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  1. Hello brains trust. I recently removed the rear disks on my xr6t 05 BF and got them machined. I banged on them with a rubber mallet alot and used the bolt for the caliper mount to help break the seized rotor from the hub. Now when I try to refit them the rotor is right up against the caliper mount opposite the piston. I have not been able to figure out what is causing this other than the hub has been misaligned while I was trying to get the rotor off. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Yeah I’m not planning on putting much of my money into this engine. A rebuild with forged internals could come later down the track, I just want something affordable that works so I can drive my car as I enjoy it. Are you running the aeroflow rear housing? I am wondering if that will need a port job or not, I understand it comes with a 32mm waste gate.
  3. Is there any feedback on the aeroflow units ? They seem pretty decent for the price but can’t find any information regarding them
  4. New member here. I have a BF t56 xr6t that is currently going through the bolt on mod phase. Recently I have discovered that my rear housing is damaged and effecting the wastegate from opening and closing properly and also that my turbo core is stuffed on my factory 3582. I want to know what are some budget friendly options people have gone with for replacing these parts. I have considered buying a pulsar gtx3582 turbo however my tuner indicated that the compressor housing can rotate causing the actuator to not work properly and become 'lazy' and advise going external gate with that set up. A second opinion from another shop suggested going for the aeroflow 6662 (3582) replacement however I can not find much information about these units online if they are any good. The other direction I have investigated is buying another after market rear housing (aeroflow, pulsar) and rebuilding my current turbo with a pulsar CHRA drop in. I am after some advice on which direction to go in for an IWG set up that will work effectively and will not blow my budget out anymore than it already has. I am not chasing big power as I have a BF 1 engine and do not want to bend a rod. Cheers
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