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    New turbo core

    Hi Westo T fire me a P.M and I’ll be able to help out with anything you might need
  2. Had Mark @Boosted Blu in for a set of Brembo 6 pot fronts and 4 pot rears with Series T3 5000’s up front and T3 4000’s on the rear Then some “Brake-safe” braided lines all round Why ? Well he had to fill the massive wheels that he’s just got on the ute and what better way to go about it than some stealth black units with the white decals. Still even though the Brembo 4 pot rears are big But nothing looks big with 11.5* x 20* Ferrada FR2 rims wrapped in 305/30 Michelin Pilot sport 4’s and all snuggled down on the Shockworks shocks and King spring HD SSL leafs With the MalWood Automotive Anti tramp control bars I installed last year Amazing, yeh it looks killer and what a excellent way to tie together not only the 500rwkw it makes but with stance, looks and now big stopping power to pull it all up, Have to hand it to Mark for piecing together a great combo and I’m stoked to have been the one to build this ute from stock to what it is now
  3. Had a new face in with Chris recently purchasing this BA turbo that had a short list of mods and accessories but he wanted me to check the car over, knock out a service and then check it on the Dyno with some data logging and a general opinion of the current tune performed by a company that’s located in SA’s mid north. Now this is what came out and obviously far from optimal for the weakest of all turbo engines but for the people with not so great eyes yes that’s 17psi on the hit on the up side the fuel was somewhat controlled but the fact the intercooler was a Ebay ( Wog cooler ) and IAT’s cracked 80*c by 6250rpm and over 12* of advanced timing the knock box was having a red hot spazz and getting way to excited for what should be delivered. All said and done there’s room for instant improvement even on the current list of mods !
  4. Heard it here first bum holes G35 1050 Get around it
  5. Even the most basic Barra engine build to handle 400rwkw is around $4000 in parts and machining Anything less and you’re not doing it right
  6. Just watched the very last Big bang episode ( S12E24 ) some big ones in that one and what a solid TV series 🤗 season 12 is rock solid but only available on ITunes @ $50 but oh well had to see it
  7. Had Rich back in for the next round of mods and this was a long time coming as he’s been very happy with the first round of mods for quite some time. Eventually it gets everyone though as power is addictive ! Out with the factory intercooler and in with a Plazmaman 800hp Polished core, new silicone joiners to suit his already fitted alloy pipe kit Out with the factory cat back exhaust and in with a X-Force 409 SS un polished cat back system in 3.5* Major service Major cooling system service Differential service Re tune on 98 fuel Finished up at a comfortable 321rwkw @ 15 psi flat Goes really well and smokes the Nitto Invos hard in the first three gears My Office
  8. But they’re not 12mm Arron .... ? He’s asking about 12mm gear
  9. Unsure if they make it all in one but this sandwich plate has the correct sizing for Z516 - AFL 101 oil filters for late BF-FGX to run outlet size to suit temp and pressure sensors for gauges finding a Sandwich block with -12 outlet fittings I have not seen ever iirc
  10. Sorry for the Potato photo but buy this and thank me later
  11. Mick if they didn’t use loctite the chances of them using a correct torque sequence and a torque wrench would be minimal one would think ..... 🤔 x3 Dugger Dugger’s on the rattle gun please 🙃
  12. Hey Aaron sheeeet this is always a PITA with turbochargers but having an aftermarket turbo with factory actuators can be a royal pain as they have zero adjustments anyway yes you can rotate a CHRA physically as you know but the angle for oil drain down with gravity needs to be no more than say 45* otherwise it can “Pool” in the CHRA outlet and cause issues feel free to txt me if you have anymore issues mate as I’ll be able to help out

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