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  1. I made sure there was zero photos so fahark right off s’omoh
  2. Not all actuators are linear in movement vs input unfortunately so every application reacts differently and you need to see how a TS actuator works ( very unforgiving ) The Garrett range are very good to providing somewhat of a linear motion hence why it’s a almost dummy proof arrangement for newbs
  3. Yeh, nar every application is very different hence why the TS actuators have mixed reviews as it’s very specific
  4. I strongly suggest not fitting a TS 12 psi actuator unless you’re very experienced in using the TS actuators. Use a Garrett Genuine 11.8psi actuator or let your tuner fit the T/S one as I’ll almost guarantee they will need to adjust it again
  5. It’s the ZF breather, it comes out the top of the ZF with a push pull fitting and literally curls up and over on the retaining bracket that’s held back with one of the bell housings bolts and vents to atmosphere
  6. Hummm it’s a bit like the TS Gauges for FPR’s and they’re $30 They are a good quick reference point especially when looking for the basics but accuracy wouldn’t be it’s forte
  7. Had a few regulars in lately doing some general schedule servicing which is always a part of performance car maintenance and even had a FGX G6ET in for a simple “Rattle” diagnosis which is all part of what I do to help members out, couldn’t help myself and gave the engine bay a quick touch up after getting all “Handsie” with her I did get a chance to add some parts to @Mrpunk‘s FG turbo and this includes a GFB drop in reg with gauge, Major Coolant flush and Pressure check, Relocation of intake breather and Dion asked nicely for me to complete one of my engine bay details All went well but unfortunately the Valve Springs did show up on the Dyno as not holding pressure like they once did so I had to bring it back quite a bit to keep her happy as we all know tuning is about quality not quantity and she’s come up picture perfect imho despite the final numbers we all look for Andrew needed to have his FGX XR8 serviced and this is the fifth service I’ve completed on this bus after completing the full custom tune a few years back now and it’s great he’s on top of it to keep her purring along and this one included a Fully synthetic diff oil replacement
  8. The Chats hosting Rage this morning bellends ...... cheers
  9. You don’t need to remove any lines from the rail for Christ sake, what are you lot doing 🤨 if you can pull the line back 20mm ( which you can ) you can fit injectors in situ and bolt the rail back down Stop over complicating things
  10. Your mechanic is a peanut injectors on a FG falcon takes 30 minutes and a B series 45 minutes no intake manifolds need to be removed on either
  11. My housings are brand new castings with correct seat locations so it’s not a “modified” unit but a brand new designer unit. Housing mods aren’t all equal and thus leading me to push for something better and it hasn’t disappointed me yet despite the cost. Lip and seat need meat for a good seal and fast spool yet general OD needs to be large and “Shaped” yet still remaining is a flat bottom to reduce “clipping”
  12. Why did you Powder coat it in primer ? that's Terracotta colour inserts, it’s available right up till FGX G6ET and looks arse still Rando colours you’ve gone for here mate lol

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