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  1. How have you somehow lost your stock tune file ?
  2. Don’t ever bleed the system using that function lol, it's there to test the module only
  3. The N/A BTR is vastly different to the Turbo / V8 BTR it’s capability to handling higher Torque ratings so the expected lifespan of a N/A BTR strapped behind a Turbo engine will be limited when driven beyond a medium pace
  4. Negative, look at this banana I seen on site a while back
  5. Go to the effort to drop the tank and buzz in a FG one, nearly all the in tank modules are sorted now and can deliver what you will want
  6. Exactly the same problem I was having in my Thread and Keith said I was dreaming Keith Fix Forum Gainz Plz
  7. Hit me up Rob and we can make it happen, I think you should do a build thread already as you’ve got yourself a solid ride so far Show us what’s you’ve been through and some results
  8. I Can Tuned “remotely” Turbo falcons in every state now, An N.Z one would be good to add to the list hahaha
  9. Had Taylor back in for some maintenance items and some necessities as the old girl is getting up there now kms wise and what better time than to just do a big bunch of it in one shot hey ! The Harmonic balancers have always been an item of concern on the turbo falcon and as the years and kms move along they’re becoming more required to be replaced with a good solid item and my Go To is Always Atomic In went the following New Atomic HD balancer and Bolt New Belt New tensioner New idler Major service New exhaust Gaskets Plazmaman HD valve springs New Coils Full custom Re tune on 98 fuel Now this ute has a GT3582 and a Plazmaman entry level 700hp cooler kit on it not the standard 76 so it finished up at 353rwkw / 935nm on 16.8psi peak
  10. The same thing I win ....
  11. That’s miles better than normal condition as Xforce have a bad habit of splitting around and under the weld It’s common for the Flange on the rear housing where it bolts to the manifold ( T3 ) to leak and a simple nip up can rectify it or a new SS gasket That mark on the First picture doesn’t look like a split but your second picture looks like a big crack ... Grab a pick and have a dig at it and let us know
  12. Take a picture of where the Dump is welded to the 5 Bolt flange. Upload it
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