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  1. Well there you go. I just googled and it does sit at an angle.
  2. That cooler looks identical to my rapid cooler. (Or maybe I don't actually have a rapid cooler???) Not the best, but ample to 400+kw
  3. I had my turbo rebuilt by race equip. Found out later he was using Chinese bearings. Original one lasted 5000 kays. Got it fixed under warranty and lasted 10000 Kay's.
  4. I think United E85 is being phased out. We just lost one in Metford which is just out of Newcastle. One left in Maitland now which is a 30min drive. This makes the the 4th servo I have lost including eflex.
  5. gaz097

    18x9 / 18x11

    Fronts at +25 will fit but will need a narrow tyre, and maybe a touch more camber to keep the guards happy. Rears will fit pretty easy at +25 They fit 10's with ease at +40.
  6. You have seen the YouTube stuff. Mostly these moments
  7. Meth injection kits? What would keep lower inlet temperatures over time. Process west stage 3 cooler Or my rapid 500*400*90 cooler with meth injection? Obvs I'm not worried about the tune side as already on the ethanol. Just I know the cooler cannot handle life when giving it a good hiding.
  8. Looks like mine cracked with previous owner then they just badly plated it still in the car going by the vertical up style welds on it. Still going strong to this day even with my abuse.
  9. Your half right. From memory I tried this once before and took a couple of mil off the ball joint area for clearance. Rims I just bought have 2 brand new tyres, and 2 at 80%. 2 new ones touch. 2 others just miss. They do scrub slightly when it's flexed up on a gutter on the guards but is drive able. On stock height springs it would be fine.
  10. 245 35 20 on a bf? On a 8.5" rim, 32 offset? Will it miss the upper arm?
  11. What exhaust you planning to run
  12. That's for a conversion. I actually don't think it would be very easy to relocate the throttle keeping the box. Probably better off cut/weld, bend, or cut/plate the throttle pedal itself. I can roll in a work boot, but in a normal shoe it's just not consistent enough, plus you need perfect foot placement, which just isn't reliable enough when your on the edge of traction aiming for a wall.
  13. I agree, I can't heal and toe as the throttle is too low. Not with any consistency anyway. Could easily make an adapter plate to reposition the throttle.
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