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  1. Just some Repco Genuine units, they’ve done really well in the past and considerable bigger/heavier CV’s and OD shaft size
  2. It’s a bit of a perfect storm situation Now as the converter that’s rated at ~ 2600rpm was only needing To flare at the Torque generated previously it then in turn only generates the allowed boost that the turbo could spool with the back pressure on the system. It’s common knowledge a stall converter will gain stall speed with an increase in torque generation... more initial torque more stall speed ... more flow ... more boost ... more Torque, literally a escalating situation against the Dyno roller. For as much as possible I keep consistent start time @ WOT before starting the run/pull on the Dyno. In this case it was just really a different kettle of fish and it actually really felt like a “Converter” vehicle this time ! Makes them fun The Aggression that this ute now puts down is epic and really worked the Dyno hard on the day !
  3. Had quite a few members chase down some great prices on new Performance parts and of course I’m happy to help all members out wherever I can @Rob70 got the following Full Atomic timing chain kit,Full pump assembly, HD balancer with bolt, lower HD sprocket, Aeroflow 6664 Turbocharger complete with full SS gasket kit and correct Silicone joiners to suit his FG turbo all the way in N.Z ! Had @Porro back in for a new Drive belt & Idler & Tensioner metal upgrade pulleys
  4. Ok I’ll cut this down into a few smaller updates and Keith can merge them as he feels Had Alex from @boakesautomarine look to try out a new housing on his 84rs as you may remember a few pages back he was rolling with a 1.01 6boost Vband, custom Dump into Xforce 3.5* out with the 1.01 and in with the 1.21 and what we were expecting as normal is a gain in lag but shift the power upwards in the power band and hopefully pick up a few numbers... Well what a story this told and as somewhat suspected the 1.01 was a decent bottleneck that only pictures can really emphasise !! Efficiency is key here old specs 1.01 - 27.5 psi tapering to 22.5 513rwkw and peak of around ~1150nm New specs 1.21 23.5 psi nearly flat and 517rwkw with a massive gain to ~1350nm and mountains down low. 84rs can leave the converter on 20+ Psi straight up ! If this ute can hook is has an easy 9 second pass in it with the stalled 6R80 Yes I’m pretty happy how this finished up Blue 1.01 red 1.21
  5. Seriously all of the above wasn’t working Trust me it’s done it quite a few times when I have lots of txt and photos and linked in members it can freak out and just not post even though the editor box it full of the post and goes through the process like it’s going to but then just sits at the top of the page where it will normally take you to the last post And no, threw me out twice at the 10min mark something is going on ..... Maybe I’ll do it from the PC like a 2004 numpty 😴
  6. Had a massive write up done but the forum chit the tin x40 so I’ve given up for now, I’ll re do it all again later keith, phucking lift the 10min edit time to 20 for christ sake bro....
  7. Hi David Appreciate you joining up to let others know how your experience went with me and having you car modified and tuned Looking forward to seeing them new rims on the beast when you finally decide what you want Cheers
  8. JETURBO is already fahtttt lol
  9. Thanks mate haha Dude, I’ve got a half finished Transmission cooler fitted to my car, it’s not even plumbed up yet ... I have zero time lately to do anything of choice as I’ve spent a lot of free time playing with software and so on and keeping customers happy is a priority. I’ve got a few things lined up but in due course mate
  10. Thank you for the review Simon I’m blushing ☺️ I feel very humbled by the situation and hopefully this helps the next bloke who comes along looking for the right place in Adelaide to work on their Turbo falcon !
  11. Simon actually supplied them I just fitted them up, Around $330 iirc I’m sure I could probably get a good deal on them if you want some
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