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  1. I get diplomatic immunity. It's all good.
  2. Tell then to go sleep outside then, ungrateful turds
  3. Do you have a fireplace. Nothing better than sitting naked in front if a fireplace roasting your nuts
  4. You guys are mean. I like my slow cars ve ss was perfect. I'll never get a speeding ticket in it
  5. I bought a ve ss 2011 series 2 for $12k Did I do good, I kinda feel dirty now 😏
  6. Puff and Keith should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger by now. You guys train a lot
  7. You can spend 30k on blinds. I'm flat out getting upset because they charge me 20 cents for sauce. ☹
  8. You ruined it Keith, we were on a roll
  9. Do it , have some fun 😌
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