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  1. Lol, maybe in 2020 it will be going....
  2. You’re right, the cars were new, the biggest and the best drove the forum.
  3. The struggles never end lol I did get the 9” done , and Alcon brake upgrades 6spot 380mm 4 spot 355mm
  4. Arh, I haven’t posted or been on this page for years, I must have joined back in 2009, and the place was unreal, I really miss those days, When FB came along the place really fell down imo, but it seems to be going strong. Well done to all that have keep the place going.
  5. Here is the work from over the weekend I cant upload the run due to photo bucket
  6. Nah not yet mate still trying to find some prices, I had a 9 inch lined up, but the guy pull out at the end which was a shame
  7. Put down the cash for this bad boy today,<br />Thanks to Chris at Performance suspension,
  8. Sup guys well the ute is together and book in for a tune on the 27th at FPT.Also talking to Chris at performance suspension about the 5 link and if anyone knows of a 9 inch for sale let me no thanks.
  9. Hi guys I no this is in the wrong section, but im chasing a 9 inch for my BF ute. Or if anyone has one where did they get it from? or you could always sell it to me lol.
  10. Happy Birthday tray_182005!

  11. Yeah Cheers for the help guys.............
  12. Yeah ok, Im after all around set up, the ute will be 80% road drive I think..... 06 model 40,000 kms lol So maybe the performance suspension maybe the best option for me, or mono leaf and cals. The height you need for the cals is the only factor I don't like. Trav
  13. Ratter, What do you think of this setup? http://www.mcdonaldbrosracing.com.au/bafalcon4linkkit.html In your personal option what do you rate the performance suspension set out of 10? Thanks Trav
  14. Well Jet, that is some quality work. Well done.
  15. Yeah, everyone I have shown love it. Soooooo hmmmmmm maybe I should buy it
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