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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I currently own a G6eTurbo 2010 model with approximately 100,000 kms. I have done nothing to the car besides a rear muffler delete, besides this it is stock as a rock. The other week I was driving on an expressway travelling at about 100 kmh and then accelerated, not an overly hard acceleration but was overtaking someone so a reasonable push. As I put the power in the car lost power and flashed “Transmission fault” on the display. It put me into limp mode (3rd gear). I pulled over turned the car off and turned it back on and it appeared fine let me drive normally. I took the car into a mechanic and explained my problem but they said they couldn’t find any codes and they test drove the car which appeared fine to them. Since this I have tested the issue myself and found once the car hits operating temperature if I apply any hard acceleration after about 100 kmh the car immediately faults, limp mode, turn it off back on and it runs fine. I borrowed a reader and found the following code myself: DTC - P0735 - Transmission gear #5 incorrect ratio. DTC status: Continuous memory DTC. Has anyone had this issue or know what is going on with my car! I don’t want to keep mechanic shopping and being charged silly amounts to be told its fine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, hope this can be of help to someone out there. 5 months ago my housemates 09 n/a xr6 5 speed started slipping gears, as most, if not all of you who have had the displeasure of owning one of these time bombs know, the day of the glittery oil pan had come and his 5 speed sh*tbox had come to an end. Myself being an apprentice at the local ford service centre saw this as an opportunity to learn what's involved with a 6 speed conversion. To begin with I already knew on the 6 speed the TCM (trans control module) was built into the box, therefore didn't need any extra plug into the ECU whereas on the 5 speed it didn't have the TCM built in, so it did need the extra plug. We bought a 2012 mk2 6 speed with the tailshaft (slightly shorter than the 5 speed), shift linkage on the side of the box, engine wiring loom, trans cooler and ecu from a wreckers, we fitted all the parts and found that that the holes to bolt the flex plate (also known as flywheel on manual) to the torque converter were 20mm inwards, after a quick ebay search we found the 4 speed and 6 speed have the same flex plate whereas the 5 speed is different, after fixing that and getting it all together the car wouldn't start, we took it to my work and attempted to program it, we had a few codes but the one that stuck out was for the IC (instrument cluster), which was for incorrect vehicle speed input, after that we were stumped, we then searched around everywhere and couldn't find any threads on a conversion being done, we rang a shop in baccus marsh (GW auto care 0455 781 227) who specialise in falcons and fords, who were the only people that genuinely wanted to help us and were very friendly, they told us we need to change the loom that goes from the bottom of the engine bay fuse panel (we changed whole fuse panel) to the back of the interior fuse panel and the loom the plugs into the top front of the engine bay fuse panel and runs around the front of the car all the way to the inside of the passenger footwell (need to take front bumper and both front inner gaurds to access (which is not easy to maneuver but is possible, goodluck), the car finally started, it drives but won't come out of 1st, when shifting to sports, the D symbol on the dash doesn't change to S and doesn't change to 1 or 2 when you shift up or down when at a stop, hope this has helped someone and if anyone can help us get her shifting it would be much appreciated, this is my first post and hopefully not my last, please be kind I'm not an expert so please correct me if I've said anything wrong and please be free to ask questions. Cheers from the half pissed Thiccc_g6e P.s long live the BARRA!
  3. Is it possible to put a 6 speed zf auto from a xr6 turbo in a N/a xr6?
  4. Hey guys I've converted my BA XR6 turbo form a 4 speed to a 6 speed manual and it goes great mid range 3,500rpm to high making 300rwkw. It feels VERY sluggish down low before boost hits not because of a mechanical problem or anything like that it just seams not as responsive or jumpy off the line and I'm thinking this could be dew to the STOCK BA 4 speed turbo diff gears being a 3.45 and the 6 speed being a 3.73. It wheel spins like a boss off the line or bogs down can not find an in-between (may be dew to my driving but still feels like the car is asleep down low in normal driving) Thoughts on diff gears to waken the thing up a bit or any other ideas? I've read the other threads but nothing really specific to my situation.
  5. Hi, I am after some help on how to remove the clutch fluid line from a BF 6speed manuel. Can be removed from master cylinder side easily but unsure on how to remove it from off the slave cylinder inside the bellhousing whithout pulling the box out? I am thinking maybe there is a specialist tool like a crows foot 90degree socket or something? Surely someone has done this before? or can the line be removed at another location? Thanks
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