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  1. Au drift page will show you how it's done
  2. Got an actual tune, or just a generic flash tune? Hi flow cat?
  3. Grab and pull. Lube and fit. Just like the bedroom
  4. Nah. Nothing good left in it. If I go again I'll build a motor, box, turbo, rear end setup from fresh. Too busy racing karts plus planning a wedding and a house build at the moment. Maybe mid 2022.....
  5. The amount of skipped timing chains you see around here these days, I'd replace it.
  6. It seams pretty straight forward to build your own zf with the right parts. Which parts exactly that is I am struggling like yourself.
  7. https://www.aussiev8.com.au/showthread.php/65760-Ford-ZF-6HP26-Input-Shaft-Upgrade?s=53e6d3a30d8da1351306fea64534897c Good read
  8. Following. This is what a rvo list they do. Might help your googling. I emailed nizpro and they priced there input shaft at $2395 for both the billet standard size, and the 6r80. They also quoted the billet converter hub at $595 for the 6r80. And they said a small amount of machining work is needed to the stator housing, which they offered to do as a changeover if needed. I'll probe them further of gears etc.
  9. I highly doubt it. They were H beam's, with 3/8 bolts.
  10. Probably spool rods and cp pistons, entry level forged stuff. Already got a little spicy. Set of H scat rods came up for $300 on market place. Missed out on them by 15 minutes. Filthy
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