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  1. Happy Birthday ROLMDL!

  2. Happy Birthday ROLMDL!

  3. Happy Birthday ROLMDL!

  4. Happy Birthday ROLMDL!

  5. Happy Birthday ROLMDL!

  6. cheers man, yeah been trying to find a set of BF lights to finish it off nice.
  7. hey mate, yeah that was my car sitting there for months!! finally got it back and now its back there again :( and nah the final tune still has to be done...
  8. just keep an eye out for xt boots or get a few quotes from panel beaters to patch the holes up.
  9. spotted F6JET today in dandy. looked hot man.
  10. looks the goods mate I don't mind them rims. starting become a little common though but mainly on holdens.
  11. Cheers guys for the comments think its time to take those side badges off haha!
  12. pretty sure I spotted INFLYT old car driving down cheltenham road this afternoon. looks good with the black rims on now mate
  13. IMO the BF tail lights look better than the clear lights. each to there own though
  14. I had my 4 speed auto rebuilt but Preston automatic with there stage 3 kit. I cant remember all the things that were changed but stronger bands and clutches were install.it feels a lot stronger and shift like a dream but that also because of the tune was told it should be able to handle up to 380rwkw.you should be able to do a quick search on here on people that had there BTR rebuilt.
  15. you wont get that sound with a 4" pipe first off. only way you will get that sound is with a 3" pipe of the turbo.
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