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  1. get back on the forum, we all miss ya


    some of us miss laughing at you too

  2. It has settled down a bit .ear plugs help lol . Still hanging in there with no problems .rattles are over rated just ignore them ha ha ha .
  3. Went roll racing at QR on saturday night. No traction but still had fun600 hp is only the entry level for those events
  4. Yes you did .which eased my mind . As I said before , thanks for your help over the phone and internet . That saved me in the end making more mistakes .
  5. Thanks. There was more in it but that's all I wanted. Tyres were not holding up and started to spin
  6. Ha ha ha no feathering at all , jusy to the floor and steer ha ha ha
  7. Jeturbo I made it . 604 and I said no more .still had more in it . Well all I can say it has no traction at all . Need the tyres very soon .will try the semi slicks on the weekend it had wheel spin on the dyno up top and mid rpm
  8. Done some mods to see if I can get the temps down at idle or stop start traffic. It was at about 230 Fahrenheit in traffic the other day which scared me .the fan did not cool it enough so bought two more for the front of it . This is only a trial version to see . Thectwo airoflow 7 inch fans are in the front and the derale fan is still in the back to suck even more air through. I also fitted a 40 by 20 angle on the side to draw in more air as the fans will block some of the air while I am on the highway .will see how it goes tommorow
  9. Beau has started his own buisness . Anyone interested in some trimming give him a go .he does cars and boats
  10. He lost controll at the end of the straight . Only seen the marks .would have been doing close to 200 .was faster than mine and I did about 190 to 200
  11. Thanks. exhoust bracket I will sort out soon and might have to drill some holes where the engine oil cooler is so the heat can escape more easily. Temps got to 225 Fahrenheit engine oil . So that will help cool it better . Then I might fit another fan or two to the transmission oil cooler box .works great and does not get above 185 Fahrenheit when driving but after the cruise setion when I went into the pits it got to about 225 while sitting there ideling . Otherwise the ute goes well .
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