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  1. Thanks for all your help guys, new actuator installed and all seems to be running fine now. Next step, upgrades👍
  2. Thanks mate, got one tee'd up to pick up tomorrow and gotta find me some dump studs. I do plan on mods down the track but I want this car back on the road as I just bought it and regoed etc, for the price of it I just want it reliable for now and thinking I'll end up going external gate and whatnot eventually. I was looking at the turbosmart ones but been told they aren't quite right in terms of running on a stock motor/tune and I really don't want to have to spend any more on the motor right now as I've also got some dang diff bushes to get replaced and dont think I'll have the necessary equipment to do that myself. Thanks for your help and advice fellas and hopefully it all goes back together and runs fine after that.
  3. Thanks mate, well I got mine off with turbo still in place, read that I should not be able to blow through the actuator at all with my mouth but I can, I guess that means the diaphragm is dead yes? Been told that MTQ should have or be able to get me a new oem actuator so I'm going to do that.
  4. Thanks mate, I assume it should stay open to where it goes to under constant pressure too, as mine opens then returns to closed straight away basically as if there is a hole and it gets enough pressure to move it then leaks through even though I was still putting air into it. I'm guessing the diaphram or the hose itself is leaking air. Bought some new vacuum line today as a last hope before replacing actuator. Looking at one of the turbosmart 7psi ones but not sure if it would be ok with even that slight raise in boost(6psi is stock from what I've researched).
  5. Hi guys, been having an overboost problem with my stock bf xr6t, so I got my air compressor out and ran about 5-7psi through the actuator and it didnt budge, went up to about 15psi and it moves out somewhat not sure if it was fully open but then looks like it closes again but possibly not all the way. I'm guessing it's forked?

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