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  1. Alrighty so, Got the ute back a little over a week ago now. We decided to put a run in tune on it and drive it around for a week or so to see if any little issues develop regarding the manual swap as its a pretty big process. I have done over 1200km in it over the last week and love it. I dropped it back off to the shop to get some adjustments in the Clutch and to get the braided wastegate line and screamer adjusted. Its now booked in for the middle of next month to get its dyno tune. I will likely just park her up in the shed and use my daily for the next month. I have to say I am more than impressed with how the manual drives and feels compared to the auto. I haven't opened it up for obvious reasons (I don't want a visit from Rodney) and I won't until its tuned properly. Here are a few photos of the rig, the pic with the ladder racks was just before all the mods began Here are a few of the goodies that went into the uterus Few things I have noticed as well, Screamer is stupid loud, I totally get why they call it a screamer now tr6060 roll over noise is trash the 4" xforce is not overly loud or dronney for daily use more to come
  2. Alrighty so small update. So we finally sorted the diff issue. So pretty much the pinion coupling from the auto diff wasn't the same as the turbo tail shaft. Not even ford or hardy spicer could bloody find one. Managed to pick up a 3.73 LSD diff out of a sedan which worked with minor shimming. Took forever to try and find them. Anyway, Had the diff re build by a local bloke and he did a great job at a reasonable price. Now we have that back and its all in and fitted. I am told that the car is being dropped off Wednesday morning and will be tuned in due course. Also had to get a Plaz Fuel Rail for everything to work smooth. Also managed to get rid of the dirty Simmons for some G6E Turbo wheels, I tell ya they look pretty smick on a Ute. Offset isn't the best but hey doesn't look too bad. Will upload some pics (if I can figure out how) soon. Fingers crossed I can get it back soon
  3. Yea Can't say its the best looking car off the showroom floor but it will be interesting to see what people will do with it. TBH the mark IV supra wasn't that sexy of the production line either, but I do wish that they took some nostalgic design ques from the mark IV. Wonder who will be the first to barra swap it? Theres a US company taking orders to do a full 2J conversion for them
  4. Yea got an fpr1200 on there which should do the trick. Down the track I might look into some bigger injectors, fuel rail and a frr2000 with the second pierburg. But for now should be more than enough power for stock internals for the most part. Since I need to sort out this diff issue I think I am just going to do it properly and get the manual turbo diff with 3.73 gears. I would be doing this in a few months anyway. I know what you are all probably thinking and that's that I change my mind heaps haha, I do. Trying to do this properly whilst trying not to break the bank or cut corners, its a fine line as most of you know.
  5. Yea as Kittens speculated didn't get to the tuners that Friday. Ran into a few issues with the sandwich plate having different mounting holes for the starter, Had to just get a new one from ford because no one local had it. Of course with my recent luck ran into another issue in the final stages. The legitimate last step for this build before it can leave the shop and head to the tuners is the tailshaft. The diff end of the shaft is too small. Looking into just getting a drive line shop to replace it with a pinion flange to fix my issue. Could also have something to do with the factory 2.73 lsd diff and not the 3.46 that the manual utes came out with. I have plans in the near future to get a built tail shaft and replace the auto diff with a manual. Hopefully I can try to get this closed out this coming week, Been pretty hectic with work so the ute hasn't been high on my priority list. Getting excited to share the results with everyone when (if) if ever gets tuned haha, have a good week fellas
  6. Alrighty so The car will finally be tuned tomorrow at Profile. All is going to plan at this stage, Had troubles getting it booked in anywhere with QLD powercruize last weekend. So we will hopefully see some numbers tomorrow. I will do a little writeup on the whole thing and put it into a different thread once I have an actual figure. Keep in mind I don't really care what power it makes because anything over 400 is going to eat my stock tailshaft and rear end. Anyone who wants to guess last min figures for fun post them up!
  7. More fun than anything. Something to itch while I wait for it to get ready
  8. Still waiting... had some setbacks with parts not arriving. Hopefully soon, I haven’t forgotten
  9. Hey Everyone, so I tried to post this a little while ago but for some reason it went and put itself in another sub-board (mod edit: PM'd to explain). Anyways (This list of mods is is up to date) using single pierberg 360 pump with the surge in OP I had no clue what intank pump was in it (wouldn't be stock with making 300kw) but I decided to just get a new Walbro 460 for insurance New FPR ARP 2000 Head studs What power does everything think it will make with these mods? It will be going for a tune within the next week E85 as well as 98
  10. Yea that is too right. I got the work done by Garry at true-Torque Auto in Caloundra and he has been fantastic. Couple of reasons for going with Garry over some of the other big shops 1 - He is a small 1 man band and is very meticulous with his work - the cars that he has pumped out prove the quality of his workmanship 2 - Price was a factor, You pay a big price for speedy service, I don't mind it taking a bit longer if it doesn't break the bank 3 - There was over a month's wait to even get the car booked in to alot of the big shops around me, and with the zf dieing it was a fairly urgent thing, I gave Garry a call and the car was up there just a few days later. Cannot Fault his workmanship and overall he is a great bloke, always friendly and willing to help out his customers. Would definitely use him again Once its all finished ill hopefully upload a few photos and even a video or two
  11. Hopefully I might see that magic number, I have my doubts with reaching it as I will probably run out of fuel system first. We shall see how it goes Profile is a 10min drive from where I live and Forced is a good 2 hrs away. There both great tuners, just logistically makes sense for me to go to Profile.
  12. So I have had a couple of issues over the Christmas break with postage but we are all up and running again. I have decided that I midas well get it tuned for e85. So I went out and bought a Walbro 460 intank pump and a pierberg pump for the surge as well as a new fpr. Looking at getting it tuned by profile autosports in brisbane next tuesday Tuesday so I will be posting up numbers then. Hoping for 420kw on 98 as a daily tune. Anything above 460kw on e85 and I will be stoked. Maybe even crack that magic 500 on a stock bottom end? We will see
  13. Keep the guestimates coming I will post the results when they are in
  14. What power gains would I get from going E85? I was panning to do that early next year, so upgrading the internal pump because I have no clue what it is, surge pump and changing out the fuel rail and getting a reg for it

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