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Found 23 results

  1. Hi everyone, I currently own a G6eTurbo 2010 model with approximately 100,000 kms. I have done nothing to the car besides a rear muffler delete, besides this it is stock as a rock. The other week I was driving on an expressway travelling at about 100 kmh and then accelerated, not an overly hard acceleration but was overtaking someone so a reasonable push. As I put the power in the car lost power and flashed “Transmission fault” on the display. It put me into limp mode (3rd gear). I pulled over turned the car off and turned it back on and it appeared fine let me drive normally. I took the car into a mechanic and explained my problem but they said they couldn’t find any codes and they test drove the car which appeared fine to them. Since this I have tested the issue myself and found once the car hits operating temperature if I apply any hard acceleration after about 100 kmh the car immediately faults, limp mode, turn it off back on and it runs fine. I borrowed a reader and found the following code myself: DTC - P0735 - Transmission gear #5 incorrect ratio. DTC status: Continuous memory DTC. Has anyone had this issue or know what is going on with my car! I don’t want to keep mechanic shopping and being charged silly amounts to be told its fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. So its a friday, and I cbf doing work. Instead for some unknown reason I decided to research automatic gearbox options for (extremely) future build ideas. Common upgrades for the xr6 rigs is a built zf6, th400, and a powerglide. I checked out ZF's site to get some info on the zf6 when I stumbled on their zf8 transmission. This statement is what peaked my interest: "Although the 8HP features 2 more speeds than the extremely successful 6HP, the dimensions have remained unchanged and the weight was even reduced by 3% to 87 kg (transmission modular system 8HP70) including oil." From this I found a single thread from back in the day about this transmission but nothing useful was in it. Got me thinking, if the dimensions are the same as a zf6.... Surely a zf8 conversion wouldn't be all that difficult? Sure the PCM isn't built for it, but there are ways around this. Solutions have been made for other transmissions so I don't see this being an issue. Imagine an FG with an 8 speed box. I wonder if the box would handle more torque being a newer design? Sounds like a very interesting conversion if it was to ever happen. Imagine a built 8 speed.... There is a market for them in other cars already that use this transmission. https://vendettaracing.com/products/bmw-m240i-m340i-stage-2-zf8-built-trans-1200hp?variant=37581670252734 The hellcat uses an 8hp90 transmission from factory for example. https://www.empnewyork.com/products/emp-zf-8hp90-transmission-hellcat Anyway, thought it would be a good topic to discuss instead of working
  3. hey guys, I own a 06 turbo bf mk1 sedan, and have recently noticed some strange noises. when the car is warming up, a rattling can be heard and its audible when sitting inside the car, however a tick happens in the engine bay and said noise pretty much disappears. I also discovered now a rattling noise when chucking my transmission into reverse. any suggestions what these could be? cheers
  4. Hi all, Recently got a repalcement 6 speed for my G6e as the old one nuked itself from the forbidden milkshake, I have an air cooler installed so the issue wont happen in the future. I've noticed recently with about 20,000ks after install mainly in 2nd and 3rd gear when the foot is to the floor around 3000 in 2nd it will almost stop/shudder for half a second and jump up about 250 revs and continue onwards after, almost like its traction control cutting in and killing power. It seems alot more prominent over the rev range in 3rd gear and usually has about 2-3 of these skips, it doesnt really feel like it happens in 1st. When the air cooler was installed I did notice one tiny drip of trans fluid on the bottom of the case on the day but havent seen anything since, could this be a fluid issue? I bought this car for the claimed reliability and comfort and so far the transmission has been letting me down. Im also wondering if it could be because of the air cooler cooling the trans more than expected and it slipping itself to try and heat up or if its just the fluid being too cold. I havent changed spark plugs in a while but I doubt it could be a misfire, happy to provide a video of the issue later today, might be taking it to where I got the trans replaced in a few weeks and see what they can provide.
  5. Guys I started a new post cause I dont remember how to use. It's been a while. FG XR6 TURBO with 6sp auto. Does the red P actually ever go out?. I left n locked vehicle at look lunch time and P on trans shifter was still red altho lit up bright when I tried to open locked door. Is this normal?
