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  1. I’ve only seen two damaged Centre diff bush cradles in my time of having a very large amount of turbo/NA/V8 falcons on the hoist. I’m not really seeing this as a thing that needs to be “Fixed” unless it’s already damaged ?
  2. Aeroflow turbochargers have gained over $500 RRP in about three months due to the popularity Its common for Garrett prices to be month depending too Best to always chase up a current price but you’ll be looking between $2250-$2400 for a GTX G2 3584rs comparison Aeroflow unit
  3. You have excess reg to tank return pressure, modify the in tank module pot return and thank me later
  4. Top inner control arm bushes/balljoint can physically look ok but flex under full elevated lock and knock for the price if they’re original and you’ve just done the coilovers throw a complete arm set in from Whiteline
  5. I’d hold the phone but a Genuine Garrett G42 1450 1.28 is over $5500rrp So something to be mindful about regarding price vs quality vs longevity Aeroflow have come out swinging and so far so good, potential for another company to be the parent and delivering the same over at a lesser cost is interesting and welcomed but none of them have the time / kms on them yet to know Fingers and toes hey as it’s really a buyers market !
  6. Hey Rob Its straight out the box equipment but I drilled & tapped the boost reference port on the housing and I set the actuator exactly how I set yours up mate The Aeroflow port & flapper worked really well so it’s a bit of a winner !
  7. Great to hear your own thoughts there Dion and Appreciate your support for little ol JD TUNING ADELAIDE over the years Love working on and Tuning your car mate and shes one heck of a strong ride now
  8. It’s some coin for a hair dryer that’s for sure !
  9. Don't ever do it again .... Sprint stuffs for sprints
  10. I like it lol Just priced up a G42 1450 1.28 for a customer RRP nearly $5500 ! Dats getting out of control
  11. There was consideration to the transmission regarding spool, the Aeroflow seems a great thing so far IMHO. Plenty of low end spool that can be dialled in, how fast to target is unknown by myself yet but I’ll put it on par with a Genuine Garrett GTX G2 3582 no worries Top end, can’t see why it wont flow 22psi all day long and in a right set up sit in the Typical high 400’s low 500’s range as a Garrett does IF they last it’ll be a no brainer !
  12. It’s a control thing Keif, Boost / fuel And timing create power... If you run those “Big” every single time you give her some WOT standard stuff looses life span progressively We all love to nail the throttle and let an engine rev out, grab the next gear and enjoy the symphony that is.... Giving a punter the option to do this without big numbers thrown down the engines throat means hopefully a longer life span with at least the largest amount of enjoyment Not everything needs to be 100% even when it’s 100% lol
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