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  1. Nawww Love you too @Mrs Jeturbo couldn’t do it without your consistent support and push for me to go the distance when I CBF sometimes That said This ute needs to have some very prominent people mentioned and to start with which is clear Alex @boakesautomarine has built this monster clean & clear but let’s take a moment to throw props to the following and maybe help others along the way if considering a major build ! SAM @ MILTONS RACE ENGINES TONY @ TZ WIRING & TUNING CK RACING DEVELOPMENTS ADAM@ JERRA INDUSTRIES Joe @Peppy_t92 PRECISION RACING ROB @ MONSTA TORQUE Anthony @ TUNEZBYCECE PAUL ROGERS RACE TRANSMISSIONS PLATINUM RACE PRODUCTS PAUL @ OUTLAWS SPEED PARTS And plenty more who have put monumental time & effort in for the greater cause which happens when people pool around to generate big results and help someone achieve the ultimate goal. It’s amazing to see so many want to really really help and see something cool happen and this is very common for big builds Bring on the Drag strip @ “The Bend” motorsports park which is set to open in March/April next year and hopefully some better P.B’s to come
  2. Well… It’s Done, Alex @boakesautomarine has managed to pedal the ute to take out the Fastest XR6T in Adelaide and unofficially 2nd fastest XR6T Ute in Australia ( Dion’s - Dynomite performance left had drive Pro ute takes the cake ) Massive effort and dedication to see Alex take this thing to the limits and back with even more modifications from a few months back when we took the trophy home from Cootamundra GTR Drag challenge ( Fastest 6CYl-RWD Category ) sporting a new set of Cams, 4.5* Ti exhaust with side pipe exit, Plazmaman plenum with burst plate, twin set of injectors per cyl and a wizz bang new Platinum Racing Products Billet rocker cover just to name a few. The ute made it’s way over to Heathcote Park Raceway for the Ford Nationals this weekend and on Friday night with the better track temps setting in and fighting for traction the ute has Reeled off an awesome 8.72 @ 165.4MPH. Only last Thursday we had it on the Dyno tuning the new set up where we gained a big chunk under the curve with the new cams and specific specs of dialled in to see a Humongous 1187RWKW @ 41psi !!… in the old school money it’s 1592rwhp + 25% through the TH400 and 9* to equal 1990HP at the crank !! Absolutely Next level excitement seeing the results and best part some permanent deafness received from the side pipe exhaust bellowing into me lug holes but all amazingly worth it 😂 Awesome effort and dedication with so many brilliant people/Workshops all coming together to make this dream happen. Ultimately Alex has one hell of a fast ute which definitely has more in her with better 60fts in the future. Track time and set up should see this P.B tumble to low 8’s no worries ! Stay TOONED for More https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8JArkaT/
  3. Thanks Zane ! I do try to put everything into a tune wherever possible and the time it takes can be past the point of diminishing returns but I’ll still try and chip away to make a tune perfect as it can be
  4. Seriously it would be a wild ride ! But anyone who is stumping up for the 6boost,custom Dump, gate, lines, intake, housings isn’t usually going a 82 but I’m hopeful one day that combo comes in with built everything to send it hard
  5. That’s exactly what I’ve said in that write up above lol 😂 The T3 flange is all out of flow and back pressure is going north with any more boost going in so had to be capped there. If it was on a 6 boost with a T4 flange and EX gate definitely would of gone 620-640rwkw @ 25-27 psi and that’s the flow maxxed from a G2 82
  6. @biddie_fiddler It’s a Genuine Garrett GTX G2 3582, 1.06 IWG 39mm Port & Flapper ,T3, 5 bolt housing, Genuine Garret 11.8psi actuator and full bolt on spec with my housing. @Tom Tucker I will do a write up soon
  7. They know, they've known for a while now as I wasn’t the one who’s worked this out… as I said the guys who tested and R&D’d the changeover set up worked it out and recommended it be pulled but any positive can have a negative attached to it and the gain of new opportunity might be worth the “Potential” negative. Dunno, Don’t care really just know how to navigate a better way of tuning past a factory TMAP than bluffing it