  6. I noticed over the last few weeks the coolant level dropping ever so slightly but haven't thought much of it. Turns out I've got a leak from around the middle of the thermostat housing that supplies the transmission. I believe these where standard fit to automatic FPV's (B) and taken off in the FG series all together. I've read that these have also been discontinued from ford which I'll look in to more tomorrow. Any suggestions as to a fix? Few options are; find a spare take it out and route it normally (like all the other zf boxes in the range) try and find a for like replacement (which I think may be difficult) god forbid, chemiweld (no I'm not going down this road)
  7. I’ve seen quite a few threads on swapping a FG into a BA bolting up to the Btr auto. But what would be involved putting a ZF along with the FG in a BA? would it require an FG ecu, pcm, driveline? Cheers
  8. So I just got an external transmission cooler fitted to my FG. All went well I guess but I've now noticed its not revving to 6000rpm anymore in "Performance mode" It's revving to 5500 max now unless I manually shift. Not a huge deal but I'm wondering if anyone's experienced this issue too? *Yes the car was well warmed up*
  9. Gday. I have a BF mk2, zf 6 speed. Just had it tuned, and it started flaring only at high rpm at wot. Not crazy power, only 275kw. After driving a couple hundred k's, tge transmission is now flaring wildly (will just shoot to redline until I back off and allows the next gear to engage) on all gearchanges above about 2500rpm. Checked oil, level is fine and has not mixed with coolant in the heat exchanger. Ive already got a replacement box from the same year model xr6 turbo to use, but thinking it might be an idea to figure out what failed and rebuild it just in case the new box has any dreams. Does anyone know what component of the zf would cause these symptoms? And where to buy replacement zf components? Cheers, Lionel.
  10. So ill start off with our car "XR6 Turbo" BF with an FG setup and over 440 rwkws was written off in an accident I had, now we have just acquired a rare XR6 NA with the ZF and in Chromaflair (Fantasy) with apparently 1000 made. We will put most of the running gear into this new car and start all over again. Each time we do some mods ill keep adding pictures of the build and if I run into any issues I'm sure this site and friends could help me. This is going to be one epic run and long process but where committed. Thanks Let the build begin
  11. Wtb a zf turbo gearbox in Sydney , preferably low kms
  12. Folks, looking for recommendations for good transmission repair (or replace) mechanic in Sydney. 2006 BF turbo with 114k on it, terrible when cold, takes off ok, then when it "takes up", feels like it slips, then often a nasty clonk when going into gear. Settles down when warm but still not 100%. Have visited dealer 3 times, changed oil, done software, reset but same result. Recommended replace with refurb, 6k drive in drive out but thought I'd check the traps first as I reckon that's probably the quick and easy fix which I understand however reckon going direct to trans expert might save a few bucks.
  13. Bfxr

    Xr6t problems..

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone can give me some help with my car. I have recently developed a problem with my transmission.. so when I turn on to a highway and I'm driving to get to the speed limit of 110 my car won't change gears passed 80km it just revs out like its stuck in 1st or 2nd gear I then have to use sequential mode to change my gear manually and then it's right.. this happens everyday but when I'm on a road that has a lot of corners and the speed limit is 100km the car shifts perfectly without any of the problems.. the trans fluid is fine I've had it checked, I've replaced my battery and throttle position sensor.. I've got got codes of u2196 & u2197. Please help!! ?
  14. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on what this could have been. Stock standard 2012 FG XR6T MKII, ZF auto, 38,000KM Rolling over a give way into a 100kph zone I floored it and when it shifted into second gear there was a very very loud bang / thud from the gearbox. It continued to drive fine, so slowed down and floored it again but this time it shifted fine into second, and hasn't done it since. I'm wondering if I should service the transmission, its only done 38,000KM but is 5 year old oil in there?
  15. hey all, recently had my zf box built with new convertor, exedy stage 1 friction kit, bronze bush kit, oversize pressure regulator, new steels and a new clutch e pressure plate etc. I've noticed my speedo is now reading out, at 40kmh it reads 50 and getting up to 100 it reads 80 on the speedo. the zf has previously had a tune and im thinking will it need a retune on the box to sort my speedo out or have I got other problems? I've already tried returning the tune to stock on xcal 3 and reloading the tune in hope it might fix the problem but no good. any help appreciated thanks
