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Found 9 results

  1. Trying to gather information to start preparing for a Barra swap into an 02 Mustang GT. If there is anyone who could measure from the front of the engine to the shifter on a T56 transmission it would be appreciated. I am also curious to know if there are any downsides to using a BA motor vs BF if I am going to be installing forged rods and pistons anyways.
  2. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has an updated list of the top 10 or top 20 quickest manual xr6 turbo's / F6 Typhoon's Cheers
  3. Does anyone have any good methods to get the reverse light switch out of a t56 transmission? I've tried modifying a socket but the socket was just too shallow and it kept slipping too. There's also not much clearance for the spanners that I've tried. I might have to resort to jacking up the passengers side and filling from the original fill hole unless anyone has any other recommendations?
  4. In the process of converting from auto to t56 manual gearbox. When putting the new manual tailshaft into the slip yoke/ rubber donut coupling/ tailshaft, it doesn’t seem line up correctly as circled red in the photo. When rotating the tailshaft the gap between the donut and slip yoke opens up but closes flush correctly again towards the top as if something is warped. Tailshaft recently rebalanced. If I bolt up everything as is right now the donut is very warped. Any clues what would cause this?
  5. Hey guys. I'm having harmonic driveline vibrations in my '07 Manual typhoon. But first a run down on the history of the car. Bought in 2011 with only 17 000 ks, and had stuffed diff bushes from the get go, that was fixed firstly by ford. They lasted about 5000ks and were pooched. The next diff bush endeavour was done at an independent shop and all three bushes were replaced with nolathane polyurathane (or however you spell that) bushes. Now.. this uncovered the first vibration! turns out the tailshaft was out of balance quite badly, and wasn't noticed previously due to the bus
  6. hey guys now I bought a xr6 turbo ute a while ago and it was running great made 333.3rwkw with a t5z till the gearbox let go now ive been looking for a t56 for a while and they seem to be same price as a zf6 speed or I could go a powerglide possibly... im after something that can handle a fair bit of abuse and still drive it on the weekends... its already been tuned ect as a manual would it be a better idea to run with a t56 or should I go for a one of the other options as im after alot of reliability... any advice or input would be great and appreciated cheers
  7. Hi, I am after some help on how to remove the clutch fluid line from a BF 6speed manuel. Can be removed from master cylinder side easily but unsure on how to remove it from off the slave cylinder inside the bellhousing whithout pulling the box out? I am thinking maybe there is a specialist tool like a crows foot 90degree socket or something? Surely someone has done this before? or can the line be removed at another location? Thanks
  8. I have a 06 6 speed manual xr6 turbo. Over the past 3 months odd it has developed a huge gear lash noise at low rpm sub 1500, and is worse in the lower gears. Gearbox fluid was done probably 12 months ago. Has the usual rattle at idle which disappears with clutch pressure but I cant get rid of this noise even holding clutch pressure unless I accelerate extremely slowly. Any ideas? has anyone run a friction modifier in the oil before as well?
  9. I'm doing some research into upgrading my BA turbo's transmission to the 6 speed manual and I'm not sure where to start or who's reputable in the VIC south eastern suburbs. What's a rough price for the full conversion? does the diff and clutch need to be replaced as well? Any advice would be appreciated
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