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  1. 26 psi on 98 ..... 😯 Who is tuning this or should I say trying to sort it out ?
  2. This is when you know you’re old ....

    In The Club

    That’s bea......... utiful 🤘
  4. Respect for retro ! In other news ... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Do+a+barrel+roll
  5. Internal moral battle with this @ $300 😫
  6. They Key is to give a few more mm closer to the engine when mounting the lower support bracket and everything goes to plan Top radiator extended brackets would be nice and Jonny Tig does this with his kits !
  7. Have a unique easy way of getting the old silicone off that’s never the issue it’s all about getting the right amount of sealant on,where you put it on and the surface finish before it goes on
  8. Yup, exactly Preparation of the surfaces is the key here though and I file finish by hand to get the desired touch finish
  9. Yeh maybe, the realist in me knows there’s not much more flow in that factory ring but for the point of R&D maybe I will just see what it can do. In other news Had Paul track me down after hearing good things about what I can do and offer people with their turbo falcons and I’m sure @hopper8 has something to do with it so thanks Josh Paul just bought himself a 2010 FG G6ET with 125,000kms on the clock and isn’t big into what’s what when it comes to the falcon so he did the best due diligence in regards to having a RAA inspection done before purchasing but wanted a second opinion and a chance to bring the car well up to scratch service wise. Initial inspection was ok from RAA but they’re not looking for the things that tell a more complete story and this one had a story to tell .... in short it was heavily modified and a very good job of returning to stock was done and I mean very good with hose clamp caps put back on, injector hold clips and everything Part of this was to apply a stage 1 pack to his new car which now includes Major service major cooling system service diff service Alloy pipe kit intake muffler delete kit alloy TB pipe KPM 1000 injectors euro 4 de ring air box modification full custom Dyno tune and he wanted his brake calipers painted blue so why not, whatever makes a bloke happy The part I/we just couldn’t foresee was the fact his valvesprings are so bad it just couldn’t let me create any more power than around 250rwkw without becoming very unstable which the Dyno graph clearly shows.... This is the first time I’ve seen valvesprings this bad ever but hey that’s the luck of the draw with a vehicle that’s been modified previously. Wrapped it up for now but going to do a set of atomic HD springs,intercooler,Dump pipe and cat and one of my ZF transmission cooler kits to make it a complete package
  10. Yeh not the worst but I honestly thought it could go higher from it’s seat of the pants Dyno... Yar indeed Nathan, always have to allow for plumpkins
  11. Ok Chaps Had the Sprint on the Dyno this morning to lay down x3 consecutive back to back runs whilst data logging everything I needed too, not a massive result but definitely answers if the Euro4 cat they have fitted has the restrictor ring fitted or not lol. Obviously yes is the answer. The tune looks like something someone would construct when not having a dyno to use or any kind of tooling lol as the AFR was smacking in hard and fast 10.0’s to redline and a very ordinarily Timing scale ..... cummon Ford ! Anywhoo I dare say it’ll return easy gains with a de ring and tune only 260rwkw ballpark and 11psi peak even with overboost doing what it needed to do in Due course I’ll do some things to it and come back with some more results fir the people who want to keep up with it
  12. You’re welcome now donate to the forum 😋

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