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  1. Won't need head studs on 98 Balancer is dependent on condition. My suggestion is inspect every so often. Hd timing chain. Yes. Guides and lower sprocket are a good investment. Plenty don't have issues, a few have nothing but trouble. OEM or atomic is good. Tailshaft and diff are usually pretty strong, traction/abuse dependant
  2. Something 100 or lower treadwear. Nankang ar1 are hard to beat.
  3. Have to be the 044, pull the filter though, and see if it's blocked as well could the intank pump. Basically the whole fuel system is coming out for a clean though.
  4. Fits some rods to that gas engine. Open the ring gaps slightly.
  5. Hotside won't affect it too much. Be interested if you have boost control issues. There is a bit of a torque bump at low rpm. Guessing 19psi is zero duty cycle
  6. Yeah use the E85 pump = no foam
  7. First day back for me in a long time as well. Trained with a mate some chest and tri's. About a million people in the gym and couldn't get a bench, so mixed it up with some machines and cables only. Chest is so damn sore already.
  8. gaz097

    My Build

    I went from a 50mm back to a 38mm radiator. Runs cooler then Ever.
  9. Probably too heavy, I think the Aussie racing car on its own would be ultimate fun. 1000cc Yamaha engine already in them?
  10. The tyres are well worn. I think they would struggle to do another day. Brakes are fine for now. Smsp would require a decent set of brembos though. Here is how big Wakefield is compared to luddenham.
  11. I would like to go again. Ideally down to Wakefield as it looks a bit more open so I can stretch its legs. But I can already see it being a 2-3k exercise in tyres, brakes, suspension, coolers etc
  12. Return restriction is long gone, and running a aftermarket reg. I could get base pressure down below 2.5 bar from memory with both pumps on. I think a drop in twin pump setup is the go these days.
  13. What size line should I run between the surge and a race works pump. Meant to be slightly bigger then an 044? Currently it's 5/8 I believe. Too small?
  14. Thanks. Any suggestions on a fuel system to support power without generating heat? Really want to get the surge tank out of the engine bay as I feel it was radiant heat doing most of the damage. Don't really want to put one in the boot either. I know lots of choices left Are the intank only setups worthy these days? Being a bf1 I think I have to upgrade the tank anyway?
  15. Cheers it was good fun. No oil cooler. Just do a cool down lap every now and then. Didn't generate any high coolant temps either. What I did have was fuel getting so hot it was boiling I think. When the second pump would click in (5psi) it would basically die and surge like crazy. I'm thinking the fuel was so hot and stationary on the inlet to the second pump and when it turns on it creates a vacuum and boils it getting a air lock. I have had it happen at powercruise when below 1/4 of a tank. But it was happening above half after about 10 min of track work.
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