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  1. At last a banger gym that's walking distance :)

  2. I <3 Bananas me mri's drain the sh*t out of ya was in the tunnel for 2 hours lol

  3. Is it worth getting a ps4 for cod ghost ?

    1. Ss34tr


      no cod ghost imo is crap, I brought a ps4 and all honesty wait for more games to come out.

  4. Hottie at the Physio massaging my lower back with those oils wonder if she's thinkin wat im thinkin lol

  5. Happy Mother's Day Leonila Berganio Nicholson theres a plane ticket for u to the Philippines from your no.1 son love u mum have a good holiday :)

  6. Bought what I thought was a new novarossi nitro from the hobby shop when I got home striped it down I noticed its been used fkn dogs can't trust no *beep* these days I want a refund pricks!!

    1. bossmang


      How did this go Niko? Rage?

  7. Me wid a few tiny fellers lol

  8. Oh ok so there all pretty much the same I might give him a call cheers for that
  9. this is the ones im most likly getting for my car but for FG sometime next month shipping fees are like over $700 cheaper to import a jet ski lol http://www.driveshaftshop.com/domestic-axles/ford/ford-2003-2006-falcon-1400hp-full-chromoly-level-5-axle-hub-kit-supercharged-v8-and-turbo-6-level-5-rear-axle
  10. Probly not a good idea Cruzin around the vl in this heat lol

  11. Non of me phones are working anyone else having problems wid there phones?

  12. Whats a better plate lol747 or j3tfg?

  13. I got a Precision 8285 turbo and I need a v band clamp and flange to suite is there anyone from Australia that can supply them to me? Cheers
  14. sounds like your doing the same thing as me good luck with it mate
  15. Hahahahahahahahaha im surprised how good these fords / nikospec lol are as my old ss I went through 2 diffs And a gear box within 2 years
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