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  1. Are the fans coming on? Could be a lot of things
  2. Bit of an old thread here but I did find the coils assisted in fixing the issues. I had also found a ground wire around the front of the bay which wasn't secured correctly, so after cleaning it & torquing it back down all has been well ever since.
  3. The hero this thread really needs right now;
  4. I can't believe I'm replying to this thread but here we are. Is the valve ported correctly? the stock Bosch one looks like its plumbed backwards from factory. Also, just googled what that thing looks like; god dam its a thot of a valve
  5. I think I've managed to track down a replacement for under 250 in town so I can't really shy away from that. And if it lasts 4 years only being driven a couple of times a week I think that's good enough too. And agreed, keeping it topped up is likely the way to go.
  6. I've had a Full River HC28 for around 4 years and it's finally failing to hold charge. Wondering if people have had better experiences with other brands or they have a preference. Thanks
  7. FiftyOne

    Mr Pingtune

    Interested to see how this one pans out
  8. FiftyOne

    Mr Pingtune

    You haven't actually tuned this to handle the mods, have you....
  9. There's a few good write up's on the site about it if you're inclined to do it yourself. If you take it to the pro's you probably looking at anything beyond $1,000 from memory its ~300 for the kit plus 70ish per liter for genuine ZF fluid of which you need about 14 liters for a full fill and labour on that. If you use dextron6 ZF compatible fluid you'll save a fair bit on the oil. The reason I ask about the wheels, there was something I remember with the Simmons I was going to get. Guy at the shop had said it could trigger ABS faults for some cars based on a different rolling diameter because of the sidewall ratio. I'm not saying that's the cause here, but maybe a bit of slippage in the box plus the wheels could be doing it?
  10. Hi mate. Certainly sounds odd? going to ask a fairly basic question here, what sort of rims & tyres are you running?
  11. 100% not the person to be asking on the matter. But if I see correctly, the rubber has sagged and is cracked around the top. I would be changing it anyway as a wearing item
  12. Could still be that maybe until a little bit of boost built up? Either way, doesn't sound so great. I'd get it on a hoist sooner than later
  13. Are there any benefits to doing this? Is it room in the bay & aesthetics or is there some other reason? Asking because I've always thought the header tank on the falcons made life so much easier

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