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  1. Totally Agree these days, The build is one thing but the valve attached to these sought after vehicles is almost making it a no brainier especially if you enjoy the process and then the final result of an amazing street vehicle !
  2. Can’t wait to see this starting to go back together !
  3. Yeh the o2 sensor is fine to use mate I may be wrong but I remember something about 9ltrs a minute at 6000rpm
  4. I seen and heard it and thought oh dear
  5. We only needed 275 of lift for the 905rwkw mid week Your into the 290+ with your cams Keeping the balance is difficult when moving upwards and I strongly believe a ZF vehicle just doesn’t require the lift/cam the way a 3 or 2 speed vehicle would but at least you can wind 3rd gear out vs going for the old 3-4 change @ WOT There’s a chance to tweak those sprockets a touch too maybe and close the gap
  6. Prediction 101 Themes not big enough gains for the losses under the curve ! just done the typical moved the power band higher in the rev range which is now giving you bigger legs per gear but consuming a butt load of fuel to support it what’s the torque curves look like, I assume similar but emphasised #Dontovercamabarra #keepthesweetspotsweet
  7. Regardless mate, solid journey ! Im suspecting you’ll loose a bunch under the curve and might not gain the flow up top for the sacrifice... but that’s my educated guess can’t wait to see the graph ! plus an overlay of peak before cams vs after would be great viewing
  8. Yeh it’s definitely strong and has more in it with a bigger fuel system and if willing to roll the dice on more boost ! In the tuning process to see where things were unhappy I seen this figure before redline but had to pull out as I ran out of fuel. Easily would of buzzed a 600 number if the fuel was there and ran it to redline.
  9. Argh gotcha, There’s going to be some tuff rigs out this weekend ! Unfortunately I’m sporting a 8 Year olds birthday party so I can’t get out there but can’t wait to hear how you go mate ✊ Have you fully sent the bus on the Dyno yet ?
  10. It’s anyone’s game these days at Roll Racing ! it’s next level stuff out there ! What’s so special about this R35 and you ? Do you know the owner ?
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