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  1. Hey mate I sent a msg

  2. Yo is there anywhere I could contact you besides Forums needing to ask quesitons about NT tuners and mods ive done

  3. 2011 FG XR6 TURBO - 110xxxkms The question is can I get 400rwkw out of these mods. - High-Flowed gt3576 with the billet 11 blade core. and ported front and rear housing with Flapper mod. & 12psi actuator - Process west stage 2 intercooler and piping - Turbo side intake - Bosh 1000cc Injectors and walbro 460 intake pump. - X-Force 4inch Dump and Cat & Middle Muffler delete - Atomic Valve Springs & Retainers. The motor has been in awesome condition never missed a service. very (Healthy motor) Question is can I get 400rwkw living in Darwin with approximate these temps in the tuning shed. 40°C 80% humidity Any other mod I can add to rectify I can get 400rwkw?
  4. Nah planning on staying on 98 the engine has 110xxxkms would it make it on that. Serviced every 5000kms with 0W-40 Castrol
  5. Forgot to mention 1000cc injectors
  6. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can tell me what else I have to do to get my 500rwhp - 372rwkw mark in my FG XR6 TURBO. Mods thinking of getting done what power figure will I get with these mods + Living in Darwin's Weather hot as I <3 Bananas. - Turbo side intake - GT3582 w/ 12psi Actuator - 1000hp plazzy inter cooler - Venom Dump & High-flow cat & Middle muffler delete - Walbro 460 high pressure in tank fuel pump - Valve springs
  7. So would 45nm be right for the turbo to manifold's tightening up the nuts?
  8. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone has the torque settings for the FG Turbo manifold? + If anyone has a whole booklet of the torque settings for the FG Turbo Falcon

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