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  1. Any updates on these? I beleive my CV shafts are starting to die. Get a weird tinging noise and occasional grind feeling coming from the back of the car.
  2. nice, I have to clean my bottle out today something has died in it.
  3. Will there be enough room in there to fit this behind the bigger coolers?
  4. FG F6 Build No.100 dash green leather interior
  5. Nice, I Hate where the power steering reservoir sits. I have sueded the A pillars will get a photo and post later. Most mods are on hold till we purchase the Trackhawk in the new year.
  6. all bolt ons stock turbo 98 was 388rwkw E85 went to 420RWKW stock oil pump no head studs. CV, Diff and transmission will be the first things that die.
  7. I may call him monday for a little upgrade on the F6 breaks cant stand looking at the rear PBR break
  8. its of to peckys to get a service and a road worthy tomorrow
  9. ill had to find a tuner up in Darwin too for the F6 not to mention the ZF is on its last legs.
  10. yeah I am in, that screen looks the goods and brings it up to nearly the same quality of tech as my Ford Ranger.
  11. Do you have gauges up top? Would you recommend it over a mk2 screen?
  12. Hoping it does, quite a few good transmission builders around now but it is expensive.
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