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  1. Hi guys im looking at getting some FR-1's I like the staggered look, but cant decide on what 19" or 20" What offset is everyone also running? Photos would be great. Cheers!
  2. Brought the car from a dealer who had no list of modifications from the previous owner, as I have never driven a manual FG Xr6 Turbo its hard to tell how heavy the clutch is from factory so unsure if it is factory or aftermarket.
  3. Hey guys im getting a tune soon. Roughly be around 300-320rwkw. Will the stock clutch handle this fine?
  4. Hey Bud, I have a Xcal 3 unmarried with 5 unlocks, $300 posted if you are still keen



  5. Hey guys I just purchased some 80lbs deka injectors and was wondering if they are a direct fit into the FG? if not what is needed to make them fit? Thanks,
  6. Hey what would people pay for a second hand GT3540R, Havent seen it in person as its in another state but he reckons no shaft play, came of a wreck he brought. also claims he has had it checked out by a mechanic and they said its in great nick. cheers
  7. Well so far they are alright except the boost gauge wont change colour so I have to take it back tomorrow for a new one. I defiantly wouldn't buy them again.
  8. Hey guys has anyone made their own turbo side intake?
  9. Hey guys here is my FG xr6 gauges with boost and oil pressure in a pod above the stereo painted trim colour to tie it all in.
  10. do you remember how much you paid? I got quoted $650(I think was hard to hear the guy) installed for cat+dump
  11. Hey guys, has anyone used the Advance Header's 4"cat and dump?
  12. Has anyone brought a walbro 460 of ebay? Just wondering as it states down the bottom that they are stamped with TI not Walbro? Cheers
  13. so putting somethin like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Billet-Compressor-Wheel-Upgrade-Kit-to-GTX3576R-Garrett-GT3071R-GTX3071R-GT3576R-/111941009018?hash=item1a10343e7a:g:Oc8AAOSwHxVW7Q10 on my stock turbo should see 350rwkw on 16psi?
  14. Hey guys whats the difference between a gtx3576 and the stock turbo?
  15. What about chucking a BA/BF Turbo on?
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