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  1. No as the wavetrac has a similar design. Don't want to take the risk as it's a $600 job to R & R the rear end plus the work on the diff.
  2. Done my dash with this piece of garbage. It appears Eaton don't want to know about it so I'm about to make it Motospec's problem as they're the supplier. I'll be demanding a full refund as the unit is not fit for purpose under consumer law. I'm happy to lawyer up if necessary and make them pay for my costs. Looks like I'll be fitting a stock Dana LSD as the KAAZ isn't exactly trouble and maintenance free motoring. The KAAZ requires specific run-in procedure and very regular oil changes using their specific oil. Their LSD is probably reserved for motorsport and competition use only.
  3. ET36. Can't find the photos of the brackets unfortunately.
  4. Bump. Following up on this thread. Seems the backlash or driveline clunking is being reported more now. Quite a few workshops are flagging this as a problem. Getting mine looked at next week. Excessive movement, 10-15mm side to side movement in the inner axle and up to 4mm up and down movement. This is likely causing the vibration as speed as well.
  5. Great result. Question though, why replace the 6R80 with a T400?
  6. I had the right shaft replaced as the outer boot was leaking but the new shaft slops around in the diff like a wooden spoon in a bowl of porridge. I'll source a set of low k used territory shafts and fit them. I read to use a straight 140w mineral oil. Any oil used should be a mineral based on and rated at least 80-90w/140 with no friction modifiers. At some point the truetrac will have to come out and get binned (or sell on fleabay) and replaced with a new unit. But that's a $2.5k job that can wait for a later date. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Anyone with a truetrac fitted to their M86 diff experiencing excessive backlash? I've measured approximately 10 deg of backlash in the driveshafts left to right on both sides. Its not the CW&P back lash, that's been measured and in spec. Another observation is the driveshafts move up and down around 2-3mm when installed. I'm wondering if the truetrac is shagged. Hit and miss with these units, they're great for dealing with power but NVH is questionable IMO.
  8. Is it a manifold off job to clean it or just let the throttle body cleaner evaporate and/or just start the engine and ingest a gut full of oil and sh*t?
  9. Thanks. Will watch with interest. I know AI were at one stage looking at doing a pot for the Territory, don't know if that ever eventuated but at $1100 odd without pumps that's a bit expensive. Mind you, a PW or PM external surge with twin Pierburg pumps and wiring plus pressure reg is close to $3k fitted.
  10. Where/how will you mount this and what wiring upgrade will you do?
  11. Don't have that problem with mine, I'm lucky, I can get the FG sedan surge kit to fit to the Territory.
  12. Yep. I supplied the shop a centre only so I'm probably liable for the R & R portion. Will speak to the diff shop early next year and see what they'll agree to pay for. Moreover, I'm hoping the new CW&P isn't rooted as it was a brand new unit. Don't want it whining in 20-40k time, that will f@#$%n piss me off.
  13. Notice a bit of driveline shunt over the last week or so. Got the car on the hoist and there's 15mm of freeplay in the pinion. Looks like the diff is coming out beginning of the new year for some warranty work. May as well change the centre bearing and uni at the same time as part of preventative maintenance.
  14. What is the primary advantage of the CF over the steel driveshaft if a steel driveshaft is 50% cheaper? Has the single piece driveshaft induced any additional NVH?
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