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  1. Basically fresh. I do have a power supply and case but not much saving.
  2. Ideally I didn't want to pay over $1000 but that seams unrealistic. Probably 1500
  3. Yeah it does look that way. Seams like a 5700 is more what I need. The monitors I have are only 1080p tall and 75hz at the moment, so the 5700 will be well above them, but they are due for upgrade.
  4. Yeah it has a USBC but it's not Thunderbolt
  5. Looking for a entry level desktop to run 3 monitors for iRacing. Or does someone know a way to run 3 monitors from a laptop with only 1 HDMI port? Currently got quoted $850 for this with windows home. Obviously entry level but seams reasonable. And he offers a system with a amd580 for 1000 neat.
  6. 300kw without valvesprings. 350kw with the right mods would be as far as I would push it with the Kay's.
  7. Your doing well to see 21psi on a stock turbo. Sounds like the gate is stuck closed. Remove your boost solenoid from the equation and see if it still does it. Aka plug hose from front housing straight into the wastegate actuator. If so it's a port/actuator issue.
  8. Is it a GTX or just the stock turbo. What's it spiking too in psi?
  9. Like any zf its torque that kills them. The power/torque is limited to keep them alive. Look at the torque/power figures quoted below. Albeit manual I make 1300nm(so probably 1150Nm in auto language) and last time rolled of the dyno at a low 440rwkw as I had my boost controller setup wrong. Could very easily kill a so called 500kw rated box.
  10. What else would be required to go from manual to zf. Built tailshaft, cross member, shifter mount. Ecu and wiring harness seem more difficult. I'm guessing I would need to swap to a auto ecu, and get the harness to plug in.
  11. Why does it retard it to warm the system. The later you ignite it, the more that goes out the exhaust, I would guess, if it's it earlier/on time to generate coolant temp.
  12. Going to need to use emojis only, as a Tapatalk user here
  13. Also I <3 Bananasing lol at the expensive Daewoo edit keithy
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