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  1. Any boost control in open loop will see big difference in boost levels due to ambient temperature. I can see up to 3psi change going from 10 to 40 degrees ambient.
  2. This rims look tiny. I like it though. What size slick? 315 something something??
  3. Strongest part of the car
  4. Few different ways. Clutch switch with rpm input is common
  5. Are you going to do any thing to help it shift quicker? Wot box spark cut etc? Do malwoods offer a faceplate option?
  6. Are you invested? I put $500 in a few days ago. Sitting at 1500 at the moment
  7. Anyone dabble in crypto currency? First time for me and I'm playing with a small amount in safemoon. Currently going insane. Hope the Trend continues https://safemoon.net/
  8. Very impressive. Got a time slip? Any fancy launch control or just talent?
  9. I blew second in a t56, though I did dump the clutch pretty damn hard. Picked up a na tr6060 from an actual wrecker for $1500. It's handling 3rd and 4th abuse pretty well so far.
  10. I've never met anyone that regretted the magnum until they pulled there sh*t together and got a proper auto. I don't really know why you would need a magnum. Doesn't shift any better, and it takes some effort to break a tr6060. Trust me I'm trying
  11. Can read codes easy. Ford can't fix the issue if there is a high flow cat fitted hence sending you on your way.
  12. Buy a scan tool and show us the codes ( can buy the elm237 adaptor for 15 bucks, and download torque Pro app for $5)
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