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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been house bashing in ceilings but that’s the exact reason my knees and ankles are toast because the back hurts quickly so you end up squatting. I’m more project management these days but yeh it sucks mate, don’t miss it at all
  2. Hummm you’re going to need more than that 50mm Gate, Trust me ! Swop it straight up for a 60mm 50mm Gates on a 6 Boost are terrible on anything bigger than a 82 even with good aftermarket boost controllers.
  3. Hey good result mate ! Torque Derived is the most accurate calculation of wheel torque hence it always being lower that all typical Torque figures 316rwkw @ 16 psi of peak boost for 675NM is pretty much bang on a stage 2 package results I literally just finished a FG mk2 XR6T A6 stage 2 package on the chassis dyno and with 275/20* tyres/wheels I finished up at 305rwkw @ 14.2psi peak boost and 658NM. Obviously the key to performance is always the highest Torque figure for as long as possible ( and as flat as possible too ) with the least amount of boost to do
  4. I’ve used this and other variations of this beforehand yes as the factory replacement plastic piece comes as a full unit assembly with the 3 attached hoses and at a considerable amount more
  5. Twin -8 feed rail is a good step and yes a bigger return fitting into the top of the pot will more than likely need to happen, Go for a FPR2000 mate then you should be mustard
  6. Solid effort getting two 525’s in that pot lol, something to be mindful of is most injectors have an absolute maximum upper pressure capacity of 100psi This is why you’ll see most big banger builds target 40psi base pressure vs out standard 58.5psi If you’re running excessive base 65-70 plus 30psi ontop you’re on the cusp of the injector not opening against head pressure, heating the windings up as the pressure it’s fighting is growing all leading to injectors wearing potentially out of balance and a heavily miss matched set in your built engine delivering what we ass
  7. Thanks Luis, I try to deliver for my customers @Romulus Why would I take the time and effort to clean someone’s manifold then opt to dump a gut load of oil, carbon and cleaner into the engine 🤯 Any manifold job even on Diesel clunkers requires it to come off ✊
  8. Arghhh been a while but just been soooo busy lately Trying to fit everyone in gets hard but as they say the wait is worth it.... apparently lol Anywhoobezzz had a few members in and some new ones and some tuning for other workshops and some general rectification work from when customers get Jack of place “X” and track me down to fix it. This was one of those where he decided to get a package to spice up a work vehicle and afterwards the thing wouldn’t start well, wouldn’t run right until fully warmed up and consuming large amounts of fuel. Despite less than desirable injecto
  9. Sounds like a worn Diff Bush Pen.Is
  10. Where you been hiding stranger ?
  11. I’m probably a bit too OCD and picky with tuning and yes not all cars play the game and not all mods work as well as others but when there is laziness at play or an intention to speed up the process for a number on a sheet it pisses me off. Is there a right and wrong with tuning, short answer is no as you can do whatever you want but the long answer is “Yes” as the target should always be Torque generation over power with an on paper skill attached to not only go well but look right. Then obviously the vehicle must perform, behave and last as we have seen above wasn’t very well deliv
  12. It’s obviously my pretty well informed opinion as you know I’m fairly competent on tuning the turbo falcon platform. It's just some of those easy things to get right makes for a why aren’t they right situation. Things like 15kmh/per second on a sub 280 car means it’s not actually going through the paces of what that vehicle will actually travel at for the power. Spiro is a very competent Turbo falcon tuner in NSW. So is Joe at CMS... Whatever happened did happen and off day’s come up. Very unfortunately at your expense. Joe @ Precision Racing is a great Turbo falcon tuner also a
  13. Look.... There’s many ways to tune a falcon but there is some pretty hard fast rules and fueling target above this yellow line is a bit of a red flag. AFR 12.0 and under ( As low as 11.0 if it must ) is pretty much the golden rule for cylinder events on 98 octane fuel. 12.0 as a maximum is the last happy place cylinder events happen on 98 fuel especially when this is what’s being recorded at the tailpipe. It’s ok to see falling AFR’s with boost generation gaining but in this graph (364.9kw) it’s above 12.0 for 3/4 of the pull. Yes we can sometimes lean it put to gain spool rate but c

    Car Storage

    Quite a few of them in Adelaide are open space which doesn’t guarantee people won’t touch it and the enclosed ones are fairly steep as every start up Drop shipping company and his Dog want them and pay big for them, it’s a tuff one sometimes

    Car Storage

    I managed to help Graeam out for a month or two whilst I completed his last round of mods by keeping his beast safe and sound but I think he might need a bit more of a semi permanent place to store his car whilst he’s in Adelaide. There was a place lined up but it sounds like it fell through and obviously a vehicle like this needs to be stored safely so not every spare carpark will do type thing. Apart from the big companies and storage places it might take someone to see this post and maybe put their hand up 🙋
  16. Nah I’m just like if a round thing can boil water and cook a steak at what point does it stop and do we just get them then. You know, if it aint broke don’t fix it type thing, but oh no being a bunch of coins down will somehow magically make the boiling point of water drop from 100*c to 95*c and get me my Pasta quicker lol
  17. Fun Fact .... it’s doing it right now in Pop’s Thread Will not post, goes to the top of last page , Iphone 11 Pro on Safari
  18. Yeh it has, not only have I mentioned the txt editor box freaking out ol mate above did to you a few months back The main point was the fact this forum always has to run upgrades constantly which completely throw out the typical layouts, up grade ya back end all you want but the front end should be left alone ! Change is whatevas but when it’s for worse not better why bother ? Windows 10 anyone, Nope 👎
  19. Sooo I blame you for the Windows 95 operating system in the latest Austech TouchPro - 79-2500IR Hexane Detector system ??? Haha it’s all Chit, Attach a frickn Ipad and be done with it Seriously old is good, Old is reliable, Old is recognisable, Old instills trust Keep it simple, it’s Always worked on all the big Forums ... This one has always struggled, no idea why
  20. Seriously the AFF forum has had the same layout for like 15 years, zero issues ever
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