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  1. I will be getting my car back wednesday had a stock cooler now using a monza one see if there are any gains
  2. Thanks guys If anyones selling one second hand let me know these are all great thanks for the help Ps its meh whinne blues brahhh... Drugz r bad mmm kay
  3. Hey guys what is the best way to relocate the battery in a ba-bf Any idea or kits for sale would be awsome
  4. ha... -__- what do u mean stock plugs gapped? do I tell my machanic to do that or is that like something to ask for when im buying them :S u ask any female mate and this ring is amazing! and the f*ck is with the yellow vl?
  5. thursdays the big day, im going to get it tuned this is my first high performance car BF 6 speed it currently has a .xforce cat back .f6 intake .K&N filter .Diff serviced last month + oil change and coolant flush .turbosmart dose pipe with turbo smart BOV now before then I want to get the most for the tune, been told that by dad to leave it alone but yerh anyway my question is machanic said I should change spark plugs, and do the oil feed line mod or something like that plus I have a 4inch cold air box, and a after market cooler, no pipes or battery relocation kit anyidea q1. what spark p
  6. What could I put on the bf from the fg without too much hassel Anything that you can think of Annnnddddf GO!
  7. just was wondering gonna have to buy one of these suckers in the next couple of days?? ive got a 2005 bf turbo, the price difference is 2=$50-500 3=$700-800 why in the most simple and basic way, explain... andddddd GO! o and probally very common question but, lets say I get the Xcal 3, and use one of the standard tunes just for a bit of fun till I can afford the custom tune.... how likely is it to kill something :S
  8. any more places, also after this, but for a bf if that makes any difference?
  9. hey, um kinda scored a massive cooler was on a fully sick vl, it was used twice. im completely retarted and have no idea how u even measure the thing but that's not my consern. problem one. where do I get piping made up for the bad boy to fit problem two. is there anything else that needs to be purchased for this to work? cheerz guys (ps its a bf 2005 turbz)
  10. was tightening this thing, cause I thought it was lose... well its plastic anit it... it broke! im assuming its very important. 2 questions: whats it called, who has one that wants to sell it??
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