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  1. FPV ute alarm system backup battery

    Good find. The ute will be sitting for a while so any extra capacity is good for me. Other option would be a few of these; https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/coin-button-rechargeable-batteries/4363529/
  2. FPV ute alarm system backup battery

    So I had a chat to the battery repackers and they were very helpful. They were upfront and said it was going to be more in labour to make a set than it would be to source the cells, which I kind of expected. Bouncing around ideas, they were concerned their welder would harm the cells and effect the voltage of the final pack, something they had experienced before. We discussed pro's & con's maybe looking at other form factors or chemistry's until I was directed to Jaycar where it's been suggested as long as the voltage is correct and the chemistry is for-like and heat stable, something like the phone batteries will work. So at this point I'm sourcing some cells and we'll see what happens. I guess that's the life of these older cars now that the electricals are failing. Will post back what I come up with.
  3. Have also used, can't say it's bad. Nothing to compare it to though. Had a seal on the connector die and leak everywhere. Got in to change it and maybe a year/18 months later and the fluid condition was still good. I would take it to a reputable transmission center if Ford wont do it. Ask for a flush & filter, just confirm with them what replacement fluid they will use.
  4. FPV ute alarm system backup battery

    Cheers for that. Doesn't look like the 4 cell unit's are standard. Thanks ford. I'm half thinking I'll buy 2 of these from Jaycar and put them in series. Even just finding the individual cells seems to be a bit of a stretch so a "for like" replacement I can do myself is an option I'll consider but I'll give that crowd a buzz tomorrow too https://www.jaycar.com.au/3-6v-650mah-rechargeable-ni-mh-battery/p/SB1646 Edit* on closer inspection the rated mAh on the stock unit is only 170 and the voltage isn't quite right either. So assuming I was able to use that jaycar one, it would out last civilization, so maybe gang up a couple of these instead https://www.jaycar.com.au/uniden-cordless-phone-battery-2-4v-ni-mh-650mah-ctb96-65aaah2bmj/p/SB1654
  5. About time I got around to posting something worthwhile so here we go. 2006 FPV Ute and I’m forever having the battery run down. For many reasons I’ve had to disconnect the battery as I haven’t been around to drive the Ute much lately but it’s even got to the point that the engine is quite sluggish to get going even when left connected overnight. When disconnecting the battery, the alarm system is activated and you hear the most woeful wail for all of about 5 seconds until the internal battery dies. It’s an unusual setup I haven’t found a huge amount of info on, but from what I know base model utes don’t really have an alarm system and this unit is a bit of a tack-on. Anyway it’s a fairly easy thing to get at. Single 10mm nut holding it near the booster in the engine bay. There is a very small green connector with a pita latch to get off. It’s a two hand job buried down in the guard and will likely be seized a bit. I got in with a small flathead and broke the clip to free it, I’ll tie it back together later. Just make sure the wire doesn’t fall back down the hole. Looking at the back of the unit there is a part number and it even suggests there is a battery replacement available however I’m not lucky enough to have that information now so I’ll get on the google monster to see what I can find. 4 Philips head screws in the back, free those & pull the metal bracket back and the whole unit opens up. The battery cells are wrapped in green & stuck in with double sided foam. Small connector to the board. Leaping back the plastics the buttons suggest they are a ni-cad rechargeable unit. Testing with a multimeter I’m getting 1.5v each or 6v all up. I would suggest these are technically I <3 Bananased. If I fail to find a for like replacement I’ll find something good from jaycar and McGyvor it back in. However for over 12 years I would suggest these have done a pretty good job. Can anyone take a guess what that replacement battery number is and let me know? I can't find anything online
  6. Brake upgrade for 2007 bf turbo

    And it's optimistic to think you'll find an 18 you like that will fit. Likely need a 19. I run 20's over 6 pot.
  7. Brake upgrade for 2007 bf turbo

    You should be able to get a set of wrecked 4 pot brembos for a bit less than that. Even if it is just the fronts. IIRC the xrt's came with a slightly larger brake combo anyway. If you're going to get reliable parts for this build plus a tune to take it to 400 I dare say you'll be pushing things like the factory turbo to it's limit, so.. new turbo? Reason I ask that, if you're spending that much coin to do the build right I wouldn't be cheaping out on the brakes at that point. That's just me
  8. Future of Site - Discussion

    I don't have an issue with a subscription based model or a yearly to keep the site up. Only suggestion I have is to make it crazy easy to sign up (ie, paypal or similar)
  9. Diagnosing rough idle

    I would have to dig around for it but I believe there was a firmware update for BA's back in the day. The VCT & soliniods could get a little gummy pushing the timing out so I think they programmed in a purge once the engine started to prevent them sticking? I think that was something like the story anyway, I stand to be corrected on that. The connectors on the VCT are also brittle as hell so they may be broken & shorting a bit. As for the rich/lean? Bad o2, vac leak, intake gasket? But if a service cleared them I would focus on the VCT issue and check back re the tune
  10. Manual Ute Traction

  11. Does a stainless system have any performance advantages compared to a sh*t steel one? unlikely. Maybe 2hp on the bum dyno? maybe? If I can't see it & it doesn't effect performance I don't care all that much. #canofwormsopened
  12. They have been talking about the exhaust material and how mild steel likes to rust, but it's not that bad. Plot twist, the rest of that van will rust away to nothing before that exhaust ever will
  13. Manual Ute Traction

    Looks hot

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