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  1. Oh man ! Condolences to his family, absolutely heartbreaking news.
  2. Hey mate No unfortunately I’ve only done aftermarket Gas systems on turbo barras so I can’t say specifically what it might provide
  3. She’s going to be one beautiful ute once completed Phil
  4. G40-900 turbocharger Absolutely awesome is the short answer On this build I could only ramp in the boost on the conservative level (around 70% ramp in rate) as it was a SBE but give it 100% it would make 20psi by 3500rpm easyyyyy ! Knowing that the G40-1150 has already delivered 700rwkw plus already on the BARRA platform I’m definitely sure the 900 could do 620-640rwkw. Transition spool rate is rapid too for on street driving. Unfortunately this turbocharger requires everything as it’s not “Bolt on” but that’s what happens unfortunately with complex designs I’m excited as I’ll be completing this same set up on a built FG engine/MT ZF combo but the G40-1150 spec and it’s going to be wound up !! I suppose this turbo starts to cover the GTX G2 42 area but with less lag and that’s everything we want right 9/10 WBA !
  5. It goes in the 400 section ya yobbo lol 😂
  6. Okay so last update for the year despite a few in the bank to post later on but this one is very due and it’s been one hell of a ride so please excuse the lengthy post that will be Rightooo Had long time forum member Phil @xr6666turbo contact me at the start of the year (yes 12 months ago lol) to start on a conversation with what he had for grand plans on his BF Mk2 XR6T Ripcurl ute. Phil is a more senior member who despite being in his 60’s supports a very youthful outlook on his pride & joy ute which brought us around to having built up a very long and detailed list of what he wanted to achieve on his vehicle. Now this was something to be not about outright power or performance but to tick off a big bucket list for Phil which was to have in his possession a “Show” style vehicle that he could literally walk out to the shed to enjoy from a visual aspect first and foremost and everything else was kind of secondary. That also said Phil knew exactly what he wanted, didn’t want, had visions of and then wanted to tie it all in with a second round which will be Paint/Panel/Wheels in due course… So that said all Phil supplied me with was one very fancy Candy apple red rocker cover of which he had custom mixed colour and powder coated up in Brisbane. Oh yeh might I mention Phil’s from QLD and despite all the “Premium” workshops in QLD and along the East coast he had chosen me in little old Adelaide to complete this task for him - Humbled indeed on my end !! Long story short it was time for the following build a visually impactful engine bay, no requirement for engine to be rebuilt as power was the last thing on the check box, same with transmission. Despite having 310,000kms on the car both the engine and transmission had extensive service history and checked out as near on perfect before we went into the build so not to many dramas with completing the task at hand. Obviously with an engine full of sweet aftermarket part’s it’s going to make power but it was my job to cap it and make it “fun” but safe at the same time - what could go wrong / no pressure on my end hey 😂 . Vehicle delivered from QLD with Phil driving her down for drop off. Full strip down of everything mechanical sent off for paint in engine bay Full engine strip/clean/assemble of bolt on parts only Full re installation of engine & transmission Full custom fab work Full polish of all accessories and hardware Run in periods Full custom Dyno tuning Addition kms to be sure everything was rock solid Full cut & polish of the exterior, leather treatment, engine bay detailing by “Pro Shine” Adelaide Await collection from Phil flying in to Adelaide to collect and drive home ~2500kms back to QLD A parts list as long as my Arm has gone into this build and a very detailed communication trail to keep Phil in the loop, choices, decisions, colours and then options around everything that happened. It was a massive project and has taken the best part of 7-8 months to complete from start to finish as a bit of 3rd party navigation had to happen with paint and fab works but all in all the pictures tell most of the story ! Phil’s objective was really to have something to go “Wow” at and I believe I’ve nailed it for him as he wanted very specific items in this mix so please respect that everyone has different opinions and expectations on what they perceive as the ultimate goal but undeniably it’s an amazing finish All said and done here’s the build list and it finished up at a best of 417rwkw on 17psi of boost for a glory shot and Dyno sheet but backed it down to a very safe consistent 395-400rwkw all the time. Final Dyno sheet supplied was the No frills one that every customer gets ( No BS Dyno sheets here ) with it Rolling up a final 392.2rwkw on 15.2psi flat. I had the ute back on the Dyno a few times for checks along the after process and each time saw 395-400rwkw so comfortably makes it a 400 Vehicle which is pretty impressive off low boost ! Garrett G40-900 - 1.06 housing Vband in/outs 6 Boost new style manifold Turbosmart 50mm Pro Gate plumbed back Plazmaman 800HP intercooler kit Plazmaman Top half polished plenum with FG T/B polished and adaptor plate Plazmaman Single Pierberg UCST Plazmaman HD wiring kit Plazmaclamps Venom twin 2.5* SS Dump back