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  1. If anyone wants to make some easy money Put a few grand on trump winning the US elections. I am
  2. Loopholes? Cash is being banned. Whatever is in circulation will eventually make it's way back to banks never to he circulated again. That's a extra fist above your head to control you. Yeah people will create their own currency to trade but why should we have too. I prefer silver and cats as currency
  3. I don't think you understand the full consequences of going cashless and being forced into a banking system that controls everything
  4. That went out the window a long time ago Keith. Communist Australia is the new normal whether you like it or not. Your rights are being taken away bit by bit. And the sheeple are all for it. Soon you wont be able to buy anything with cash either.
  5. He needs a bullet inbetween his communist peanut brain. I'm surprised no one had the testicles to actually do it.
  6. Yeah, nothing has changed in qld. If I didnt watch the talking head on TV I wouldn't even know about this scamdemic
  7. How is everyone, enjoying the "covid normal" Haha
  8. Mechanical is fine, dont worry about these big cats. Get a braided line and fit it properly, it will last you years. Mechanical sh*tts on electrical. I got all the brass fittings to suit whatever your doing from autobarn and supercheap. Buy some thread tape or thread sealant otherwise your sh*t will leak everywhere.
  9. sh*t tuner. I've never had e85 cold start problems. Starts like normal on e85.
  10. I get diplomatic immunity. It's all good.
  11. Tell then to go sleep outside then, ungrateful turds
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