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  1. Expansion tank issues

    Cap and system was checked by ford no issues... no overheat issues or performance issues...
  2. Expansion tank issues

    having issues with original expansion tank seems to overflow way to often, no problem with performance or temperature had pressure tested and system and cap is fine? Any ideas? thinking of upgrade to alloy tank but wondering why they have double outlets? the bottom pic has 3 overflow returns?
  3. Excessive heat in turbo side intake has deformed intercooler pipe...
  4. Oil Catch Can Tips

    Also what do mean mean by baffled??! So currently have 1 breather to catch can and from there to turbo side intake wondering should I connect both breather and vacuum pvc to catch can and then what do I do about intake connection? Just block it? Or get a T piece adapter so both breathers connect to catch can and catch can still runs to turbo side intake?
  5. Oil Catch Can Tips

    Can has filter on top but I have plugged it so it no longer breaths through filter will removing pcm and vacuum effect idle??
  6. Oil Catch Can Tips

    Can I get some advice on this setup.... have breatherr can connected to turbo side intake then to catch can and on to breather orignal pcm valve is still connected to vacuum system And what happens if I run both breathers to catch can
  7. Bang For Buck Fgt

    Nice thread have you done any more like this? any new mods you would new choose instead? heard hdi 440 intercooler n pipes are decent for price... not sure if any better than stock fgt intercooler
  8. IS it a mk1 or mk2??

    Where would badge be? ive never seen it on any of the fords?
  9. Fg Mk1 Vs Mk2

    How do I know if my 2010 fg xr50 is mk1 or mk2??? Info Please
  10. IS it a mk1 or mk2??

    I have 2010 xr50t is it a mk1 or mk2 how do I know difference??
  11. Best inline oil filter kit??!

    2010 fg xr6t
  12. Can I get some opinions of the best filter kit? currently tossing between earls and aeroflow
  13. Fg Xr6 turboside intake, show me whatcha got
  14. Fg F6 Ute Sq Build

    So what happened with the install?? have a heap of questions for you too?
  15. Fg Turbo size and inlet

    Will that still restrict it? am I best to upgrade housing to 4in for better results??

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