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  1. If you want I can give you pops & bangs for the full VW Golf experience ! 50’s up there indeed, holla out if you want me to give you something to get it in the right direction hey
  2. Yes you broke the forum again keif, exactly what I’ve said it’s done numerous times happening again ! Huh…. WUT puffy
  3. Another bloody N.Z tune fail… eurghhh lol Mate, buzz me a P.M and I’ll help you
  4. Not to far from it @joncitizen …. We were made to feel extremely welcome and even had a few of the guys wearing the Precision Racing jumpers (Steve & Mussimo) help us with some rear end tweaks on day 2 so we could go faster as they were just as excited to see us better our journey. To be completely honest Aaron and @Peppy_t92 were very humble and any of their accolades are very justified as they do have amazingly well set up fast vehicles in their stable and it’s not easy to do So yeh, #PRARMY as much as they want
  5. Little teaser from the weekend Have to wait until full release to talk about results but let’s just say some great things have happened
  6. Happy to help Zane Sucks I couldn’t get it sorted from the ESP to Nexus tune only but glad a few plugs got replaced and now a good set of cams installed Always here if you need mate
  7. No the gas plugs are 0.7mm not 0.8mm you keep talking about… The hint is in the YE07 part number 🤪
  8. Wonder what’s going on here…..
  9. The Crap results/files/tunes I’ve seen come out of N.Z workshops in the past x6 weeks suggests there’s very few who know how to tune a turbo falcon at all ! You have boost error issues, thresholds set wrong and Waste gate actuator duty cycles wrong…. End thread
  10. Yeh really branching out Keif lol In other news……. Roll Racing #25 was held on Saturday night and a good array of vehicles attended and some of my regulars were out having fun and a massive congratulations to Matty @MCW who you all might remember I just tuned his new Gen 3 Pulsar 3584rs to 583rwkw was out and absolutely killing it all night to the point where he managed to pedal his beast to the Grand final run to come 2nd place against a very strong, Very fast VL Turbo set up for Drag ! Knocking the super iconic Dash green FG turbo ute [PSI JUNKI] out in the Quarter finals and a Beast of a BF F6 ( G45/Glide ) in the semifinals Matty went on to take the silver and what an absolutely amazing effort as it takes not only reliability but consistency as a Driver and honestly for a Genuine Daily set up vehicle this was a massive win in most punters books The Monsta Torque Stage 5 Transmission has now done over 10,000kms and absolutely flawless still with all these many many events under it’s belt now Im so happy & excited to just be a part of this journey with Matt and what a privilege it is to have vehicles making podium at a very heavy competitive event these day’s ! Enjoy the videos !
  11. Your tuner doesn’t know what he’s doing, sorry, it is what it is P1277 - Start here in the tune !
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