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  1. Hearing these responses is a big relief hah, mine lasts untill the temp gauge is just over quarter.
  2. Thank for the quick reply, ill check both things when I get home. Any reason to why it would go away with temp though?
  3. Hey, Have recently bought second hand engine of someone which has only around 4,000k's. On start up and when not up to temp I'm getting this noise in the video. Once up to temp the sound seems to disappear. This video was filmed when engine was fairly cold and on a very cold night. I have heard of forged engines being louder than normal on startup but did not except it to last so long. Also has a TBRE cam and has not been tuned yet. IMG_6588_(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  4. I see around 20 at idle when car is warmed up, and cruising I think it’s around 50 and full throttle goes around 60.
  5. Yeah I am also abit worried, I kind of need to start it to ensure theirs no fuel leaks or anything wrong before I take it down. Do you think it’ll be okay to just start up? Are you mainly concerned about the drive to the tuner or starting in general?
  6. I’ve got a adjustable reg so I can bring the fuel pressure down if needed which I was hoping would be enough.
  7. Hey all, just bought a built engine with a stage one tbre cam, also have installed a surgetank with duel pierburgs (one is staged), planning on also getting a 4inch exhaust done. Main concern is will I be able to drive the car around to get the exhaust done and drive to the tuner?
  8. No worries at all man glad I could help [emoji106]
  9. Hey mate, this is what you need. https://www.autobox.com.au/oil-pressure-gauge-t-piece-adapter-ford
  10. No worries man let me know if you have any questions along the way [emoji106] I don’t think it’s needed because no one ever told me I had to do it, but I was not comfortable with how tight the filter was when it came together with the cradle so I trimmed this abit which gave me some play.
  11. Car made 440RWKW. Yeah Power and earth straight from the battery, put everything through passenger side firewall grommet then through passenger side kick panels. and relay and fuse is mounted in my first photo, Tapped into the original trigger wire for the relay. Fuse wasn't put in at the time of the photo it was put in just after. my brother is the wiring guru I just helped out man so can't comment to much on the difficulty but was all done in a day. That's including modifying cradle drilling the new holes to fit the bulkheads.
  12. You can drill out the standard reg, works fine for me[emoji106]
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