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  1. usual pop in every now and then when bored, how about you mate?
  2. thought I'd pop in to see if my log in still worked
  3. only for you 😄 good to see this Forum has gone for as long as it has and has sooo much good information. the Rexnet forum was not so lucky
  4. VPN is my friend, unless something else happened... No, the beast is long gone and now in an STI 😄
  5. Thanks man, you too. Although I think my ip just got blocked 😕
  6. Here I am for my yearly visit.. how are you all?
  7. LOL, that was a long time ago This one was sold about a year ago, did me well and had over 250000kms on it when sold
  8. My yearly return visit to fordxr6turbo hope youre all well
  9. Happy Birthday XRSICKT!

  10. Happy Birthday XRSICKT!

  11. yep, once I year I grace xr6turbo.com with my presence for a few minutes mods go wild because they think I use a hacked acoount
  12. in no particular order because I cant remember colt econovan festiva commodore cielo camry xr6 xr6t wrx STI - current
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