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  1. ill had to find a tuner up in Darwin too for the F6 not to mention the ZF is on its last legs.
  2. yeah I am in, that screen looks the goods and brings it up to nearly the same quality of tech as my Ford Ranger.
  3. Do you have gauges up top? Would you recommend it over a mk2 screen?
  4. kyle173

    Ova 310 Finally

    Hoping it does, quite a few good transmission builders around now but it is expensive.
  5. kyle173

    Ova 310 Finally

    list of mods to date. 117 xxx km Drive train -Tein coil overs - Atomic flex plate - Braided brake lines - DBA 4000's Engine - Valve springs - ID 1000cc Injectors - Atomic harmonic balancer Bolt ons - Process West stage 3 intercooler - Process West 4 inch race intake - Process West Surge tank with internal Walbro 460's - Process West duel entry fuel rail - x'force full 4 inch Exhaust - Intank Walbro 416lph high pressure pump Cosmetic - 20x9 rims - wrapped gloss black roof Tune and ZF tune done by Clinton at Profile Autosports. 380rwkw on 98 and 420rwkw on E85. Next round of mods will be a transmission cooler (custom B&M done by Clinton) and a black interior roof pillars etc. After that we will be moving to Darwin for at least 3 years so hopefully she holds together if not ill replace stuff as it breaks (ZF). End goal for this car is 600rwkw on a gtx 35/84rs with a built drive train (Zf still) and built engine with a nice interior. After that ill weigh up the options on buying a GTR 35.
  6. kyle173

    Ova 310 Finally

    Finally threw some E85 at the car made a healthy 420rwkw, next mods are to black out the roof and pillars. Then a Custom ZF cooler fro Profile autosports. Can this be moved into the 400rwkw club?
  7. looks ok, I think I might pull the trigger on one of these in the new year, car is making 420rwkw and I need it to last in Darwin for 3 years.
  8. that is what I worry about it looks like u can see them but only just. Might have to 3D my own custom gauge holder/raiser. How do you find peckys performance? we are moving to Darwin next year.
  9. if he made one with a smaller screen id be on it straight away, I dont want to loose the view of my gauges.
  10. R35 are coming down in value can you afford 80-90k car?
  11. Build number 100 dash green north brisbane auto
  12. if any one is interested I am in sydney the next few weeks and have my drone. would love to do some aerial footage of your cars etc.
  13. all this is interesting we will need an upgrade soon.

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