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  1. Yeah fpv tranny think what your saying makes sense no doubt.. If something comes up between now and next weekend I would Definately consider it.. But if not I just run with this deal and enjoy a build..
  2. Yeh all is well appreciate the feedback.. Nobody I know owns these type of cars so was just looking for a couple of opinions.. I think I might aswell run with it and just see how things pan out.. I must agree with the comments about looking for another one that would be more suited if I infancy intended to keep it all as is but that statement is well off the mark.. Kms would also be of concern and a major factor but seeing as though I will change over suspension engine and box there is not really much that will be staying put so to speak.. So cheers for the input! I'm sure I will post up somet
  3. I guess he ain't a fan of purple. Thanks for the replies it was Definately one of my strongest options as senna mentioned sell and buy one.. Only thing I figured was I know both cars history and we are both pretty easy.. They always wanted an 8 and I kinda wanted the 6t. Also keeping in mind I don't have to advertise sell and go looking and purchase.. Mainly I think the convenience factor may be what has me contemplating..
  4. Hey fellas, yeh straight swap.. I heard the 5 speeders are not the greatest.. I like auto tbh.. I kinda was thinking about building an engine and some kind of 3 spd maybe a 4 spd auto for it in the future.. I have a ttg as my main driver so this one will be for play.. Which I will probably gut pretty early on..
  5. Hey Guys, First time poster here and interested to hear others thoughts on my idea to swap my much loved 2004 xr8 auto for a 2002 xr6t manual (5spd) with a family member. Mine has 180k on it citric acid in colour. Has leather interior and is in really good nick. Well better then many others I've seen.. My family member has the xr6t with 250k on it phantom purple and cloth seats mated with the 5 speed manual.. Both cars are stock and we have both owned since close to new.. Both cars have mags fitted and mine has had ssl springs fitted but the shocks were not changed.. Basically I know I'm aski
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