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  1. Just got the word this morning Allianz are paying for complete new motor and cooling system except they want to flush out heater core but it's full of oil too. It's $900 to replace with a new one cause all the dash has to be removed so I said yeah I'll pay that. Wana keep this car forever. The bill to Allianz is $9,500 Man I am so relieved. It's be over 9 weeks
  2. Thanks everybody for your support and advice. The waiting is killing me They said there is an extended warranty but not sure what it covers. They have to claim through Ford then goes to Allianz. I rang the bloke who I bought it from but he wasn't aware of any extended warranty
  3. No still waiting They've been busy with other sh*t or something. They said it's making a knocking sound from the top of the motor. He's waiting for the chief mechanic to look at it but might have to order a long motor. I wonder if that includes the turbo cause the bearings are probably stuffed too
  4. Omg they dropped the oil out today and it was milkshake fitted new oil cooler and new oil and he said there's a bad knock coming from the engine sounds like its I <3 Bananased he did say it has extended warranty on the Ford computer but I don't know if that covers a blown motor. I <3 Bananasin unbelievable
  5. Update They removed the oil cooler and tested it and it "blew bubbles" so they've ordered another They will fully flush the cooling system too he said. I said you need to dump the oil and check for water too so hopefully they will do that What other checks need to be done?
  6. I'm confused this oil cooler is it engine oil or auto trans oil?
  7. I've only had it a few weeks but I recon it's fully serviced by Ford and it's totally stock standard
  8. I'm with RAA. They towed it to Port Pirie. I'm back home in Whyalla. I'm gunna ring the Ford dealer in Pirie in the morning cause it's only 2 months out of warrantee
  9. Was driving towards Port Pirie....... nek minut temperature goes through the roof. So I turned it off, grabbed a rag and carefully started reremoving the cap and pffffffft I checked the dip stick and there's no oil so I'm guessing head gasket
  10. I've only had her a couple weeks. I've txt the original owner and waiting for his reply He did tell me a week after I got it that it's never been in a prang
  11.   Took my F6 to Herbies and hit her with high pressure hose to get the bugs off and it's taken the paint off 
  12. The first photo is at Toowoomba just after I picked her up from Brisbane. Second photo is the next morning in Cobar. Took me a bit to work out how to post photos
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