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  1. No mate, just a flex telescopic mirror & torch will do the trick
  2. What’s the work sitch mate ? Did you track that plum down or let it go ?
  3. Who did you get to do the build Nath ? What’s specs ?
  4. No the bolt holds it on the keyway holds it in correct position and locks in in place in the correct 360* otherwise the valley mark on the outside that you can see in OP’s picture wouldn’t have relevance to anything hence his being at the 10 o’clock mark which needs to be 12 o’clock with everything else lined up
  5. Straight to atmo bro Carbon canisters only effectively work for around 4 years so it’s doing bugger all now anyways
  6. Mate you’re 100% out a tooth on the bottom sprocket timing cover off and go for it ! Keif … you’re wrong as it has a Keyway which I’ve seen the dowel pin missing or slipping/bent before Everything has a “Home” and a mark or pin locator, you can’t actually stuff it up so when it doesn’t line up it’s guaranteed too be out
  7. Dunno Nath but there is some amazing tuners Australia wide and too the opposite there are lots who don’t just do the basics anymore either. Specialising in one platform obviously shins a light on some of the other guys who do a bit of everything but them basic tuning skills still seam to lack which is a worry. For instance there’s a certain workshop out North that continues to do the exact same thing in their tune file that attributes to repetitively customer complaints re: stalling pulling up to lights And the remedy is basic things in the tune they just don’t
  8. Been flat chat lately but still loving every part of what I get to do Big one for me is when a car comes in that’s been to other workshops and they’ve delivered back a vehicle that they think is right but unfortunately the end user is far from impressed and seeks out a resolution which ultimately leads them to me ( Thanks to @Typhoon for the Refferal to his mate Matty ). This is where I get to use my experience and knowledge and turn something not great into something special and yeh it gives me warm fuzzies making a car behave exceptionally well especially with some bigger
  9. Assuming all hardware is correct it’ll be Incorrect injector scales followed by incorrect airflow drive map Cheers
  10. Bought one yesterday… BA/FG turbo TMAP sensor, $100 rrp there about and $80 Trade
  11. Because it’s like $1000 for a prepared tested block to know you’re starting correctly…. Bit of a no brainer even for a $8000 slap together base build 🤔 If the foundation isn’t right it’ll crack sooner than later which a few have found out the hard way lately as these second hand blocks get used more than once
  12. It’s a wear process, they aren’t made that way.. They all start life the same but wear is inevitable and Atomic bin 8 out of 10 blocks due to undersize This block just came from Atomic for us to prepare and new build on and as you can see the numbers are high and obviously supplied for sale after sonic testing for minimum thickness. Do it once, Do it right
  13. Does the noice increase in rhythm with RPM ? Is the noise there when cold ? Is the noise louder or quieter when hot Is the noise always there or does it seem like it might go away for a revolution or two then come back ?
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