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  1. I may be able to help out if you like. Shoot me a PM and we can go from there
  2. King SSL springs and KYB shock absorbers to suit FG sedan. All brand new and still sealed in the boxes. Have decided to go in a different direction. Just looking to get my money back. $800 Located in Adelaide.
  3. What is the name of those wheels on the F6E?
  4. Some info about Aeroflow turbos in here: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/84077-jets-tuning-oh-no/?tab=comments#comment-1364990 Your going to have to look for it but JET thinks they are pretty good.
  5. You don't reckon? The FG-X pictured does need to be lowered which would make a huge difference.
  6. Hi all, would anybody be able advise if these wheels would fit an FG with 6/4 Brembos? Brixton CM10 19 x 8.5 37 (Front) 19 x 9.5 38 (Rear) https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-barker/wheels-tyres-rims/19-inch-brixton-cm10-ultrasport-replicas/1274947174 My car is unregistered so its not so easy to just go and test fit unforunately.
  7. Could be a privacy thing? Someone may pass the information about the modifications onto the police which may result in defects. Or worse, could make someones car a target for theft. All car forums are littered with both examples so don't think that it doesn't happen.
  8. FormulaFG

    Dba t3 5000

    Can you educate me on this setup please? How to, how much etc... Id love to have better choice of wheels. The only downside of Brembos.
  9. Geez that's really unfortunate mate. Have you considered a wavetrac?
  10. As long as you stick to 245/40R18 tyres to keep the rolling circumference the same so it doesn't put your speedo out you'll be fine.
  11. Oh yes we do! Don't ever stop JET or we will all be screwed! Who are we gonna use then? 😂
  12. It's a valid question, if Aeroflow aren't making them then who is? Do Aeroflow have something to match a GTX76 Gen2? @JETURBO
  13. You might want to consider looking at Borg Warner turbos. They may have something you're looking for and are better quality than Precision. Pricey though from what I've heard.
  14. Keeping an eye on this one. I'm considering couple of turbo upgrade options and having another option certainly doesn't hurt. According to someone on Forced Ford Forums on Facebook he says: "Have tuned a few fgs with them. They're laggier than a garrett gt3582 or gtx3582, don't make as much power for the same boost, don't take as much timing before reaching knock threshold." Facebook mechanic so take it as you will.....
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