  16. Is it possible to put a 6 speed zf auto from a xr6 turbo in a N/a xr6?
  17. Serviced the ute today & F ME! the oil that was in that thing was f*ckED! completely shot, non service my ass! Anyways, nice clean fresh fluid & a filter later the thing drives beaut. One minor issue, I have a TC light illuminated but no DTC's recorded?? Never had an issue with the light the first 2 times the car was driven but with it showing up, I'm a little wary. First time I noticed the light I turned the car on & off and it fixed it. Second time it was started it stayed off as well. Third time it came on & I drove it home. Thing is, I have this cheapy OBD2 recorder unit from ebay which is fantastic, I'd left it in the port & drove it. I'm wondering if that COULD have been the issue. Other thing is if there is some sort error code I'm not seeing ? To top that off can someone confirm the fill procedure for me? I was under the assumption that you; top it up till it runs out the hole > start > run through gears > top up till dripping again > once hot put in park & shut off > reapply plug However, when I did this as soon as the engine was off oil was PISSING out at quite a rate making me think I've over filled so is the procedure the following instead? top it up till it runs out the hole > start > run through gears > once hot put in park & shut off > reapply plug Any answers would be awesome, thanks guys
  18. Hey people just wanting to know if there is anyone out there that has put a C4 or any other hyd box into a FG that had a ZF6 speed in it from factory? Did you have any dramas??? What was needed for it to start???
  19. Hey Lady's and Gents, Well I am having a few issues with the G6ET It has a bad diff bush, it makes a knocking noise somewhere at the front of the car when the road is a little bumpy. Does any one know what causes this. HOWEVER the big problem is the ZF I think. After short drives now the thermo fans are staying on after the car is turned off? The temp on the dash is normal but we all know that is not the most important temperatures. The box feels like it is slipping and every time is does I think the car is pulling back on the acceleration. Is this normal? It is happening badly in 3rd and 4th up hills when in tip-tronic mode. When in lower gears this doesn't happen at the higher revs all seems fine. Also the shifts is really hard and delayed. Do my assumptions seem correct? This is my first auto and really know nothing about them other then the ZF is different to most of them. If you could help with this it would be great. The car was bought from a dealer with the 3mth warranty so it should be covered right? All help is much appreciated guys. Regards, Allan
  20. Trying not to swear... Have arrogantly ignored my ZF clunking etc for the last 2 weeks (work work work), last couple of days has been really bad, to the point that the engine revs are unstable at low revs or idle when in gear, sometimes grinding noises in 2nd 3rd 4th and so on (the typical milkshake symptoms). Lifted the bonnet at the servo today, and I have icebreak in my coolant overflow. Have reviewed a few forum posts with no 'where to nows', so to speak (including http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/75623-zf-auto-milkshake/) So where to now? Is my gearbox rooted, and I will def need a rebuild? OR At this point, is it possible I could try installing one of those external trans oil cooling kits, flush the coolant and trans oil, give the ZF a service (filter, clean etc) and hope for the best? Is it not even worth that work, should I just trailer it to somewhere and have the ZF rebuilt? I come here as im in central QLD with no one within 400km that can look at it.... Thanks in advance:headbang2:
  21. Hey all, I have recently disconnected the stock heat exchanger from my fg xr6t and fit an oil - air cooler. So far all is well, and more to the point... no chance of a milkshake in my gearbox! I used the PWR Cooler, got some lines, and a set of fittings from ebay (tried cutting the stock exchanger pipes off but it was to dodgy for my liking) I dont have an auto trans temp gauge however took it to the drags the other weekend, and no problems after 5 consecutive runs. Noticed the oil was a discoloured when installed the cooler, so I am going to get a flush very shortly... The install itself wasnt too hard, had to relocate the horn, and extend the fog light wiring a little bit... no big deal! Im pleased with the result. Running stock power levels atm, also I have a 10 inch thermo fan that im am going to fit to the front of my oil cooler, when I can be bothered :headbang2: This is the PWR cooler I used And the fittings I bought off ebay! Mounted the cooler under the DS headlight Used a die grinder and made a few slits in the wheel arch to let the air flow through! Any questions feel free to ask!
  22. Hi guys im new to this but have just found out some good info thought id share, there is a new bolt on ex transmission cooler for the ZF (bf and fg versions) on the way soon and will be of very high quality. Although it is not for sale yet I am posting to find out if there are any memebers in Sydney that would be willing to donate there car to help finalise the design . basically just to decide on a mounting place and hose lengths ect but this kit is very close ! Please help as I want to buy it for my car but I live in WA otherwise I would take my own car in :( Im sure who ever where to take there car in would be sorted out with a discount when the kit is available Cheers Chris
  23. Hey guys, new to the forums and looking to buy my first Ford. Currently in a VT Berlina. After a BFii XR6, n/a as I'm on Ps. Basically I wanna know the difference in performance between the four speed and the six speed. I can find plenty of 4 speeds in my price range, but very limited amounts of 6 speeds and most in basic colours with no options. I'm not towing or anything, very little highway driving, and fuel economy can't be worse than my current car either way so that's fine. Is the four speed at a huge disadvantage to the 6 speed? Any advice would be great!
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