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  1. I would let the tuner handle it. They know what will work with the tune they make, leave it up to them
  2. Cool. I'll have to look in to that. I guess I'm more worried I'll be driving along and not get an audible warning about oil pressure or water temp. Or look like a complete prat because I'm driving along with my indicator still going
  3. True this. Yep, looks like the speaker or driver in the cluster has completely died. No noise at all 😕 I feel a tech doc coming 🤦‍♂️
  4. Yep, I'm pretty sure it's not relay driven any more. One less unique part for manufacturers, the cluster can do it combined with all the other warning gubbins it squawks
  5. The indicators are working. The noise is created from the speaker on the cluster I believe.
  6. Very odd, the seat belt warning ding when the key goes in still works fine however the speaker doesn't make the clicking noise to go with the indicator flashing. Anyone had something similar?
  7. I guess it should make the bitches moist
  8. Welp, it certainly won't rust out any time soon
  9. Yes I know this feeling. I had it on an EL and now on the BF I occasionally get the same. Never tracked it down, Think it could be something in the fuel system allowing a tiny bit of air to get in overnight. Either that or the throttle body could be a bit sticky/gummy and not responding correctly. Rule the throttle out by switching the car on, pushing the throttle in & out a few times so you hear it moving in the bay then start it
  10. No worries. Sorry we couldn't give you some better options. Be sure to hang around the site though, there's heaps of falcon related tech write ups, particularly from PhilMeUp on Utes & taxis which are an absolute gold mine to the community. They'll be really helpful for you
  11. Welcome mate. I'm assuming you're wanting to go NA just with a bit more pep? In my humble experience the best way to ruin a good car is to mess with it by putting aftermarket exhaust parts on. The fuel economy goes to hell whether you realize or not and the drone comes in. If you were going to go down that road, if you can find quality parts cheap second hand maybe that's an option? The petrol barra's do liven up with 98 fuel, an exhaust and a slight tune, but you might be talking less than 0.5 over a standing qtr at ~16 seconds to begin with. Being gas you are maybe power limit
  12. C spec are best. They come pre stressed and are unlikely to cause further issue
  13. Could be a bad batch of fuel. I had an intermittent issue with the p0133 code. Replaced the sensors and it went away then came back. There should also be two different sensors (at least for BF) one pre & and different sensor for heat in the back. Assuming that is all correct, I would take it back to the tuner to have a look at the computer. If the fuel it was tuned on was bad, or if he was only reading off an already bad set of sensors the rest of the tune will be off. Best to check that off first
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