exhaust “Jerra Industries” custom Titanium Pie cut dump and plumb back and Hot / cold side intake pipes Atomic new steel HD oil pump Atomic HD Timing chain assembly Atomic HD M12 Head studs with OS washers Atomic HD lower sprocket Atomic HD valve springs Atomic Stage 2 Cam shafts Atomic HD flex plate kit Ross Racing Gold HD balancer GFB 800 Reg on polished factory rail New Genuine engine mounts New Genuine Alternator New genuine Starter motor New Genuine water pump and metal pulley New tensioner and metal pulley New idler metal pulley ANTZ Performance catch can with Aeroflow SS braid & fittings Red accent washers and new “Allen” hardware Striped bare block/head/sump/pick up/timing cover/ hot tanked /painted/ polished Polished ECU cover/Fuse box cover/Brake reservoir/power steering reservoir cover/hot and cold side pipes on display/turbo comp cover/ Intake/ Thermostat cover/housing/coolant overflow tank Aeroflow HD transmission cooler kit with Thermostatic switch fan custom mounted Full ZF flush / service with GW SYN - TS Aeroflow SS braided Coolant lines with red adaptors Aeroflow fittings to A/N for turbo lines/Drain KPM 1000cc Injectors with electrical adapters GJ DRIVELINES CroMo 1000HP tailshaft with 1350 Uni/Yoke set up Optima Red top tray mounted full custom battery relocation kit with billet battery clamp “Stingray” Push button start kit Genuine Ford new front Hubs Full custom Dyno tuning on 98 fuel with PCMtech software protocol The one item that started the Journey…. BEFORE: dead stock ! AFTER : Massive thanks to Phil for giving me the chance to deliver him exactly what he wanted and I’m sure Phil will chime in on how his time was with me and if he’s happy with the outcome. Massive thanks to the Wife for monumental support physically and mentally throughout this build as it took a fair bit of Blood sweat & tears to get to the end despite it looking like a simple job. Thanks to Adam from Jerra Industries for fab work , Stan from “Stans” polishing, Anthony from Tunezbycece, Alex @boakesautomarine from Boakes Auto marine and plenty more who delivered on this project for me
  7. No it’s legitimate, I’ll do a write up when the forum isn’t chit
  8. Confirmation it’s in the right spot
  9. Yeh the factory (new) tensioner is good for 1000rwhp/750rwkw but after that it’s beneficial to go to a Posi-Stop set up IWG set up and applications are just harder to get right and many tuners just go with Exxy gates to elevate extra time for same results. I’m happy to roll with IWG arrangements as I’m pretty fluent in setting them up and dialling them in to have steady correct boost delivery. They do not add or subtract from a power generation aspect at all so if a customer is looking for a screamer then no worries but most prefer the reduction in hectic noises and going full plumb back always adds complexity and $$$
  10. Completely the opposite brother “IF” it had a big spring it would not typically be controllable on the hit which you can see I can select a lower desired on the 98 hit. It’s the Aeroflow poor port & flapper that’s the let down hence both end targets near on the same boost target despite drastically different DC being selected. Aeroflow Actuator, Port & flap represent a vastly cheaper set up than a Genuine Garrett but in this case workable enough
  11. Had old mate Matty return to step up his build in a big way from what it was and in with some excellent hardware to make the most of what he’s got A while back I had to cap it at 360rwkw due to not enough pump on E85 and now with a PCMtech multitune set up I’ve got him the best of both worlds with 98 and E85 tunes to play with on High & Low boost all via the flick of the Cruise control buttons. Mods that went in this round are the following all attached to a SBE Atomic HD Steel oil pump assembly Atomic HD chain Atomic HD guides Atomic HD valve springs Atomic HD M12 Head studs with 28mm OS washers Genuine factory ford tensioner Plazmaman single Pierberg UCST Plazmaman HD wiring kit Plazmaman Twin feed fuel rail Turbosmart FPR1200 reg Turbosmart Fitting kit Turbosmart glass gauge Ross Gold HD balancer Genuine ford Crank seal And to follow up it had previously installed HDI GT2 cooler kit, Ultrex 4* Turbo back exhaust, Aeroflow 6662 Bolt on turbocharger , KPM1000’s, KPM 700hp drop in module 98 Low boost = 445rwkw 98 High boost = 455rwkw E85 Low boost = 477rwkw E85 High boost = 493rwkw High boost 98 VS E85 high boost
  12. Not yet @Romulus , got all the Hardware/software sorted but trying to get AU suppliers of Beemer parts is difficult ! Contacted RK-TUNES and Dianian in the US and both can’t supply overseas which is a bummer as they both have nice bolt on exhausts with various options and cool looking proven intakes that work with the electronic grill. I’ll get there though, just been busy as hell with customer builds/mods/upgrades into Christmas Just enjoying driving it, took it up over east and pumped out a decent 850kms out of 1 tank of 98 fuel so that was impressive indeed for a TTV8 ! Haha yup these things are fast, hard to describe fast but on Launch with AWD locked in and two rapid spool turbo’s I’m struggling to think of any RWD that could even come close despite whatever number it’s making on the street. LSA’s are way overrated and even with 500+ are welming As Farhuckkk anyways
  13. Because they’re good…. Nothing cheap is good… nothing good is cheap End thread
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