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  1. You know them Ross going to rattle but damn they look good.
  2. The irony of you were happy to travel and spread it cause your symptoms weren't bad. Nek minute.
  3. gaz097

    Dyno graph

    Why jet u no answer. Tell me now how good tailshaft is.
  4. Wot box. Brendan around here did it. Had a cool video somewhere that I cant find. He was half mile racing or something at a airport. Don't ever think he found a clutch that could truly handle it. What bov you got? Alternatively nitrous seams to work for this fg
  5. Valid point on the 2 stroke oil
  6. I would have to change jetting after about 4 weeks on 98 back on the old 125 2 stroke dirt bike. Even today I don't use 4 week old fuel in anything high performance.
  7. Even new genuine bush's will axle tramp in a manual. Need the hardest, side bushes you can fit, then a fairly hard centre bush. Cat600 side bushes and a superpro centre is the best option. Trailing arms doesn't really matter
  8. Ford engine bays are often a different colour or at least they do a different cost cutting process. Looks like a classic spill brake fluid and not wash it down. Rust will come back in that seam.
  9. Yeah Total replacement of engine is damn expensive vs barra. And the only reason is for fuel economy. Barra appears to be in the 12s where diesel in the 10s. I think towing this gap would get a bit wider though.
  10. Anyone know much about the 2.7 diesel Territory? 2014 ish model. Somewhat reliable? How does the zf 6r80 I believe handle life?
  11. It was originally a crossfit gym. The program has all the stupid exercises removed from it. Or just substitute a exercise you don't want to do. There is alot of data of middle aged particularly woman joining crossfire type gyms then spending huge money on physiotherapy lol. Everything is pretty strict form these days. Bands are used for chin ups if needed etc. Can either pick some light weights and treat it as a pure cardio session or, pick some heavy weight and do it how ever slow you want.
  12. My gym of choice at the moment is called culture, and is group based training where we do a warm up, then 20 min of strength work followed by a 20 min high intensity, weighted cardio session. It's a big ass shed and usual 10 to 30 people doing the workout at once. They run 5 classes a day with 2 trainers up the front demoing and yelling at me. One of the guys I lift with is real into me about hook grip for the deadlift. Getting more comfortable with it. I sometimes have to tape my nail though for fear of ripping it off when the reps get high, and the grip starts to fatigue
  13. I get that but it becomes natural I guess and stays quite straight after a while. I uses to think my grip was strong, but once the mix is mastered the security is so much greater. I've only been using a belt for a few months as well and it's a blessing on my lower back.
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