, and I appologise for starting this thread, never expected it to turn out like this. My intention was to maybe save people from of getting defected for a pod filter or something, not to start a hate thread. It is embarrassing to be the OP of this thread.

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