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  1. The limit is infinite with enough pumps and pressure but when maximising a fuel system a twin feed rail and aftermarket reg with increased OD is the way to go ! Fleebay,MTQ,xr6 turbo developments etc etc
  2. Yeh used them a few times now and go alright for the application but the factory rail has it’s limits
  3. Hi Leigh Yes the wavetrack is vastly more expensive that the Harrop TruTrack and Yes again a much more predictable style LSD unit the TruTrack is bulletproof but has a unique way it will engage on the M86 that said it’s a good cheap solid unit that you will quickly get used to Done quite a few TruTrack builds for my customers hit me up if you want one
  4. Hey Roland Yeh I’m aware what your product can do


    My face hurts
  6. Was “Fhruck Boy” one of them 😂
  7. New Yami PW50 is around $1500 plus a few for the extra wheels
  8. Neg first one is always the brand new $1000 special as all the kids have had one but unless he takes to it then I’ll invest in a better platform later on so far he has been the most involved in bikes whereas the other kids have shown minimal interest and the bikes then just sit there, been looking at this set up next for him
  9. A solid drop punt over the back fence ? Jussayn
  10. Around 160 iirc but I was giving it a fair beat up to get the baseline data logged correctly before I started tuning it as the N/A’s will throw up very interesting information for the first four pulls before you get alot of the adders and subtractors to level out. It sounds funny but the N/A’s ( both 6’s and v8’s ) make you really work for every single KW gain and different makes and models work better or less with AFR targets based on hardware installed
  11. Had one very tidy BF ZF fairmont to tune on Monday that just had fitted some Pacemaker 4450’s Highflow 100cpi cat, single xforce stainless steel cat back twin muffler system, Growler intake, new coils,plugs 02 sensor and battery went well and finished up at 176rwkw @ 405nm with the 6000rpm limiter something a little different is always fun
  12. Removing the starter motor and undoing coverter bolts from the starter motor hole is the hardest part, the rest is easy typical bell housing bolts and rear trans mount bolts from the sub floor, remove shifter link and heat exchanger then tailshaft out and away she goes mate
  13. Definitely not apples for apples but accurate data is always interesting and possible relationships to be seen ! Had old mate Brett @Bretthawk89 back in for a fully built 1000HP tailshaft with 1350 yoke,uni’s, HD CB,slip joint, new Tripod ends all balanced up and painted stealth black for his BF Turbo ZF ute.

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