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  1. Hi David Appreciate you joining up to let others know how your experience went with me and having you car modified and tuned Looking forward to seeing them new rims on the beast when you finally decide what you want Cheers
  2. JETURBO is already fahtttt lol
  3. Thanks mate haha Dude, I’ve got a half finished Transmission cooler fitted to my car, it’s not even plumbed up yet ... I have zero time lately to do anything of choice as I’ve spent a lot of free time playing with software and so on and keeping customers happy is a priority. I’ve got a few things lined up but in due course mate
  4. Thank you for the review Simon I’m blushing ☺️ I feel very humbled by the situation and hopefully this helps the next bloke who comes along looking for the right place in Adelaide to work on their Turbo falcon !
  5. Simon actually supplied them I just fitted them up, Around $330 iirc I’m sure I could probably get a good deal on them if you want some
  6. Been a busy camper Lately and had old mate Adam @Box stock T. back in after not long ago doing the rear end rebuild of diff bushes and cradle “Birthday” but this time was again for another failure of the Half shaft variety lol Drivers side inner CV chit the tin when Adam was obviously enjoying having a more complete solid rear end and sure enough the weak link passes down the line and sure enough “Boom” time. Out with the old and in with a new set of HD shafts to suit a more energetic clutch leg Next up Had Simon @Porro track me down from an old mate who has recommended Simon give me a call to see if I could help him out with a FG mk2 Turbo ZF ute that he was looking to secure as a new daily driver for the long haul out to the Mid north for his job. Requirements were majorly along the lines of setting the ute up for reliability and having a clean bill of health, That said a full custom tune was going to be required and nothing wrong with a few tasteful mods to lift the torque and power production of the car at the same time. This build was definitely great fun as Simon went with my recommendations but also has a very good idea on “what’s what” as he’s no stranger to the performance scene in Adelaide It was a Great time to use some new Tuning software that I had been playing with on my own car and delivered as expected results too. Big shout out to @rollex for having the JD TUNING ADELAIDE stable annoy him from here on in as I’m enjoying using his product for the Turbo falcon. Anyways on with the Ute.... FG Mk2 Turbo Major Turbo specific service Major cooling system service Diff service Plazmaman Street Airbox Plazmaman ITMD KPM Streetfighter 1000cc Injectors Euro4 Cat de ring JD TUNING ADELAIDE ZF Transmission cooler kit, heat exchanger delete, Major flush, new gaskets, filters. JD TUNING ADELAIDE full Custom Dyno Tune using PCMtech Software Trico Blade wiper upgrade Superior Vision Australia LED Headlight upgrade, Hi - Low - Parker - Fog - Numberplate - Reverse lights Sperling seat covers Knocked out a stout 289.3rwkw @ 12.5 psi and I was extremely happy with the results considering it is largely stock standard in the realm of things
  7. That’s my girl right there haha
  8. It’s not a party until someone pisses in the cutlery drawer .....
  9. How old are you \!/‘s Blind fhukkerzzz weeeeeeeeee Good Eyeballz 4TW
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