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  1. only illegal if your cuaght cobba πŸ‘€
  2. hey guys, hope everyones doing well. been a crazy few months with work and life etc, currently away from work in the USA for a month to catch up with the old boy. the phoon has been parked up for a few months, and in that time ive sent the 6/4s away to get them painted candy apple red. I have also put the new two piece rotors on the front from dba with matching dba 5000s club specs on the rear accompanied with project mue green pads. the car already had braided lines fitted and they seemed too be in fresh condition so I have left them in their place. I also replaced t
  3. recirc bov, and use minimal metal pipe work as possible.
  4. if you make a carbon fibre cover, make 2 I will buy one😁
  5. the car was in deed ottaways old car I have all the factory paperwork when he ordered from ford. it is 1:1 ordered because of dark argents and the upgraded brembos. 6/4s and it came with few invoices from simon with kaels name on them. I also some how ended with kaels invoice from ford from his blue typhoon when he picked that up to LOL how ever I dont think phill brought the car off kael as it sat unrego for sometime and phill had some trouble getting re rego again due to some reason with who ever owned it. (not money related). been to a few track days back in th
  6. I will chuck some pics up when I get in from work. car needs a good clean as its covered in dust (filter on our dryer is broken and is next to my car has made a nice film of lint) spark is good and strong at the time being. what would you recommend for boosting spark?. unfortunately left hand rear quarter has started to bubble up where the filler neck is (between the inside spot welds) want to find a new replacement quarter to stick in. was previously automotive re finisher prior to my new career being a mech fitter. and have done these in the past but the panels were supplie
  7. I have just purchased id 2000s and a have mine up on gumtree. havnt done much to the car in a few weeks really. have been doing the sound system, nothing major but I didnt like the how it had a second head unit and when I went to pull it out the person who had installed it had cut the factory wiring right up under the dash and it was impossible to re join the wiring up with out making a pig of it. I have just brought a few more goodies - new black earls turbo line -new plugs and coil packs -gasket kit - few speedflow fittings and some braid hose
  8. exploitedf6

    My Build

    insane write up. will be following this thread & keen to see this finished. I love your carbon work. I wish I had the time, equipment and money todo similar things in that area. what did you machine up on the brembo adaptors?
  9. I can sell my injectors to mate hes looking for some for his bf ute so he will need adaptors as bf is full length. cars mostly apart at the moment and im in no rush to get it done. just finished off the interior and fixed some of the wiring etc etc. what did you do for fuel supply? what base pressure are you getting, have you changed fuel line? and have you got any print outs? I brought the 1000s on sale, with intention of gtx3582r, with 45mm gate on the housing & stay on 98. πŸ˜‚ but after being in my mates fg with PTE pro mod 88 with dual gates has made
  10. going to get intouch wth him when I am bacl from work. a buddy has just picked me a fg motor, looks like its going to be proper build now πŸ˜‚ money isnt a big issue here.id like to go big. but I dont want to convert to TH400 just yet. has anyone oulled the master cylinder/booster off? is it hard job? mine leaks between the booster and the fluid has taken off the paint near the fire wall
  11. im looking to go for something then a 64/66. would 2200cc injectors be enough? not looking at running secondary set. what about if I ran 1050s at 5 bar? is this possible or would it cause the fuel to heat up too much? or is it a bit harder to tune? my understanding is that the 1050s will flow 1065cc at 3 bar? or would I have to got another injector like ID 2000? I see that thye are not compatible with (MTBE fuels) so does this make then un usable with e85? I will have a tune for 98 if I cannnto get e85 anywhere. what ele/ precautions do I need to know about when using
  12. Got caught up around a big tree in Kalamunda
  13. How does the flex fuel kit work? Is is like the one IMS use? I don’t have intentions on using petrol as I live pretty close to United and work around the corner from one aswell but I also want to know if anyone has issues with it from the bowser? Any reason pros/ cons on why you recommend 6466? My mate who gave me my stall has a new one that was never fitted he had a g6e that was turned into a banana I wonder if he would sell for cheap what injectors do do you think would suffice? My 1050S are brand new in the box.
  14. yeah I was going to do turbo size and bottom end at the same time, still indecisive of wha turbo to go, I so far have in the shed - PW stage 3 cooler kit - ID 1050cc - Modded power steering pump to use remote res - Engine oil cooler with sandwich plate - PW fuel rail with fittings and ethanol suitble hose (enough to do return aswell) - Circle d 3000 stall (mate gave to me ) - FG plenum that I will chop up to direct bolt OEM TB - Ross performance balancer -Atomic girdle I can get a new CRG high mount brandnew and Creamic coated for cheap, with a ul
  15. at the moment its tuned 12psi. on 98 but I am wanting to swap over to e85 in the next couple of months. wanting to go with a bigger turbo setup. preferably crg high mount. was looking at getting g42 or something along them lines. I have ordered a stage 3 process west cooler kit, external engine oil cooler setup with fan & same setup for the trans. still unsure if im going to run trans cooler in series with the heat exchanger. dont currently have any dyno papers yet as I need to get in touch with simon at xft. the previous owner did have it making
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