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  1. Just for closure, that power figure was made from 26psi boost. We’ve had other issues so a street tune at 20psi will be loaded in the coming weeks and left alone. The power figures made on my tuners dyno are what they are. I don’t care about numbers but how the car drives and I can’t fault it. I’m out with the pissing contest arronm..
  2. I’m waiting for the latest boost and AFR graph but from memory we stuck with 24psi. I’ll upload a pic of the graph when I get it.
  3. Nope. 98 and no hardware changes. Just fitted a catch can and retune to compensate for some lean idle and low throttle position driving because of it.
  4. Latest results. [emoji123]
  5. Hey mate I sent a msg

  6. They used SCT for my car but prefer HPT.
  7. Been a while but I finally got to 400+ Very happy with Atic in Darwin.
  8. Damien form Atic Performance tuned mine. Very happy with the consultation and results. Easy to talk too and understanding as well.
  9. Happy Birthday PHANTMXR6!

  10. Happy Birthday PHANTMXR6!

  11. Happy Birthday PHANTMXR6!

  12. Happy Birthday PHANTMXR6!

  13. Yes there is a screen in the oil supply line to the turbo in the FG engines. Have you not been through this thread? Plenty of reference to the FG screen.
  14. griffo, in the picture of mine 4 posts up, my thumb is on the hose you need to spray your CRC into. You can remove the hose without having to remove the turbo intake pipe, but it's a bit tight.
  15. The switch on the clutch pedal inside the car has a couple of uses. One is for disengagement of cruise control, the other is for use of the Launch Assist system. The click heard on the outside of the car is the reverse lock out solenoid mounted on the gearbox.
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