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  1. Went haltech elite different tuner never looked back 9:23@150 with dyno-mite performance
  2. Happy Birthday relentless xr6!

  3. Happy Birthday relentless xr6!

  4. Just doing a update red nose I have gone 9:946@136mph
  5. Thanks guys also like to add I got runner up in modified compact at jamboree. This is only the beginning there will be more records and race wins to come!!!
  6. hey rednose can you plz add my new pb in 9.983@136mph australias fastest un opened ba xr6t ute in australia team cms (little rods for life credit to joes tuning this was the 20th pass on this motor still hanging strong)
  7. Happy Birthday relentless xr6!

  8. 10:31 @133 mph in 40 degree weather on skinny rods team cms
  9. Hey guys well tonight I tested my new stage 3 process west cooler in 40 degree heat my ute ran a awesome 10:31@133 mph and backed it up with a 10:36@ 132 Consistant car now I'm rapped cms wow joe the tune is amazing with a stock bottom end wow!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thank you ohh yeah try having full race gear and gloves on should be a good night come and say hello next time
  11. Yeah I'll be out there 100% can't wait to see what my beast runs hot weather cold weather who gives a sh*t along as its Consistant that's all I want
  12. Just a update my ute made 370 rwkw and 1300 nm of torque and it's frying the tyres on the roller the intake temps raise 3 degrees during the run. Sorry Milan your dyno tyres are thrashed
  13. Just entered for Friday The 9 second pass is for cms I just want consistency
  14. Hopefully Friday with the new process west stage 3 cooler we can get our 9. Btw my ute only has 350rwkw @15 psi
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