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  1. Err I have driven it every day since with no issues. Didn't do anything though The turbo came back from procharge with a feed nipple in it. Looked about the right size.
  2. I've never done it myself but can dodgy up some 90 degree 3" pipe. Option Also you can use the ribbed flex pipe that runs between the factory airbox and the cross over as it clamps straight to the turbo. Other then that your looking at intercooler kit and cold side piping like process west, plazmaman rapid etc
  3. The turbo is less then 2000 Kay's old, rebuilt by procharge so I would hope not. Its done it twice now, about every 10th drive. The last time it done it was I was driving casually home from work, and I noticed it when I pulled into the driveway. About a minute later it was all good no smoke at all.
  4. Have a intermittent oil smoke problem. Only there occasionally but when it does it's like the photo below. After this photo was taken it cleared up about 2 minutes of ideling later. Not there on cold starts, and valve stem seals were done at engine rebuild time so have done 30k Kay's. Compression test came back 165psi pretty damn even across all cylinders. Pcv and check valve seam good. Rattle and are free to move. Any ideas? And yes it's definitely oil.
  5. Be from the Loctite. Should spin in easily
  6. Been razing around with the tr6060 in and it's so much nicer to drive with it. Shifts about a million times better. Far less roll over noise. Completely different car to drive. And the super low first gear gets it through intersections so quick. I quite like it. Problem 1 though. Cruise control does not work in 5th gear. 3rd 4th 6th still does. I think I may have solved my issue as I write this though. As it's gotta match rpm with wheel speed to know what gear it's in (also why you can't engage cruise in first and second) it can't make the connection as the ratios are different? Tuning people. Is there a gear ratio adjustment that can be changed ? Or possibly something else ?
  7. Best clutch alignment tool ever. Also what oil and quantities these days in tr6060's? Penrith 70w75 through fill plug or reverse dodad?
  8. Yeah I know. First is really low, and second is a little lower. Third is near enough. Not overly concerned really. Can't do sh*t with first/second gear under power anyway.

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