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  1. Just Got Back from Hols. Thanks For The Info Guys. Wanted 2nd Hand BF Turbo Head suit Reco! Anyone?
  2. You're Old Man Sounds Like A Good Bloke, Love The Old Girl ( XA ) , But You'ld Ave A Better Chance Of Getting Me Mrs Off Me My Ute Would Run Rings Around It . Dunno How Those Guys Drove These Things Around Bathurst Flat Out For 6 or 7 hours Though . Why You Only Chasin 350 rwkw With All That Potential Keedy? I'm Chasin More Like 450 rwkw Work Ute.
  3. Coupe with Big Boot & Coupe With Big rse [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:588] [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:586] [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:589] Love Me 2 Doors
  4. I'm Gonna Give It A Tickle Too, I'm Not Expecting Too Much But We Will See.
  5. Cheers for Quick Reply , So Cyl Head Castings Same Valve & Valve Seats Different, Cams Different , Basically If I Was To Rebuild BA Na Mtr Could Only Use Bottom End & Should Then Chase Up Turbo Head Of BF ? Cheers.
  6. I've Looking To Build Up an Engine For My Ba XR6t Ute ( Stuck In The Low 300 Club ) I've Have Heard Of People Using N/a Ba Bottom Ends For Internal Transplants ( Spool Imports ) With No Problems, My Question Is About The Cyl Heads, Is The Ba N/A Cyl Head Cast The Same As The Turbo Version? Valves? Cams? If Not Is The BF2 Head The One You Want ? Or Is The Turbo Head Out On It's Own ? Any Info Would Be Nice Cheers. So Want 400+
  7. Anything In a 2 Door [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:586]
  8. True I Lunched a 5 Speed In No Time Now Running 6 Speed ( Manual Of Corse ) & am Very Happy, Standard Type Clutch ( Even When New )Only Holds Around 300rwkw I Know Cause I'm There ( Spool Rebuild Coming Up ASAP ) If I Had My Time Again Would Have Bought BF MK2, In Long Run Would Have Been Cheaper ( Stronger Engine / 6 Speed ) Can Handle More Boost = More rwkw Ps Love Tail Happy Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way! :3gears: :3gears:
  9. Hey KeddyXR6T Just Curious How's The Build Coming Along? Was Thinking Of Doing The Same To My Ba.
  10. Has Anyone Had Any Any Experience With The American GlowShift Gauges ?
  11. Hi Guys Just Wondering If Anyone Knows Ho To Get In Contact With OZE Gauges? Have Seen Them On You Tube & The Ling Is Broken, Not On Ebay Or Google Any Ideas?
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