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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone first Post on here. so today was driving home from work long story short heard a massive bang from the rear of the car I have an fg 2008 xr6 turbo and it was a massive bang😂 got home put it on the ramps found that the rear diff bush bolt had snapped. So the passenger side bolt it was by the petrol tank. Now I could have sworn I have heard this sound a month or so plus ago but wasn’t as bad now the hole diff if you put it into gear etc smashed on the bottom of the floor etc so it’s near undriveable noise is loud obviously as diff drops etc. can someone tell me please if I just need to replace this bolt or is there anything more that needs to be done diff bushes were done in March by the previous owner have reciepts etc for that. any info on where to go from here would be great I’ll have access to a hoist over the next week so just want to know if it’s as simple as a bolt replace or what ever else. Xr6 is all pretty stock power etc nothing stupid. Thanks Tony
  2. Hi everyone, I just brought my car to a local specialist for a steering and suspension check and I was advised that my front upper control arms bushes are broken ( yea I can slightly feel my steering is a bit soft). Now I’m thinking to get the Superpro upgrades kit online by myself but I’m not sure which ones I should get? The whole brand new Superpro upper control arm assembly kits ($395/pair) or just the Superpro bushes ($190/pair)? The local mechanic would charge me $350 for the labour if I bring my own brand new control arms. Otherwise it would be more than $900 if they supply me the parts (Superpro-Control Arm Lower Assembly Kit and Superpro Control Arm Upper Assembly Kit - Polyelast Bushes) + $550 labour. I prefer high quality products that can last very long. What do you guys think? Cheers.
  3. Hi there, I have a 2011 FG XR6 and was told I needed to replace the rear upper control arm bushes either side. After doing a bit of research and pricing I found it was al lot cheaper and easier to replace the complete control arms with new bushes all round. I got stuck in and started replacing them I fitted the left side first and it was a breeze only took about 40minutes. But I’ve run into an issue with repacing right as I can’t seem to remove inner bush bolt, it’s like it’s been fitted the wrong way around or done so before shell of car was attached to chassis. Has anybody run into this problem before? Does this mean I am going have to unbolt and drop the whole back end to remove the bolt? I Can upload pictures in the morning. Cheers Garry
  4. Hey peeps! So I have a pretty bad vibration in my car. The rear diff bushes are f**ked... I wont have the money for a couple of months to fix it properly, so im just looking for a quick fix/ temp fix. Would using apoxy or something be alright for abit?
  5. Hey guys. I'm having harmonic driveline vibrations in my '07 Manual typhoon. But first a run down on the history of the car. Bought in 2011 with only 17 000 ks, and had stuffed diff bushes from the get go, that was fixed firstly by ford. They lasted about 5000ks and were pooched. The next diff bush endeavour was done at an independent shop and all three bushes were replaced with nolathane polyurathane (or however you spell that) bushes. Now.. this uncovered the first vibration! turns out the tailshaft was out of balance quite badly, and wasn't noticed previously due to the bushes soaking up all the vibration, and was noticed after due to the solid bushes.. (also explains why I went through the factory bushes so quickly!) So that was fixed and my car was the best its ever been. After about 10000 ks of worry free motoring I went chasing horsepower. Some blingy bits, some supporting mods, a clutch and a trip to Monsta Torque and my F6 was comfortably producing 384rwkw. At this stage I started to have wheel hop issues. A few really bad 1st gear axle tramp launches at the drags and I figured something wasn't right, shortly after that I snapped a halfshaft.. Due to being recently back from an overseas working holiday and en-employed I just chucked a high k's second hand half shaft in it so I could drive it again. whilst doing this I noticed the the diff bush housing on the k frame was tearing!! MY POOR BABY! Also noticed was the beginning of this latest vibration that I'm having. I was convinced it was something to do with the rooted cradle, or a sh*tty CV from the high k's half shaft, or the other halfshaft about to let go as well. So after getting some money together again I forked out and went silly. Coilovers all round, swaybars front and rear, IMS twin bush diff hat and a matched pair of low k's halfshafts. All done in the back shed by yours truly. I thought for sure this will solve my wheel hop and vibration problems for sure! AND IT DID! solve the wheelhop issue... but not the vibration! I was convinced it has to be tailshaft as everything else has been changed! (diff was inspected and was fine). But then when I was driving it today I noticed something. you see before hand, I thought the vibration was totally linear with ground speed, MOST prominent with downshifting, engine breaking and seemingly consistent around 100-120kph. But TODAY I noticed around 110 in 5th gear the vibration is quite loud/prominent, but shift to 4th or 6th with the same load and it almost disappears... So now I'm thinking I have a on-its-way-out T56 that's causing the suspected vibration.. Thoughts? Sorry about the Novel just trying to supply as much info as I can, I appreciate any input or suggestions! P.S If anyone's been thinking of doing the IMS diff hat, DO IT, its so worth it. Cheers.