  8. That’s my point Nathan…. Smashing/dancing/feathering the throttle exposes it to this area of danger and with testing pre/post TB it became obvious there was big issues being covered up and causing damage along the way. You’ll never know it’s there unless you go looking for it with test data and with that came proof it’s not the best option. Cat007 - last part of my post champ… it’s the same reading resolution TMAP as factory down low. It drives 100% stock and I’ve used it on a few customer builds now with brilliant results hence moving on with technology and better ways to deliver tunes. That said the bosch blue 3 Bar is a beautiful little TMAP that works really well too
  9. It’s actually pretty obvious when you consider it in the non WOT application… Why is the TMAP located where it is ? What isn’t the BPS seeing and what separates the two sensors ? Then think about fast transient throttle applications like doing a burnout… What’s that TMAP blind from if you’ve worked past it’s range ? The potential for incorrect fuel supply is there in a big way especially with excess boost pressure behind the TB blade then big gulps of unmetered Air to inrush. I’m using (as are most workshops) the new Omni power 5 Bar TMAP sensors with flawless low end resolution (28kpa as the factory sensor is) and 58psi boost control set & forget
  10. That’s not the reason at all workshops don’t do or recommend this method. It came, it worked, it has major flaws we moved on So much so the two major workshops who helped implement it had tried to get it removed from the software update. OP just do what your tuner recommends you do buddy
  11. Don’t do that…Long story short it’s not recommended anymore Get your tuner to supply & fit a TMAP sensor to suit your application and one he can tune with
  12. That sucks mate But…. Blokes who don’t deck the block and have the head finished as a bare minimum should always except a failure and if it doesn’t you’re lucky… it’s not the other way around ! Yes been there done that and know it’s worth the effort every time now but can appreciate rolling the dice, actually have a set up near on 600rwkw living on a non prepped surfaces and to negate this less than favourable condition I go a cut ring gasket (Athena) and 110ftlb on the studs (ARP) and 120ftlb (Atomic) M12’s but again it’s “Rolling the Dice” …. Risk VS reward something something….
  13. Ha yeh it’s a beautiful thing chaps Anyways… Moving on had Old mate Dave @david g6eturbo back in with his very progressing G6ET that is now really ticking the boxes on everything to be a “Complete” fast car. This time it was Engine time and with over 160,000kms on his SBE original Donk it was perfect to pull it out complete, wrap it, bang it in the shed for safe keeping in one piece. So what to replace it with….. Something Something a very fast ute decided to upgrade again and had a complete long engine ready to drop in and with one thing lead another and Alex’s @boakesautomarine ‘s “OG” original built engine was stripped down, sent off to be checked, cleaned, measured, machined again, new everything pretty much and re assembled for Dave to collect and to have a very conservative 1000HP built engine ready to slot in. Unlucky me got that job of doing the changeover haha but whatever keeps the peeps happy right ? The goal was and always has been to make a fast super reliable street car, nothing more nothing less and the want to maintain the T3 low mount turbo was important to Dave. That said after the run in process was completed, oil and filter swopped out for some beautiful ULX110 10/50 it was onto tuning the new engine now fitted with an array of new hardware items to suit the power goal in mind. A bunch of new parts to take the car from my Stage 5 to Stage 6 package included a second Pierberg pump on the Plazmaman UCST, ANTZ Performance Catch can kit, Turbosmart 1200 to 2000 HP FPR, KPM1500’s, OMNI Power 5 Bar TMAP sensor, Ross Performance Gold balancer and obviously the Built engine ( insert massive list of beautiful parts inside the engine block like Atomic Stage 3 cams, Spool pistons ARP 625 Head studs, x3 Doweled Crank with Yella Terra flex plate etc etc ) All said and done, tuning progressively with PCMtech software protocol and working my way upwards the restriction of the T3 flange became evident at 580rwkw and managed to squeeze out a tidy 582.4rwkw on 22.6psi and 6600rpm soft cut with hard cut at 6950rpm. The car is one very snappy beast now and Dave can’t wait to get her out at Roll Racing and contend with “Mr Reliable” Matty @MCW in his F6 as both their combos are very closely aligned now ! out with the old…. In with the new …
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