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  1. qik1

    Chasing 1000Hp

    Blue is on 98, next line is same boost but on e85 & then obviously more boost for the next 2.
  2. Happy Birthday qik1!

  3. Mate I've read bits and pieces of the thread and the best thing you can do is delete it or ignore it. Let Jamie do his job and take his advice. He's built the fastest and some of the toughest xrs in aus not to mention just about every make and brand available on aus roads, the crap ive read for the most part will just complicate matters for ya. If ya want it done right spend the money, take the time and make it happen. Too many opinions only make it worse rather than taking advice from the best.
  4. Car was written off, got parted out & engine ended up in stealth another 1000hp th400 powered fpt built and tuned car
  5. Got an offer I couldn't refuse and all torque do great work. Eventually we hope to get it all inhouse so in the future if we do have issues we can in and out as quick as possible and really just the next evolution in learning
  6. Cheers Patty, we pick up the base engine for it tomorrow, we'll get started on the crank and block mods pretty much straight away and measure up a few things to see how far we can push as far as comp and then order our pistons to suite. We're all excited to get goin and see how far we can go with the old taxi
  7. qik1

    Jet066 Reborn

    To be continued.... http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/90344-jet066-v20-will-live-again/#entry1538720
  8. We've sort of started so as good of a time as any I spose plus I like to share I get excited and stuff lol Makes me pull my finger out as well, I'm back out to work in less than a month so have to make the most of what I've got left to get abit done. A gasaxe and a grinder have my name in them first up
  9. Nah no need to complicate things at this point, the next engine is designed on some really simple principles and a few additions to make sure it lives up to what we're gonna throw at it.
  10. Yeah it got shared around a fair bit on fb and even had a buyer for it at one stage but it fell through at the last minute which looking back at it was all for the best. I'm really looking foward to doin it all over again and just lucky I get to do it with great mates and with the support of some of the best in the business
  11. For those that have followed through the years we own and built Jet066 which was the first 8 sec irs b series and still the fastest street driven xr6t. Abit after the Xmas we parted it out and had contemplated selling the shell as well but after removing the last of its components we realised we were a little too attached to it to see this happen & perhaps we had a little unfinished business to attend to. I love racing and love the car but my want for a quick streetcar is all bar gone so the logical decision was made, why not take it to the next level at the track and make a more dedicated track car where we don't have to sacrifice/compramise things like you do in a street/drag combo. The build is a joint venture between Forced Performance & Tuning & will have the usual support that we've had through the years from 6boost, Golebys parts & a new member All torque engine machining who will be sponsoring/supporting our engines. Plenty of thanks already to Prasac (paulie) for much needed direction on a few things, I'm sure there will be plenty more thanks to come in the following months as we progress. The car will still be Barra powered but with a few things we've learnt over the over yrs, it'll be purely based around the needs to keep a big hp track based engine in one piece. It'll be converted to a 9in 4link to allow us to tuck a descent tyre under it with all work done in house at fpt as well as all the fabrication. It'll be haltech controlled & we'll be lightening the car as much as possible without compromising on structural stability but apart from that I won't elaborate too much yet but let the pictures do the story telling as we start making big progress. If time permits we hope to make inroads in the next wk or so, we look forward to sharing the progress as we have over the last few yrs with the original build. Thanks John & FPT
  12. qik1

    Rdp Tuned Fg F6

    My only issue with 2nd chances with shops like this is they let it out like this in the first place. If the general public can pick issues up like this then why aren't the supposed professionals, unfortunately it's not the first time we've seen results like this from them when others seem to get it right the first time round. Ya lucky op ya have plenty of good options in seq to rectify it
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