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  1. Eeeek that does not sound good. Sounds like an old diesel! Does it sound bottom end? Towards front or back of engine?
  2. Yikes - yeah definitely take that back and stop driving it if you can. That's not a direct bearing noise - but seems to be as a result of it being out of balance.
  3. Stock one is a recirc valve and when open will be sucking in through air filter. OP is the turbo smart one you have a recirc or vent to atmo?
  4. Set it so it doesn't leak under boost or vacuum.
  5. When you say 'bumpy', do you mean it's firm/hard almost like the springs are too firm? Or is does it bounce up and down a lot, like the shocks aren't doing their job?
  6. I'm in New Zealand and still get pads from him.... Heard of a telephone?
  7. Talk to Race Brakes in Sydney. I forget the guys name but he's always give top service and advice and price as well. Tell him what you use the car for and he'll sort you out.
  8. That sort of power is about at the end of the stock coolers limit. I bet your intake temps are pretty hot even after one pull with it. Get a bigger cooler. Not Chinese.
  9. Hi all. I'm in NZ - so unfortunately I don't have access to the plethora of transmission builders you guys talk about and use in Aussie. I'm looking to get my head around what is required to use the 6R80 input shaft in my ZF. From what I can tell you can buy 6R80 input shafts and friction/steel kits from the states for 'fairly' cheap. What else is required for these to 'bolt in'? The shaft spline is different so need to get a matching torque converter as well? For example: https://www.beefcakeracing.com/bcr-6r80-stg2up/ What else is required to mate this to my currently stock ZF? If this is even the right route to be taking? Not looking for a $10k build but would like something that can handle 400-500rwkw without breaking input shafts etc.... Cheers! Hunt
  10. Check carpets and see if they're damp. If any are, this may be a clue to which are of the car is letting water in. Check boot as well.
  11. Doubt the weight would have any effect on performance with the weight being towards the center, but a before and after dyno would be cool....
  12. Does anyone have any pictures of them side by side and also next to stock?
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