  6. Hi, Looks like a lot of people having the problems was having until now after just going back and back until they here'd what I was hearing and feeling. If anyone has some info. I might need please feel free to as I'm get a little confused with it all. I dropped my FG XR6T 2012 30k km of at ford service to have them look into some clunk creeks and vibration I've notice, they have had it for 3 days and Im picking it up today. So far they have told me that they have done a wheel alignment, check and tighten the handbrake and machined the disk but I'll have to go back in 1.5 to 2 weeks as they have ordered in from Melbourne and new tailsharft and diff bushes. All under warranty as I paid for the hand break and alignment last time I dropped the car of. So what do I need to know when I pick up the car today. And is there something I sould get them to check or do when I take it back to get the tailsharft and bushes done? Also so can someone tell me how many diff bushes there are? Thanks
  7. Has anyone out there got any experience of taking their vehicle in for the "no obligation" pedders tech check? My 2010 FG on 77,000km has a little bit of rumble and knock from the front suspension, not to mention the horrible dry creaking when manoeuvring at full steering lock. Like most of us, I absolutely love my XR6 Turbo and want to keep it pristine. The car is still under warranty for a couple of months, so I'm keen to get ford to cover the components and labour where possible. I don't want to be fobbed off by the ford dealer servicing centre saying nothing is wrong, likewise I don't want to walk in there with an excessive report from a pedders franchise saying just about everything is wrong, only to be laughed at. 1. Does anyone have experience of good pedders in the Sydney area where you'll get advice without them trying to win a bit of work? 2. Has anyone had issues with them advising that work MUST be done there and then before they give back the car? 3. Does anyone have any experience as to what suspension components the ford dealership will or won't cover under the warranty? Whilst I have no reason to suspect that either party will be looking to mug me off and I'm not in to slandering honest businesses, I am keen to hear of peoples thoughts and experiences on this. Thanks, Keith
  8. Hey guys. I have a ba xr6 turbo. I have recently installed a new LSD diff woith 411 diff gears. At the same time I installed nolathane diff bushes. They have last around 3 months. I am wondering if I should change back to genuine diff bushes but even then they dont last long. Does anyone know any better diff bushes and what do people run. Cheers
  9. Which front lower control arm bushes should I fit to my 2006 BF II XR6T? Rubber (aftermarket, genuine), Nolathane, or something else? I am replacing them following advice from another thread on trying to cure my long standing brake shudder.
  10. Hi, needing to get bushes done on my BA MKII XR6 Turbo. Been told so many things, what's best for comfort, best for handling etc. Needing opinions on what you have, why you went those particular bushes and your thoughts now. Any advice would be great
  11. So I've finally booked in the T at Wholesale suspension for the replacement of my rear diff bushes. I ordered the KIT190K from bursons in parra, which is the comfort diff bush kit. What immediate differences should I notice/expect.
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