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  1. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    10 hours later and alot of questions we have a finished product [emoji106][emoji106] thanks for all the support!
  2. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    Yeah thanks for that mate [emoji106] That piece that is zip tied from when I blocked off my BOV is where I can connect the boost gauge right?
  3. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    Thanks heaps mate, I’m thinking maybe something like that? The two markings after the standard one I just thought that would be to far but if that’s what they recommend then I guess that’s right.
  4. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    Thanks man appreciate it, so I’m about to weld wideband sensor on the dump which I’ve made a black marking. Do you guys thinks it’s to far up the dump ? Or should be fine their..
  5. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    I'm struggling to find the size of the oil pressure switch thread everywhere I read some say 1/4 and some say 1/8 just cant find a definite answer so I can get the T piece adapter. Would you guys happen to know ?
  6. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    @Puffwagon Alright thanks mate, now is that oil pressure adapter the correct fitting for the block and will the auto meter fittings all fit up to it ? just don't want to get anything wrong I've only got the day to do it all im flat out at work atm.
  7. BoostedG6E

    Autometer Gauge Install

    Thanks guys appreciate the help, Alright awesome ill take a look on their website. So I wont need the oil pressure switch adapter ? your saying I can just connect the oil gauge to the turbo line with a t piece? even if I stick with the mechanical gauge ?
  8. Hi All, Just bought a set of gauges of a mate that had them laying around, So I've got a mechanical Boost gauge and a mechanical Oil Pressure gauge all autometer cobalt gauges, And also a Innovate AFR Wide band gauge. Now I'm not to fussed about setting up the Wideband I think that should be pretty straight forward other than where do you guys think the best position to place the sensor would be, I was thinking a few inches down from the turbo just on the dump, But some people say on the cat? Boost Gauge - I've removed my BOV and plugged it up so im wondering where the best place to get my boost pressure from? Once I blocked it up there was a T piece which I blocked up which was running to the BOV am I okay to assume that t piece I blocked up near the intake manifold is the one I can connect the gauge to? Oil Pressure Gauge - Where is the best spot to connect up the oil pressure gauge to, I was looking at a t piece in the link below, now I'm hoping that's all ill need then just put the fittings straight into that, am I correct? Also I wasn't given any tubing and fittings only the one that's on the back of the gauge that's it for both of them. So will I need two of the fitting kits below, if so I'm hoping they should fit straight into the t piece for the oil pressure sender. https://www.autobox.com.au/oil-pressure-gauge-t-piece-adapter-ford https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AUTOMETER-NYLON-TUBING-FITTING-KIT-TO-PRESSURE-GAUGES-TO-200-PSI-12FT-AU3226/172556990866?epid=1282288766&hash=item282d32b992:g:5HAAAOSwybpboRjD&frcectupt=true
  9. BoostedG6E

    G6E Transmission Fault

    Turned out to be just that, terminal had some acid build up. Cleaned it up and haven’t had a problem since.
  10. BoostedG6E

    400.7rwkw FG Xr6T - It still counts right?

    Hey mate, how are you finding the KPM intank setup? Have any issue with it yet? I’m looking at getting one just haven’t heard from people actually using them.
  11. BoostedG6E

    G6E Transmission Fault

    Hey all, was just driving my 2013 G6E Turbo and had a transmission fault followed by a DSC fault pop up just under normal driving conditions. Left it for a few minutes while driving them all of a sudden it went into limp mode. I pulled over and gave it a scan with the xcal but there was no codes. So I turned it back on and the fault has disappeared and there is no issues. Any ideas ? Cheers, Chris
  12. BoostedG6E

    Upgrading Fuel Pump

    Thank you, Any recommendations for a fuel regulator?
  13. Hey, I’m currently in the process of upgrading my fuel setup now I’ve chosen to go with a walbro 460 intank pump for now and eventually get a surge done. Now two things I’m unsure about are will I need to run a fuel regulator once the 460 is installed? And I’m also thinking of going e85 very soon, after the pump is can I just get it tuned for e85 is there anything else required? Currently running Bosch 1000cc injectors. Thanks, Chris
  14. Hey, I'm currently on the hunt for a new fuel system for my G6E turbo I'm just curious about peoples thoughts on the kpm Intank pumps and how they go in comparison to a external surge tank like a Pw surge. Hoping for somewhere near the 400-450Kw in the near future. Thanks,
  15. BoostedG6E

    Oil Catch Can Tips

    The first can is perfect for the pcv, but the breather hose is much larger, is the third link more suitable for the breather circuit?

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