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  1. Hi guys, I've maxed out my 110amp alternator, got 3 525 pumps etc etc, getting to 12.8v at full noise in the top end. Interested to see has anybody used the Proflow 140amp powerspark alternator specifically for ba 2 pin? Has it been reliable? I know it's a a erage brand, however there is no other alternative atm.
  2. Wow 750 fly wheel is about 400rwkw roughly. I think your definetly right about rolling the dice. I've got two mates running 1150hp at wheels for the last 2 years and haven't let go as yet. In lighter chassis conversions. Did you ever find out the cause? I assume was a built motor.
  3. Any guys on forum running over 1000rwhp on standard crank and their experience?
  4. Plenty of barras going around with 700rwkw? with supporting mods of course. cams, ported head, some grout, girdle, torington ect ect
  5. Hi guys, Are people using there old cranks for 1000hp builds or buying brand new cranks. My budget doesn't allow for a billet so I figure best option would be to start with a brand spanker FG crank. Any body else done this? Is it worth heat treating them?
  6. hi all, I have been running a 3584RS for sometime now making about 500rwkw hub at about 22psi on stock motor. 6 boost and 50mm gate. wanted to see if any one is running one on built motor and maxing it out? curious to see what power they can be pushed to.
  7. I have a catch can and its empty, no pcv. Forward facing plenum and 6 boost high mount. I did notice a slight valve cover leak ontop of those last couple exhaust ports, unless it has trickled down past the gasket and sucked in?
  8. Arent the gaskets reusable? Wonder why it would leak was tight as hell undoing the nuts. I can't see any damage on the gasket or other surfaces
  9. Aha, makes sense. Thank you sir. Is there any sealant required for these gaskets? I'm pretty sure I've removed the exhaust manifold before once and reused the gasket.
  10. Here's a close up, would a exhuast leak cause the black soot inside the chamber? First 3 ports look similar to first pic and last 3 get darker. Cheers.
  11. hi all, Pulled of exhaust manifold to do some upgrades and found the first 3 ports to be fairly clean looking and the last 3 ports to be black in colour. Has anyone else taken note of this when pulling exhuast manifold off? Can runs on e85 Last spark plug change all plugs looks fairly identical and clean. Thanks
  12. thanks for sharing your graphs. definitely interesting.
  13. Agree. So alot of people pushing these stock fg motors with supporting bolt on mods to the limits 450 500rwkw. Are these chassis or hubs, a genuine 450 500 roller could be 550 600 hub dyno kw. I have a barra in a 66 mustang. It's ran a 9.5 @146 So far at 500rwkw hub dyno. 3584rs, tbre cams, the usual bolt one gears, head studs, valve springs. Ran the 9.5 with pulling timming due to inefifienct intercooler and IAT being high. I know I'm playing with fire, but figure what real power is it making and can we squeeze some more into it. (This is just the engine I put in to get the car engeneered) fg turbo motor. Before building a motor. Ive now ordered a plazmaman intercooler, hpc coating some exhuast bits and will maybe turn it up to try get closer to that 9.0
  14. Has anyone put there car on both a roller and hub dyno? What was the difference? I know a fair few people run high 400 or 500rwkw on the barra but are they genuine 500rwkw on roller or hub? Most people ive spoken to tell me 80-100rwkw difference between the 2 dynos.
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