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  1. Are you suggesting the water methanol kit has the effect of boosting the octane of say PULP to 107 Ron?
  2. Thanks mate. I'll go back and have a look. I need to upgrade the fuel system in mine as one pump isn't enough for E85 usage as you well know. I won't be aiming for the same power level as you're but want to max out the turbo at ~ 24psi so need more fuel to keep up. Cheers.
  3. Not really, I't wouldn't be that much time lost anyway. If the time lost is of such concern simply make more power.
  4. Without the torque reduction and torque management controls in place the trans wouldn't last 10 WOT shifts no matter what hardware. The torque reduction happens in 200-300ms from memory, hardly enough to slow the car down over the 1/4 by any significant means.
  5. Those gearshifts on the dyno are perfect. Sounds just like my stage 4 MT trans. I've spoken to Rob extensively about the programming, he's been kind enough to share quite a bit of knowledge about the programming of the trans. He's told of some of the horror stories of his trans going out and being butchered because the trans tune has been fcuked with, some tuners really have no idea what they're doing. Taking a nap between gearshifts is key to longevity.
  6. Depends on each transmission and how badly it was rooted when it came in for rebuild. The run-in period in mine was less than 500kms of non-highway driving, shifting manually. I spoke to Rob a few days ago and he mentioned some transmissions take forever to relearn, others do it within a couple hundred kms. @PuffwagonThe stock 6R80 gearset is known to break the carrier/cage. They're not as strong as the ZF unit.
  7. A few grand worth of parts? Cryod/hardnered gear set is $2k, add another $2k for frictions, seals, bearings etc. And that's without the 6R80 pump and converter modifications. My dealings with that mob in Dandenong have been less than satisfactory, luckily I got my money back.
  8. Needs more fuel delivery to take advantage of E85. Boost is capped @ 19psi, made around 455rwkw. Tried running more boost but ran out of fuel at 490rwkw. I need to replace the rear muffler as its choking the engine. A single 3.5" into twin 2.25" was a great idea in theory but it can't cater for the gas flow.
  9. 2 months later....bit the bullet and it's now running on E85. I should have done this from the get-go, the engine feels soooo much better. Boost is limited to around 17-18psi as to not max out the Walbro 460 in tank pump. Such fun rolling along in 3rd and blowing the tyres off at 80+km/h. No cold start issues either Car goes in next week for some maintenance and I'll get Rob to check my road tuning on the dyno. I've also had the Superpro bushes for the control blades and front upper control arms removed and fitted genuine rubber bushes when the revalved suspension came back. It's so much nicer to drive, much more complaint and no annoying suspension squeaks. It was Shockworks recommendation to revert back to the factory bushes as these work best to eliminate NVH. They'll probably need replacing every 30-40k but so be it.
  10. @MrpunkAwesome customer service from @JETURBO, surely worthy of giving him a handjob at a minimum........
  11. The problem with both designs is the inner axle splines are not supported like the stock centre or stock LSD does. You could literally move the inner axle 4-5mm up and down with the truetrac, it felt like a spoon in porridge and this translated to a lot of rumbling and vibration in the driveline between 80-120km/h, most typical cruising speed. The wholesaler is aware of a lot of complaints with the truetrac and driveline backlash and vibration, the problem is Eaton doesn't seem to give a sh*t at the moment. Given the car won't see more than 400-420rwkw on U98 and 500rwkw on E85 (if I ever get around to upgrading the fuel system) the LSD will do the job.
  12. Short update. Had the rattly and clunky Truetrac removed and replaced with a genuine Dana LSD. Car drives heaps nicer. Following up with Motospec to get my money back as the heap of metal is not fit for purpose. We'll see how this progresses over the next short while. Sent the suspension back to Shorkworks for new lower mounts and to revalve the dampers for a softer, more supple ride. Great thing about the Shockwork product is the ability for Brett and the team to revalve the dampers to whatever ride type you want. Machined the rotors all round and fitted new Project Mu pads. IMO the stock Textar Brembo pads didn't like the run in with the Bendix rotors. Been chasing brake shudder since the brake kit upgrade. Fcuked the Brembo pads off and replaced with the PMU's and all shudder is gone. Next time I won't bother with slotted or dimpled rotors, too noisy when braking from moderate to high speed. I prefer a more silent mode of operation when wiping speed off at 200+km/h...... Dump pipe and cat have reached the end of their service life, the dump has developed a crack and the cat internals are coming apart. Booked in with Monsta Torque for new X-Force Dump/Cat fitment. Other than that no other issues to note.
  13. No as the wavetrac has a similar design. Don't want to take the risk as it's a $600 job to R & R the rear end plus the work on the diff.
  14. Done my dash with this piece of garbage. It appears Eaton don't want to know about it so I'm about to make it Motospec's problem as they're the supplier. I'll be demanding a full refund as the unit is not fit for purpose under consumer law. I'm happy to lawyer up if necessary and make them pay for my costs. Looks like I'll be fitting a stock Dana LSD as the KAAZ isn't exactly trouble and maintenance free motoring. The KAAZ requires specific run-in procedure and very regular oil changes using their specific oil. Their LSD is probably reserved for motorsport and competition use only.
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