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  1. Fascinating update as always, @JETURBO.
  2. So I let an unassuming white Ford turn in front of me into Rockdale Maccas yesterday. I quickly recognised the rego from this thread, and realised it was fun001. So stealthy, yet could blow away pretty much anything on the street.
  3. Keep the updates coming. Fascinating reading, as always.
  4. What is the ball park going rate nowadays for tuning in our community?
  5. That looks like an amazingly well thought out street combination.
  6. After initially lurking in this thread, I have found myself sitting here for hours fascinated. Well done on your success and effort JETURBO. You are filling a void in South Australia, that many states across the country need. It seems that with the popularity of the Barra powered cars, many tune workshops have become complacent in their tuning and work ethic, thinking "we can get away with this, there's plenty out there to keep the ball rolling", some offering a good tune, but not a great tune, because they can (for now). There are many owners/modifiers of these cars that will pay whatever the tuner asks, providing they get attention to detail in the tune and workmanship that is delivered, and personalised service, all of which it seems you offer and then some. Once again, well done.
  7. Incredible effort on SLY310. Well done. That car has surpassed the top FG Turbo results of most of the workshops in the country! Apologies if I have missed it, but I believe that you are offering your tuning services to the general public?
  8. Well done, and the video footage is appreciated. The FG XR6/G6E Turbo range in standard form seems to be showing elapsed times at the drag strip anywhere from 12.509 (the quickest that I am aware of personally), up to the 13.50 range. Your car in the 12.80 range is at the pointy end of the standard car spectrum, however it seems that the "slower" cars tend to pick up the slack when tuning takes place.
  9. Great post, and top job on getting the most out of the car. It just goes to show that people shouldn't be scared off by an FG with a few kilometres under it's belt, when looking to buy.
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