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  1. Oh man ! Condolences to his family, absolutely heartbreaking news.
  2. She’s going to be one beautiful ute once completed Phil
  3. No it’s legitimate, I’ll do a write up when the forum isn’t chit
  4. Confirmation it’s in the right spot
  5. Because they’re good…. Nothing cheap is good… nothing good is cheap End thread
  6. Neg, Forbyz are good but push to 2018 models and heavily depends on what you want to do with it. regular towing and eating up kms - Prado Getting dirty and abused - DMAX Everest & GC can EAD !
  7. Neg looked silly on a 4 stack of different OD’s , been there done that old chap, plus SS ties with drawback tabs are fine with SS braid WTF ya banging on about re: Primer ?
  8. Then pop a sexy little hat on it
  9. Ummm dunno lol, can’t be sure right now but you’ll more than likely have one that will fit as it wasn’t that special
  10. Well they don’t come leaky lol but yeh it’s a FG thing
  11. Ha yeh the sensors do leak mate, found out that way back in 2010 on my FG F6 310 wind her out, buzz in a new one for $40 or bang a bolt in it instead as they only send the ECU a signal to bump idle speed by 50rpm when activated so basically not a thing that’s important so ditch it
  12. They know, they've known for a while now as I wasn’t the one who’s worked this out… as I said the guys who tested and R&D’d the changeover set up worked it out and recommended it be pulled but any positive can have a negative attached to it and the gain of new opportunity might be worth the “Potential” negative. Dunno, Don’t care really just know how to navigate a better way of tuning past a factory TMAP than bluffing it
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