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  1. BA spaghetti bottom end 509rwkw went on to run a 9 second pass, tuned by himself with his own software that’s where it’s at and all those years ago !
  2. Well you’re probably the only one here who would have some idea, I’ve never used a DD hub so unsure if there’s a way to skew results but we do know Gen1 GTX76’s had done 440’s and 10.8’s @ 132mph (iirc) So Gen2’s should be able to knock on this door I believe it’s got 500rwkw in one set up right
  3. Some of us are all thumbs sometimes so don’t hold a typo against him keif haha noooooo but I’ve not had a G2 76 wound right up yet either so can’t really comment
  4. A factory AFL 101 oil filter will remove more particles than any inline oil filter cartridge as per when above just said True story is true ....
  5. Yes the Plazmaman 4* race intake fits with the ITMS aftermarket alloy black pipe kit Yes the Plazmaman 4* race intake is far superior in fitment and quality vs the other two mentioned Be mindful that going from a complete stock arrangement to a full battery relocation kit and race intake is somewhat of a reasonable job and a decent level of mechanical skill is required to install this modification. cheers
  6. What do you think your oil filter does .......
  7. It’s the tow pack option had the car how long and only noticed it now 😜 P.S FG’s don’t need oil feed replacement lines, just bin the filter
  8. Wants a 1000hp but needs a cheap box to suit sureeeeeeeee
  9. You guys are getting raped up there, we had 78cpl for E10 on Wednesday !! made 98 octane $1.01 which was nice to fill up for the $65 odd bucks
  10. yeh if you’re trying to get the ECU out to do springs you’re further in the chit than you think ...... Seriously stand back and think for a moment caption pelican tits but plus 1 for setting up the GO-PRO in HD
  11. 440rwkw on a single 460 intank without wiring upgrades is pushing the friendship a bit, Buzz in a new Petrol filter ( Genuine turbo ford ) re gapped plugs aren’t a brilliant idea. Grab some new YE07’s from Ford and see how it goes Honestly I would be having it on the Dyno in itself current state to ascertain the exact issue first but I understand not everyone can access a Dyno for troubleshooting
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