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  1. We got one. We finally got one I removed my own signature Keith
  2. F6 police spec tune will solve your issue 100%
  3. Not the broken teeth. The teeth that are still in tact look heavily and evenly worn. Or do you think that has happened during failure?
  4. Sprocket is worn out to the sh*t. Probably didn't help. Can you measure the chain for wear. I reckon you snapped a chain, which then went through the oil pump. Obvs with all this stuff, it's normally guess work.
  5. Not to be negative but this could end up a much bigger job if you need to machine the block for your new head gasket.
  6. How fuuking sheet is it when you do everything right, make conscious decisions and then stuff like this happens. Fitted quality parts and still get f'd over Cars can go eat a big one. Come go kart racing. Twice the fun, basically none of the cost.
  7. Smashing billet gears? Surely not. Compared to the brittle cast gears there has to be something extremely wrong happened.
  8. I ran mine with 2 stripped bolts for many years
  9. Ouch. What do the de strokers (lol) do to let em rev?
  10. gaz097


    Got my second phizer yesterday. Today feeling a bit fatigued that's for sure. Kinda like I done a light gym session on my entire body. I would recommend before getting it take a take a few days off before and after of any strenuous activity. On my fist dose I trained legs the day before getting it and I was in a world of hurt for days after. Like my body couldn't do both at the same time so just let my legs be in pain lol.
  11. Yes na FG is a tr6060. Also different flywheel diameter to the turbo hence need a na clutch for direct replacement. Or need to look for a turbo bell housing. But probably not worth it unless going for massive power.
  12. This has caught me once. I'm sure jet will know the trick. Fairly certain I had the front seal out. Had to push down quite firm to keep the seal down, then gently tap the bottom in to not roll the seal. Can't remember if I lubed the cover, or had RTV on it.
  13. It has its place for sure. Value for money not much else, if anything will make close to 600kw for the money. And considering you get a wastegate etc is damn impressive. You will give up a bit of lag and top end power vs a proper manifold, but when it's in its sweet spot you will be laughing. It just won't be as wide as a 6boost. Saying that I'm sure you could buy this kit, and easily sell of the parts if you ever decide to go the new manifold later on.
  14. The question is more "who" rather then "how"
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