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  1. Not sure ay. Imagine it would be loss of car though lol
  2. Painted some 11's a good 100m long crusing home from work. Really makes a Friday that much better lol
  3. Really need to live out of my Tapatalk bubble. Logged in online yesterday and turns out this place is run by donations. Who da thought.
  4. Need to do Pads and Rotors on the front again. What's good value for money these days. DBA T2/T3? Something else?
  5. Cheers man. So much more to go wrong. Have to balance boost/clutch slip off the line which I found quite difficult with my clutch. I feel a nice dual plate organic setup would be the way to go.
  6. Tried to wrap my head around this drag racing thing again today. Still haven't quite put my finger on it just yet. Nothing too special, but managed to pb squeezing into the 11's running 11.99 @128mph using 17" Bridgestone ecopia ep850 economy street tyres commonly found on ford territories lol. Note they only measured up at 27" and I was hard on the limiter. My calcs said a 235/60/17 would be 28" but I was wrong. Launching on a street tyre is knife edge compared to a radial. Soon as it spun the run was dusted. Radial is much more forgiving. On gate pressure off the line (about 15psi) I could get first gear to drive without huge wheelspin, and kept it on gate pressure through second as well. Bit more time I recon I could run full boost in second and probably drop that time a little more. Maybe 11.8ish. After that a slick and taller gears( or a taller tyre) will be needed to get down into the low 11's.
  7. Quality products just the ziptie is a little temporary. Is mint though. When you squeeze it I have low boost, and also stays on low boost for a number of seconds. Just did a fake launch on the street and had grip most of first and all of second, then flipped to high boost as I plucked third.
  8. 430 Kay's over yesterday and today. Smoked a set of tyres in the second session, then did another 5 sessions on my 20" tyres. Car never missed a beat. Built Ford tough. #Barralyf Powercruise was absolutely mint today. Did 7 sessions, could have done more, and it flowed real well. Highly recommend
  9. I've tested flex many times and it's always been e70.
  10. From Caltex website to another. It is officially done
  11. Drove it in peak Sydney traffic. Damn it was hard to keep my cool
  12. Anyone got some shed porn happening? This is my progress
  13. Eflex must be done Australia wide. Same sticker on the eflex at Drummoyne

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