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  1. Will stretching my front tyres from 245/30 to 225/30 fix my inside tyre wear......going through front tyres every 3 month due to only inside lip wear!!!
  2. Its leaking somewhere near the pump mate coz theas fluid around and on the alternator.......the cars a bf typhoon cheers!!!
  3. Wheres the best and cheapest place to buy high pressure line guys? My ones leaking!!! Bf falcon
  4. Does anyone know what the exact size o ring needed for power steering connection into pump. Do I just replace the o ring or the whole hose? Cheers
  5. Like the look of these wheels does anyone know what they are?
  6. Found this pic today and these rims work on a Typhoon. Alot of mad rims out there but hard to find right ones for ba/bf falcons. Im gonna get some for my typhoon when I know what there called. Anyone know of any other rims that will suit? Any advice would be appreciated cheers.
  7. Hey bud like wheels mate.....hey just wondering if your had any problems with the advanti chasers eg cracks buckled?.
  8. Looking for some 20s for my bf typhoon need asistance!!@
  9. I wouldnt have touch them if I knew they would crack easy......cracked all 4 on my f6. Just running over cats eyes will crack them that's how weak they are!!!
  10. Looking for a good source to get deka 60lb injectors and walbro fuel pump. I have a bf mk11 F6 Typhoon.
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