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  1. Happy Birthday azz!

  2. I need a tuner around the Bayswater or FerntreeGully area. There's quite a few to choose from so I was hoping for a few recommendations from you guys that look after your baby's properly. Used Mick in Frangers a couple of years ago but wasn't too impressed. Much appreciative of any suggestions. Ta!
  3. Wow! What a read. Alot of poofs in here. Those with complaints should save up for a Volvo. How about you just give it heaps and watch the road instaed of your A/C controls and fairy lights and bullsh*t. These cars are a bargain. Be greatful and let go of mumies titty
  4. I felt goog today blowing out the cobwebs, hitting 180kph on the mad mile Upwey. Then I felt a bit scared
  5. well done. how did you do without?
  6. oh after reading lots I shall now replace sub and amp
  7. need to replace my 8" sub. how many watts can the stock amp and wiring handle?
  8. easy as. Remove air damn / stone guard from underneath and reach up.
  9. howdy ya'll. Can you guys please tell me how to get to the front indicator globes for replacement? Right hand one has blown and has a giant loom in the way
  10. Happy Birthday azz!

  11. my beloved 05 is now getting long in the tooth and seems to be falling apart around me. Maintenance is more than ever after clocking 170 thou k's. The other day I winded up the drivers window and when it reached the top it made a loud whack sound that frightened the b-jesus out of us. I thought the glass had smashed but not so. It's a intermittent thing that seems to come from the top of the frame/window. Any-one experienced the same or have an idea? Cheers!
  12. Happy Birthday azz!

  13. azz

    Happy Birthday azz!

  14. azz

    Happy Birthday azz!

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