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  1. Mehhh I fitted a transmission cooler and serviced the ZF so that’s kind of Australian haha Did break in a mini Webber Q at the same time so that’s definitely up there
  2. 530rwkw with a 1.01 is pretty aggressive indeed haha, that should be a tonne of fun mate !
  3. Back to work and feeling meh 😑
  4. Then your justification makes sense mate, go for it
  5. That’s how I would do it if you’re concerned about warm up time and maintaining a narrow band of temp, All of which isn’t necessary unless you’re in extreme negative temp areas. If your coldest mornings are 0* without major snow/frost the ZF will warm the fluid at an acceptable rate per minute as the fluid will always maintain around 10* above ambient when as low as 0* ( so starting point 10* oil T )
  6. Congratulations Alex ! Onwards and upwards with her cooking haha
  7. you’re correct with above trace out and hence it’s lacking, fine multi strand high cross sectional area pre terminated cable is best in all cases for cost and finish. I’ve previously used the inhibitor as an add in despite it being not recommended under typical ratio mixes ( commonly 50ml to 1ltr of de min ) I’ve added 10ml to around 1ltr coolant 33% ratio Glycol mix ( off the shelf premixed 6year coolants ) Typically a B series falcon will take about 8ltrs of coolant on a flush and about 12ltrs on a first fill empty engine/system I will assume you potentially used about 10ltrs of coolant to fill your new system / radiator? If so remove aprox 800ml to 1ltr and add in inhibitor of around this capacity to your coolant and it will help protect the aluminium cores on that PWR beauty If in doubt under mix vs over mix as even in small dose’s inhibitor works well
  8. Yep indeed it was a decent outlay but it’s now or never really so on the train we went ! Anything old that’s had some kind of restoration or kept in good shape is just fetching silly money these day’s and unfortunately the covid bubble doesn’t really apply to these so much as they’re always just going upwards. That said I can’t wait to take that iconic picture that the XY GT was famous for, mind you I won’t be doing that speed haha
  9. Yeh I’m happy to go slow in her, nothing else like a good cruiser if she makes the right sounds
  10. Replica, Genuine has just surpassed $1,000,000 as a regular base price point now which is a bit too much lol. Can’t wait to pick it up ! Solid bucket list vehicle for me and @Mrs Jeturbo as XY GT’s have always been that one bad ass bus. I mean the engine sticks through the bonnet and that’s cool as sheet
  11. Ima just leave this here ….. Pretty excited 😍
  12. Mate same I’ve been pretty full on “Flu” symptoms and my official test came back negative and a Rapid Antigen one too. meanwhile flat out snots,sneezing,sore throat, coughing ! #Covidlies
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