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  1. Haha thanks so much appreciate all the help!! Fuel cradle also came up good [emoji106]
  2. Yeah I was looking at that before talks about everything then states to remove tensioner but doesn’t actually say how.
  3. How exactly do you back of the tensioner?
  4. Sorry didn’t end up getting a reply about the headstuds and cam, does the cam need to come out to change headstuds?
  5. Thought I might use the same thread, Do you know if cam needs to come out to replace head studs? Or just can Cradle?
  6. Yeah that was my first thought but there is two of them, and only one spring? See the bottom left there is another one very similar
  7. Hey All, Just modifying my cradle at the moment to fit the Walbro 460 Pump. Now when the cradle came apart a spring fell out and I didn't see where it came from, If anyone has any input on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Alright perfect you’ve made this installation a whole lot easier, I tried finding that link but couldn’t locate it. Was it further up in this post?
  9. Mate that’s exactly what I was after appreciate that alot[emoji106][emoji106] now what have you done with the factory relay did you remove it? And also where is it located?
  10. Thought I would post in here instead of creating a new post, How are you guys going with the re wire and relay? I've just got my self a new turbo (Standard one gave in) so with the new turbo I've also got a new Walbro 460 and I've had a few people say you don't need to re wire...but id rather just do it right the first time and not have to look back. Where is the standard relay located on a FG Turbo? If someone has done it and could fill me in on where you guys are setting up the new relay would be excellent.
  11. 10 hours later and alot of questions we have a finished product [emoji106][emoji106] thanks for all the support!
  12. Yeah thanks for that mate [emoji106] That piece that is zip tied from when I blocked off my BOV is where I can connect the boost gauge right?
  13. Thanks heaps mate, I’m thinking maybe something like that? The two markings after the standard one I just thought that would be to far but if that’s what they recommend then I guess that’s right.
  14. Thanks man appreciate it, so I’m about to weld wideband sensor on the dump which I’ve made a black marking. Do you guys thinks it’s to far up the dump ? Or should be fine their..

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