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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know if this Aeroflow 1.15 housing will fit on a Pulsar 3584 Gen 3? Part number: AF8050-1031 https://aeroflowperformance.com/af8050-1031-boosted-xr6-rear-housing-1-15 Or does anyone know the Pulsar part number for the same? Does it even exist? I want to keep the Ford 5 bolt exit flange style to save having to re-do the dump.... I've asked Pulsar AU but yet to hear back... Cheers Hunt
  2. Hi all. I'm looking for a metal power steering pulley for my XR6T FGX. IIRC the FGX uses a different size shaft to the FG? Does anyone know where to source one? Cheers Hunt
  3. Pictures of the car will help locate the previous owners
  4. I had some comms with crown cams, where my lifters (and springs) are from. They said that they haven't had issues like this before and the oil I'm using now and have been using during initial start up and break in, shouldn't be an issue. So might not be lifters. Once I get my cam cover back from the painter shop I'll move the car inside and take a look at the top end while it's running.
  5. Hmmm dam it's so weird aye. I haven't got any videos of mine but will try and get one this next week or so. I've not had my tune done yet but would like to get it sorted, or at least figure out what it is and if it's bad, before the tune. I'll try and get a video with it running without the cam cover on too. I have tried 20W-50 and now running 10W-60 Penrite. No change in noise. Mine will appear shortly after start up from stone cold. Isn't so bad at idle but you can just hear it, then it is very noticeable at about 1000-1800rpm, goes away at from 1800-2000rpm and above. When the engine is really hot, it's less noticeable/not at all. I've got crow cams lifters in - and stock cams. Yeah my engine builder and a few others have said it could just be those CP pistons. It sounds awful though - almost like an old diesel VW Tourag lol
  6. Hey mate. Just wondering how you got on? I've got a similar noise and also running CP pistons. I've tried a few different oil thicknesses to try and eliminate the lifters being the issue. Although if yours is anything like mine, it's more of a rattle than a lifter tick? I've got Empire Elite timing chain/guides and sprocket though - not Atomic like you. Mine also appears to be towards the rear of the engine - possibly between 5 and 6 like yours. I was thinking of taking the cam cover off and running the engine to see if I can hear/see where the noise is actually coming from as when the engine is sealed up, it's almost impossible to actually pin point the location. What oil are you using? Cheers Hunt
  7. Nothing in here? http://fordforums.com.au/wsmpub/fgii/303-14.html
  8. Do you mean the ones on the mats or the ones on the floor carpet?
  9. When you turn the key off while driving, are you turning it all the way off? You have to make sure the steering wheel locks at over 100kmph for maximum impact.
  10. cat007

    Turbo upgrade

    Bend that power steer sensor down. Cut that silicone so the bend is closer to the turbo. Angle it away from engine. Get turbo side battery relocation kit. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Just do what others have proven to work.
  11. What are the tyre sizes front to back?
  12. Shouldn't be any. As above, take belt off and start it up and see if it still makes the sound. Don't run it for long of course.
  13. What sort of noises? Are you sure it's from the lsd center and not the pinion/ring gear or bearings? Putting a trutrack or wavetrack center won't fix if the latter.
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