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  1. 308rwkw stock gt3576. For me with pretty much same set up .ive got a new set up coming get me up there bit more .Ai performance mate he does the i6's well and many other brands all cope in the heat 🤙 but love dry season lol
  2. Damo at Ai is pretty switched on loves his job and all the cars he tunes.....lol well most of em
  3. So e85 like jet fuel lol highest octane fuel available yeah?
  4. Okay guys im very uneducated in this area can someone explain the e85 ?95 98
  5. Bro e85????? Ive been at sea pretty much for 3 years now not much driving at all can someone give me the run down? .. Bp ultimate is 98 yeh? I was running bp 95 and 98 in my Subaru very rarely lower or allways shell vortex 98 help guys??
  6. Yeh bro I pm'd the jedi master for radelaide Anyone have mods I could include under 10000 lol Watch this thred guys .having a chat with the jedi he has layed it down for me ill let him show our results
  7. I have lads ... Thanks so much hoping ,to show our results from my girl.im not looking for huge gains "I eat your car sh*t" lol .enough to turn ya head and go damn ?
  8. @JETURBO you install aswell as tune ?ill get the parts needed local places recommend would be appreciated
  9. Think I need just the cat itself. At closer look not the cat pipe,want to use the rest of my standard exhaust for now yes? Any suggestions?
  10. Yes he seems to be a jedi master in the "forced" induction from what ive read :-D My plan was. Kpm1000cc injectors High flow cat Intercooler not sure which stage to go on that or brand (looking at pw) but probably 2 (darwin weather lol) Tune flash ecu Read alot about the confused many on the flywheel kw to wheels kw to saw afew posts saying instead of 270 kw fly more like 280 290? Any updates to confirm or disregard on that? With the above mods and a jedi tuner ball park rwkw fwkw?? Any info would be greatly appreciated and if I can get to this car in time pics will get put up :-)
  11. Hey everyone just signed up got my eye on a 2012 mk 2 fg xr6t ,so I went looking for upgrades found you guys ? Been reading alot of convos on here and have gained a wealth of insight and afew laughs to .read the upgrade stage 1,2,3 posts from awhile ago with kpm injectors ,venom cat pipe and the intercoolers eg process west in particular.ive looked and seen different brands stages etc but do you have to move the battery? I live in darwin so its hot n humid mods for "cold" intake wont do much yeah? Also car is in adelaide where I used to live have looked around for mods basically can get there which place is best to go have work done n ecu tune? Im sth city so kpm?
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