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  1. cat007

    Are these stretched?

    Ok thanks. I'll stick with 245's then. Thinking of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Anyone know if these are accurate width wise? You'd hope so for their cost! Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks. Got it working. Any suggestions on a vent/louvre for the inner guard to vent the fans hot air when you mount the trans cooler under the drivers headlight, inside the bumper space? Bunnings has a crap selection. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. cat007

    Are these stretched?

    That's what I thought. Inside the rim it says 8x20" though. I wonder if the cheap tyres that are on it are not really 245's as they say they are. Cavallis. Heard of them on a car? Nope. Me neither haha. They were on the car when I got it. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. cat007

    Are these stretched?

    Hi all. I have 8x20" rims and have 245/35 tyres round. I am about to buy some new fronts tires and will probably just get the same size again, but for the rears, I wonder if I can go wider on the current 8" rims? The current set looks slightly streteched at the moment to me. But maybe I don't know what I'm talking about?
  5. This is the settings for the PID Are these wrong? Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  6. Howdy. Tried uwing Torque app adding the trans temp. There were 3. Two of which gave no reading and one gave a minus 40C reading, increasing to minus 35C as it warmed up while the car idled. Weird. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Haven't tried Torque app. Will do tonight! Will the free version work or do I need the full paid version? Do I add a custom PID or is it smart enough to do a scan? Cheers Hunt Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks mate - really appreciate it.
  9. Hi Andrew. Thanks for that. I will monitor temps and try again. My OBDII tool doesn't connect to Forscan and the other random OBDII app I tried to use was telling me the trans temp was 176C.....yeah right. I don't suppose you were able to export the stats from that trip? I wasn't thinking just slots, I was thinking a louvre design to angle the air down, also to prevent the tyre from flicking dirt/debris at the cooler. You're right, hot air over one tyre may not be a good thing. Not sure how else I could vent it though. There isn't any air flow inside that area, especially with the lower undertray on. The inner guard was VERY hot when the fan was on.
  10. Thanks. Helpful. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  11. I've just installed mine with a fan under drivers headlight. There is no air flow though so with the fan on, blowing backwards, the inner guard is COOKING and I imagine the cooling effect is minimal. Thinking of cutting some slots in the inner guard. Thinking of making them like a louver vent so the wheel doesn't flick crap into them. Not sure how to go about this. Any tips? Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk

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