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  1. Hi guys, I purchased a bf f6 intercooler which didn't come with mounting brackets. Will my standard ba xr6 intercooler brackets fit onto the bf f6 intercooler? I wanted to check before I pull the car apart. Cheers
  2. I think I paid $35 - $40 for the new cable and bonnet release setup from ford
  3. I have a ba and my bonnet release was pretty hard and eventually ate through the cable too. I went to ford and they have completely re-designed the thing. I've since fitted up the new one and greased the latches etc and it is so much better no where near the amount of pressure as before when you pull the bonnet release.
  4. Are there any kits that relocate the battery to the otherside of the engine bay?
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can recommend any good shops that do battery to boot relocations in Melbourne? Cheers
  6. Does the PW kit include a battery or is it just the tray, brackets and cables etc?
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