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  1. When’s it coming for the 6,000km round trip stage 3 package Andy
  2. There’s a bit of a magic formula for pendant drop lights and surfaces so this one is bang on the 810mm distance gap. Yeh the island is 2000mm x 2000mm and you can kind of never have enough bench space especially with a big Wog family that entertains often, it’s not that hard to reach to centre really
  3. How did the new tune go with all the new fuel system in place ? Im a big fan of the IC7 Dash for the Haltech PnP especially if you plum up the sensors required it makes it a brilliant item
  4. Yep, Closed loop IAT targets The data is real lol
  5. Data doesn’t lie ..... Unfortunately your tune needs more work to be consistent. Sometimes these things can slip and go through to the keeper. Rob is a Genuine good bloke with an amazing tuning reputation. Definitely don’t hold it against him especially if he was crazy busy, not an excuse I know but we’ve all been there or similar situations in life with one thing or another. “IF” he changed all his target boost increments to the same for all IAT’s he would nearly be there Juss sayn
  6. It’s been full tilt lately but plenty of great stuff happening and I’ll keep it to a short update ! Had @david g6eturbo back in for the next level of mods despite only just finishing up his 3rd round with me less than a few months ago. Can’t argue with the man as it was time to take the next step..... The E85 step ! So with the previous tune dialled in at 395rwkw on 98 fuel it was time for some more top quality parts to prevent the next in line of potential breakage and as we all know... Do it once and do it right So I’ve installed the following on top of an al
  7. Nearly all of it found a new home quickly or it’s too big for most customers first two rounds of mods
  8. As I mentioned it’s “Common” for big workshops to take this approach as you can knock out a tune in like 4 pulls and send the vehicle out the door “Global” changes are fast,easy,pretty reliable for what the desired result will be. This isn’t how I do it and I want to maintain that target boost all the time every time unless we start to get super cold or IAT’s/MCT beyond what the hardware package can deal with. Yes this takes more time to complete On an ambient temperature day of say 27* MCT on a Dyno will be around 38-45* and thus usually the area that gets
  9. Most definitely mate is the short correct answer
  10. Closed loop on the FG is based off IAT’s, greater the IAT greater the base D/C and target boost it’s common for tuners to use the hard work ford put in basing this variable on a variety of factors and just adding a few psi to the target boost table to generate a result. It’s an ok way of doing it but more effort is required from your tuner for consistency once modified
  11. It’s a No brainer @Romulus constant WOT shifts with big power no 6R80 / ZF will last and that’s from Rob @ Monsta Torque who was going to do a big build for alex. He was just honest about what was going to be the outcome, Yes it can do it, yes it would require frequent pull down style freshen ups to last but Alex is really looking for more constant reliability as this ute is just a race vehicle now Yeh @Tom Tucker 3800 converter but we were seeing every bit of 4000rpm against the roller. Old school converters do this well and that means we were making near on peak power off the co
  12. Well we did a thing today.... 700rwkw Club ! Alex has been plugging away with taking his already mental 627rwkw Ute from last tune and has decided to go Full send on turning it into a Drag ute now. Out with the not very old and in with the very new ! Hardware that’s out ( every chance there’s more but alot has happened ) 6R80 with converter Aeroflow turbo KPM 1700cc injectors Processwest Twin pump surge tank & FPR1200 ARP 2000’s Head studs Atomic stage 1 valve springs Factory Diff, Axels, Leaf springs Front shocks &
  13. Not a fan of old bouncy ball method of “Rover” mission ? LoL
  14. The 641kw graph looks strong mate ! Full send there mate and it’s looking like you could get her into the 700awkw bracket very soon !! Solid effort mate, wasn’t sure how you were going to go with 0.4mm gaps but if it works it works right
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