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  1. What the absolute fck. Working up in mini increments then bam 9 squats at 180kg. Yeah ok chief
  2. Layed some grass and a garden, poured a slab. House builds really test the patience Jealous of you barra owners watching prices go up lol Mine would have rusted away by now lol
  3. I hate when I slip and accidentally order a giant turbo
  4. Lesson learnt. 10x6m shed is not diy friendly. Got it 90% done, but fck it was hard work. Pay someone to do it. If my roof skillioned the other way, it may not of been so bad as the middle beam was 10m long and 2 of us couldn't lift it. Plus the roller door was 170kg. Scissor lift is a must.
  5. I was in a falcon at powercruise and when he held the antilag it made something like 25psi at like 2000rpm. It was very violent on tyres and everything and he broke a diff later in the day and he didn't really dump the clutch in it. I would say it's only ok on a built motor and e85. Happy to be proven wrong though.
  6. Can anyone tell me why a fgx g6e turbo is 10k less than a fg mk2 g6e turbo? What did they leave out or change?
  7. Any particular reason in a 2018? I do love a good prado, but why they so expensive lol
  8. 2017 model. Prado, mux, everest or grand cherokee? Thoughts
  9. It's just a standard iame x30 piston. Has to be the iame brand and piston as it's a control class.
  10. When the plug comes out like this, yet my piston didn't explode lol. Session before the plug was earthy brown and the motor was singing. Lambda was perfect as well. Exhaust and exhaust port had no signs of being lean either. Only the plug. Went 1 heat range cooler plug in it and came back out earthy brown with no mixture setting change. Lucky.
  11. Post cannot be empty.
  12. Newcastle hi tensile bolt Co is the bolt industry standard. Grade 8.8 is what your chasing. Usually sca has these with a zinc coating. (Stamped on the head) Zinc isn't great with temperature, but is ok. Ideally black will suffice, and goes better with antiseize. You can get grade 10.9 which is stronger again, or 12.9 socket head cap screws. First number is the ultimate strength, and the second number is the % of ultimate indicating the yield strength. E.g. a grade 12.9 screw has a ultimate strength of 1200mpa and a yield of 1200x0.9 = 1080mpa yield strength. Most bunnings stuff like there galvanised threaded rod is grade 4.6 which is like butter. Basically a mild steel equivalent. Don't get stainless as they weak as sh*t. Imperial bolts use a similar stamping on the head as well. 4, 8 and 10 I think.
  13. Our of curiosity how neet are the dowels? No retention? Guessing they drive in pretty firm ?
  14. Put your helicoil in the bin https://www.kipp.com/gb/en/Products/Operating-parts-standard-elements/Machine-and-fixture-components/K0978-Self-tapping-threaded-inserts-with-cutting-slot.html
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