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  1. Hey thanks fellas. Unbelievable night to be honest. Track ended up pretty slippery by the eliminations and most guys were having traction issues in the cold temps plus my car felt like it was making more power than it ever has. For example the 275/40/17 Hoosiers I'm running at 18psi have never even spun in second under WOT at a dozen or so roll racing events until Saturday night (they're not worn out either). About midway through the practice rounds they'd no longer hold second then for a few runs prior to the elims I had to start pedalling it through third as well. In the final I had to get off it once through second and twice through third. That VL still would have spanked me (he knocked me out of the elims two events back) but even without wheelspin I reckon I'd have still been done by 4 car lengths at least. He's the same power as me but on track weight is 540kg lighter as I had my brother with me. I actually weighed it last event with no spare, jack etc but a full tank of E85 and it went 1819kg. My brother and I aren't little dudes. What I noticed as the night went on was that when a lot of the larger power, bigger turbo cars lost traction and got off the gas they'd then have to build boost to get going again. My smaller turbo was straight back on if I had to pedal it and was quicker off the mark on the green light as well. Keep in mind though that a lot of the heavy hitters weren't there and a few really quick cars had mechanical issues and either pulled out during the night or weren't at full steam (like PSI JNKI). Big thanks once again to Aaron and I also owe a lot to Typhoon as well as he was the one that put me onto Aaron after I'd been stuffed around by other tuners and had no end of issues. Car has been running sweet for a while now after Aaron ironed a lot of the bugs out of it and it does get driven regularly. I've put 20,000km on it in the last 18 months and I'll regularly do 500km rounds trips to Adelaide in it (I'm in country SA). It was a great night though and good to see 2 Barras in full weight falcons in the final 4 cars. I've got another motor getting built to handle 1500HP at the crank and I was planning on really winding this thing up when the new motor gets fitted but in all honesty I don't think I will after Saturday night 😂
  2. First car I saw first hand with paddle shifters was the old 2004 VZ SV6 Commodore. They seem to be standard fare on most cars now regardless of power output.
  3. I'd happily be called a wanker driving past in a paddle shifted McLaren or Porsche GT2 RS. Would be worthwhile 😂
  4. I think it's clear that a few guys here haven't actually seen the paperwork and warranty agreements that come with these built ZF transmissions. I'm unsure about Precision Racing but both DSR and Monsta Torque state that any WOT driving needs to be manually shifted - no compromises. If you boot it and it kicks down and you break something that's on you. You don't get the option of playing with the trans tune as the warranty states that only the company's trans tune can be used and if it's played with the warranty is void. I'm not sure how deep some of your pockets are but I'm certainly not keen on busting something in a $15k trans. I'm a competent driver but having two hands on the wheel versus one is always a better option. Despite the fact that this PVS kit currently isn't working 😂 these paddle shift kits are a good idea for a number of reasons. Oh and my car was set up for handling and braking well before I turned the wick up. That's always been a priority in my book and is often overlooked by a lot of people. Keep in mind too that in my case it's a street car first and raced second so there's more than just straight lines involved. I didn't fit paddles for straight lines that's for sure.
  5. I had been flogging the sh*t out of mine with around 530rwkw for ages including two roll races etc with zero problems. What killed it was simply too much weight in the back seat with a couple of extra unplanned fat arsed passengers 🤣 Instead of getting a bit of wheelspin on the 2/3 upshift to take load off the trans there was no wheelspin at all. Went off like a gunshot and I knew what had happened immediately.
  6. Unfortunately the flappy paddles despite Aaron's best efforts aren't functional currently after PVS admitted they've never trialled the kit on an FG Mk2 (or FGX). There have been a number of complaints about the kit currently as they clearly rushed them to market without properly testing across all the platforms they were advertised to fit. Therefore I've got a set of high quality paddles fitted that currently don't work. We're waiting to hear back from PVS on a solution. On another note I'll give a big thanks once again to Aaron for all of his help despite some of my requests leading him to eating crayons and licking windows. "Easy" jobs haven't turned out to be easy at all lately 🤣
  7. That sounds like blatant bribery to me!!! 😂
  8. I bet there's a customer constantly taking up your time somewhere. The bastard...
  9. I was hoping to relax after work on a Friday but alas, your trans video changed all that 😂
  10. This Monsta Torque trans update is now closer to home than previously thought Aaron 😂
  11. Odometer readings versus fuel added to tank would suggest 10-11L/100km is around the mark in my car.
  12. Yep you can pretty much see the fuel gauge dropping when you floor it. Off boost it's basically a stock Barra. The joys of turbochargers 👍 If you don't jump out of your car with a top hat, pocket watch, and wearing a tuxedo I'll be very disappointed 😂
  13. I'm looking forward to meeting you next weekend mate. Be good to see the limo doing a few runs 👍 I honestly can't believe the fuel economy as we discussed the other night.
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