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  1. Could you tell me what it is. I'm.looking for something a bit higher. It's already on full height and still too low
  2. Thanks for everyone's replies and arronm's detailed replies with pics The left side took about 2 hours to complete The rotor came off quite easily These rotors were from DBA slotted type as well Whoever installed them put them the wrong way around I mean left to right For the front I have remsa pads, I found with the 6 piston brembos, they didn't fade at Wakefield. I like these as street pads. Next I'm going to put Bendix Ultimate in the front, followed by qfm zx2800.
  3. Yeah mine is around 6-800 cold It goes down to around 500 when warm
  4. Hi mate, I used a wire wheel on the wheel itself and also on the hub. I tried to get rid of all the rust.
  5. I finished the left side now and it seems ok The adjuster seems hard to get to with the rotor on I had difficulty getting the new rotor to sit flush as well Took it for a spin it seems ok
  6. I've spaced the lining to 189mm
  7. Thanks for everyone's comments here's where I'm up to I was rotating the rotor clockwise, trying to take it off So what do? Keep on doing pulling it out and rotating it? The new rotor has The Adjustment hole in the same place as the old rotor, I can't find it where the adjuster is
  8. thanks for everyones reply. ill update soon.
  9. Ok mate thanks for the quick reply I've got new rotors to replace them It feels I'm going to break something when I pull it off
  10. Hi mate It feels as if when I'm taking the rotor off the hand brake lining wants to come with it I can't find the adjuster you are mentioning I can find two of these, I think we are talking about different things I could put a video up to show everyone I've got a big gear puller, are you sure this is ok?
  11. Thanks guys Yes handbrake is off I'm slowly working it off. It seems to be tighter around the adjuster bolt. I tried to loosen it but nothing happened.
  12. Changing my 4 brembo rotors (Brembo rotors and pads) at the.moment for DBA 4000 slotted rotors and ferodo ds performance pads. I'm stuck at taking the rotor off. I put some WD40 on the studs. do I have to do anything with the handbrake pretensioner? Can I just wack the rotor off with a larger 3lb hammer?

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