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  1. Is cracking around the top of the dump pipe a common thing?....
  2. Wish I was closer mate.....it's a decent old haul down there from Macksville...😉
  3. Been lucky enough to do the Snowy cruise with Gary a couple of times in years gone by.....if you get the chance do it.....always a great weekend...👍
  4. Hi k31th... I thought I'd get away with it but since the H brace has gone I've started cracking the dump pipe around the flange where it bolts to the turbo... I've migged it up with some bracing around the top flange but I reckon it'll break again with the amount of weight hanging off it...🤔
  5. Guys Im running a BF F6 with 4" dump, 6" cat and dual 2.5 exhaust... The H brace that supports the Turbo is buggered and I want to do away with it because its a bitch to get on and off. So I'd like to know if anybody has come up with a better way to support the weight of the front half of the exhaust system? The manifold, turbo and dump adds up to a lot of weight hanging by the manifold studs... I can make a bracket that will hold the system at the back of the cat but thought I'd run it by you guys in case somebody has come up with a better idea? Thanks guys....
  6. Try replacing the oil pressure sender on the engine....😉
  7. I've been told this is a different shade to normal FPV?.... I've now had paint mixed twice for this and still a mismatch?...
  8. Guys can anybody give me the paint code for the grey metallic on the wing struts, fog light surrounds and front bar? BF RSpec Typhoon.....thanks..
  9. I'll be up for that......haven't caught up with you guys for ages...;)
  10. I fitted up a set of these two years ago.......done track days and road stuff.....no complaints for the money... I did think about increasing the spring rates but don't want to lose ride quality on the street.... http://justjap.com/suspension/coilover-suspension/oz-racing-suspension-c-554/oz-racing-coilover-suspension-kit-ford-falcon-ba-bf.html
  11. I've got an Rspec Typhoon and I do track days........one of the best mods I've ever done was to fit a set of adjustable coilovers to it..... Turned an already good car into a great car......;) And don't think you need top shelf ones either.......the ozrace setup I've got on mine does the job just fine.....and the front and rear owes me less than 1500 bucks.
  12. Was Carly who saw it mate....;)
  13. There's a lesbian couple living next door to me. Really attractive and fit young ladies. I've got to know them quite well over the last year or so and have helped them out with a few tasks around the house and in the garden. Just before Christmas they said they wanted to thank me and asked what I'd like for a Christmas present. I was surprised when they knocked on my door on Christmas Day and gave me a new Rolex. They must have misunderstood me when I'd said "I want to watch".
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