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  1. Wastegate actuator. Pull the small line off the front housing going to the solenoid and see if it spools again. Caution as it may/will overboost crazy. Mine popped off on the weekend and was running 30psi for a little while
  2. gaz097


    One of my mates had a n/a bf with a zf and he regularly beat me to a 100 Kay's an hour. He had good tyres, while I had rubbish nankangs, and made all the difference at low speed
  3. Could it be done with an internal gate? What actuator would you run to hold this type of boost?
  4. Falcons are legit pieces of sh*t. I have rust in front a pillar, and all through the boot area, and some suspect spots around the fire wall that I don't want to go looking for.
  5. 98? If so looks about right. Need bigger turbo
  6. Cause they sh*t. Performance may be okay, but the quality is just terrible.
  7. If any of you don't watch ama Supercross then you should. 250 main was insane and Jett Lawrence is a Australian which makes it awesome to watch.
  8. Got any diet tips for gainz Keith. I struggle to hit calories (aiming for 2500+) based on a 2000 maintenance. I hate meal prep.
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