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  1. I've no doubt about his tuning skills, I've spoken to Danny many times in the past. He knows how to tune the engines and BTR's. Not sure where he is these days. Planetary gears can be cryod, I had a built BTR in my SY for a short while. Shifted perfectly and the same combo was fitted behind quite a few 500+rwkw cars.
  2. @JETURBOWould you be happy letting this ute go out with 500rwkw on the stock BTR? Asking from a engine/trans longevity perspective.
  3. Dafuq you banging on about bro? I didn't say they couldn't, I said the BTR had reliability problems over 260-280rwkw. That said, I had a couple of tunes we did back in '05 and '06 on BA's running 20psi boost making 380rwkw on the stock BA engine with valve spring upgrade and supporting intake/exhaust mods through a BTR. This at a time when a certain company in Melbourne was saying that the BA's could only make 300-330rwkw and after that you'd need to buy one of their $50,000 combo's. The BTR's can handle power when they're upgraded, but not as much as the ZF.
  4. Problem is the A4 is also going to hold it back once those items are done. You might be able to get a bit more out of the trans with PCMTec, maybe. They don't like more than 260-280rwkw in stock guise.
  5. What's holding it back, valve springs and exhaust?
  6. The most common issues are diff bushes, front and rear. Rarely is the '3rd' diff bush in the front replaced, on the drivers side. Also, the radius arm bushes cause problems, these should be replaced as well. Check out the upper control arm bushes and inner lower control arm bushes, if these are worn you'll get a pulsating while braking, typical of cars fitted with the larger brakes and Brembos. Rear problematic on FG Falcons. Then there's the usual centre bearing, the rubber joint between the trans and driveshaft and uni joints. It could be a combination of all these items, a couple or one. You'll need to troubleshoot, throwing parts at it will usually lead to a fix.
  7. Interesting, most of the aftermarket exhaust manifolds are for high mount setups. Not that it can't work, I'm sure it'll work out good. Do you know, given the Territory runs the M86 diff stock, are the rear axles larger than the sedan axles? I've not researched, just wondering if you know.
  8. End up settling for Kumho PS71 in 245/45/19 and 275/40/19 size F & R. Both the same rolling diameter.
  9. Finally got the car back to Rob's after changing the mid section of the exhaust and connecting the RPM pickup for the Eboost controller. Power went up from 356rwkw previously to it's current output of 403rwkw. Both changes were necessary, too much back pressure in the exhaust and boost not holding before. Nice flames on trailing throttle, quite the sight at night when rolling on and off the throttle under boost in 3rd and 4th gear. Next mod will be the fuel system, an external surge tank with twin pump setup to run E85. Couldn't get the 275/45/19's to fit on the front, too much positive ET so I'll run a staggered setup with 255/50/19's at the front an 275/45/19's at the rear. Only 1% difference in height so that should keep the ABS module from having a fit.
  10. I don't like the twin bush setup, it caused a heap of NVH issues in my G6ET. I'll give the strengthening of the bush housing a go first. I'd say the most problems are caused from the loading and unloading of the driveline, like axle tramp or in manuals.
  11. What becomes the next weakest point from there? The diff bolt or the diff hat?
  12. Having thought about the AWD conversion I'm going to put it on hold. While its likely to be a great conversion the cost is a bit prohibitive, taking into account the amount of fabrication required to the sump, oil pickup, transmission R & R plus other associated costs. Maybe reconsider this at a later stage. Meanwhile I've ordered bush overhaul kit for the front and rear suspension for a freshen up. Also, since I've had the vehicle the diff has a whine (much like our Premier, Mark McGowan) which has become more noticeable since the diff bushes and control arms have been upgraded to Nolathane & Superpro parts. I've ordered a 3.07 ratio for the M86 diff, somewhere between the 2.73 in the sedan and the 3.23 it currently runs. 3.23 is renowned for diff whine. The 3.07 will give it a little more legs in gear. New wheels are on the way, got Simmons 19X9 FRC NCT's. Will try 275/45/19's which should fit. Did an oil change yesterday as I noticed the oil I used last time was as black as bitumen after only 4000kms. Used Valvoline 15W-40 engine armour. Never again, totally junk oil. Switched back to Penrite 15W-40 semi synthetic. No point running fully synthetic IMO as I'll be changing the oil every 5,000kms. At some time I'll get the timing chain and tensioner plus guides replaced with the Atomic gear. While the engine was rebuilt with new genuine chain, tensioner and guide I think it's peace of mind to replace it after nearly 20k of engine service. The chain does rattle sometime during startup, good enough sign to do the upgrade.
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