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    Oh dear @.Stripes.


    “IF” your tuner can’t work out the very simple boost strategy of a turbo falcon platform he hasn’t even done step 1 R&D “IF” I tell him how to overcome it you then have a vehicle that’s got a boost error target and how do I know he knows how to fix it ....? Your tuner might be gods gift but he doesn’t know what is very elementary strategy configuration modifications and knowing what the ECU is doing and commanding is pretty dangerous especially if you say you’re up over 400rwkw already ”IF” in fact your tuner does know what he’s doing but going about it in a very backwards way again this isn’t correct and needs to be addressed.. There is a reason I tune the turbo falcon for some very reputable tune shops around Australia as the factory falcon ECU is going about engine control in a different way to nearly every other make and model car out there, the WRX platform is closest I’m not being a *beep* but in-fact looking after your engine for you


    You need a new tuner .....
  4. Yes I can still get them, just checked my contact zero F6 long or shorts, just XRT’s
  5. I fully believe a G2 82 has 600rwkw in it on a T3 5 bolt rear IWG arrangement but I think it would be struggling at the 27-28 psi area, if it had all the bells n whistles engine wise maybe but I think the efficiency of the above set up is unique and all the starts and moon align Dunno really Gaz but the IWG actuator would be around 19 psi to nail a 30psi target and hold somewhat
  6. Here is a new record for a 82 I had a good customer James ( I believe he’s on here ) who bought a bunch of parts from me for his build and I supplied him a Garrett G2 3582 with a typical Ford 1.06 housing that he swopped over to a Vband 1.01 6 boost high mount and 50mm gate. Due to going Haltech plug n play he went to Graeme west to be tuned and this punched out its a heavily modified BA turbo with the best of everything including a full Atomic 998 GTR engine with billet crank. This is on a brand new Prohub mainline Dyno, also went 655rwkw on the chassis Mainline AWD dyno #GTXG2FLYF
  7. Xforce have options to suit a variety of layouts and grades full off the shelf custom exhausts full custom to OE OE replacement mild high grade mild 409 raw SS part polished SS full polished this is in nearly every combination you can think of so it’s critical to know exactly what you need before ordering. You can get the part you see that bolts up to OE cat back location
  8. Plenty of times on 98 fuel FG ZF auto stock turbo on E85 FG ZF auto stock turbo whatzyhapoint....
  9. Factory 1.06 rear housing is the right size but your port job needs to be bang on perfect otherwise you’ll be up high in the boost range even with a tune. Actuator preload is critical to get right too if in doubt get the tune shop to fit it and port & flapper it if you’re dead set on doing it yourself I sell monster port new housings and actuators and will walk you through the set up process
  10. Ummmm no BF and FG ute fuel tank is identical You have other issues going on
  11. Negative Ghost Rider ... The pattern is a Jew Hand in pocket bro
  12. Banged out 43 here yesterday today was 37 and rain feels like Singapore
  13. Post da sheet bro ! keen to see
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