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  1. Don't worry jet I just posted on this post, to sign up to xr6turbo forum and pm@Jeturbo directly any problems they have.
  2. You were telling me I was too rich running at 0.8 hence I lifted the head. And then proposed I run closer to 0.9 to as per Mick's graph So I imagine 0.9 on E85 gets temperature in the sweet spot
  3. You blasted me back in the day for a 12:1 afr on E85.
  4. Cheers man Sorry I meant to achieve the 15 to 20 how much ethanol would be needed. I assume on 98 you would be detecting knock trying to dial in this much timing?
  5. Just read the first 1000 odd posts in this thread. Have we settled on 8f dyno pulls? Hypothetically approx what minimum timing value would achieve max power on a 35 frame turbo just as it comes onto 22psi of boost? Also how much ethanol % would be needed to not be knock limited
  6. These are I <3 Bananasing mint wheels. Someone buy
  7. Get a cross country Ebike. Makes cycling a lot more fun. Still apply the same amount of effort, but your travelling at 30kph not 15
  8. Cause I'm a tight ass so yeah. And battery ftw these days. Mini impact gun is magic. Also traction control light is on 90% of the time I start the car? Faulty abs sensor?
  9. Do many track days@MattyP?? I was trying to get down luddenham on Saturday but well yeah was still broken
  10. By no means is it fun. But it's not too bad. Once you get the cradle balanced on the jack it's easy.
  11. Rough Easter Monday. 2 new axles Reseal diff hat. New diff bushes. New axle seals. Not a fun day Man it drives quite with fresh diff bushes, oil etc. It's like it brand new. Not a clunk in the world. I give it a month

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