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  1. Definitely not your own..... Are you romantically involved (or trying to be) with this one and its not working out? 3 years is a hell of an effort and it sounds like you've given it all you've got. May well be time to walk away, or at least withdraw your attention, if you can bring yourself to do that. They may well realise what they are losing and it could be the kick in the pants they need to change their behaviour. The letter my not be such a bad idea. If she has it in writing she can come back to it a re-read it multiple times, rather than just hearing it once and forgetting it.
  2. Bumping this up. I'm looking at the price of the diff centres and the wavetrac is about $800 more. Some people not rating the trutrac very highly. Is the wavetrac a more predictable LSD? Any information greatly appreciated.
  3. Fantastic work there Jet! Don't know anyone that goes to that level for their customers.
  4. South. Always the way I guess. Don't mind a small hike out North though.
  5. Could be tempted for a day cruise. I have no mrs or kids but I do want to get my car out more often.
  6. So has anybody got a Wavetrac? Better than Trutrac? Worth the extra coin?
  7. Got me a twin bush diff hat. Gonna be a couple years until I can afford to fit it but happy to have it.
  8. Didn't you already post this question on Ford Forums? You basically answered your own questions so I don't really understand the post.
  9. Sounds like you answered your own question here.
  10. I finally got to take her for a spin this afternoon and the kick down issues it was having seem to be gone and she's shifting smoothly again, regardless of the cooler location. Very impressed with the customer service from Aaron. Actually wanted feedback, good or bad. Could easily just take the money but really wants to get things done right.
  11. Great work Jet! It's not my car but I am looking forward to driving it and feeling the before and after difference. Won't be long and I'll have you tinkering with my FG.
  12. Nice work Aaron! I've been wanting to know what the score was with the DBA pads once Matt showed them off. If your prepared to put them ahead of the PMUs then they must be fantastic because I know how much you rate the moos.
  13. Just to throw another spanner in the works....have you had anything to do with the XYZ coilovers? Where would they fit in the hierarchy?
  14. How do the KYB shocks compare to the Bilsteins? (For comfort, ride, quality and price) Thought Bilsteins were the shocker absorber of choice for these vehicles?
  15. Beautiful. Nice pick up.

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