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  1. I just looked properly at the before and after pics..... WOW, I didnt even realise it was such a mess....
  2. Hi guys, Never posted here, but have read a lot of stuff on here.... I think forums are the ultimate way find correct information about most subjects..Eliminates WOFF (bullsh*t). So, I bought this car in february, I was happy with the car, Id never really been a car person. So, I went to the forums to learn a few things, and came across @JETURBO. Contacted him and discussed few things. I actually expected it would cost more to achieve those kind of power levels, so I thought "why not".. Picked up car on Thursday night, drove home and didnt really get a feel for how fast it was... Yesterday, I took the Mrs to hahndorf for lunch... Felt like I was driving a rocket, love it, went through a tank of e85 in one day, but I was driving all day, so understandable... Definately happy with the work, Aaron is a pleasure to deal with, explains everything and is extremely thorough. Will definately take car back and get it into the 400's. P.S please explain what 23 in the mids means?? Thanks

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