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  1. I did try one cleaning method but ill have to try that one thanks
  2. Conpletely agree but when you dont make lerge amounts of money its little harder. Trying to get it road worthy for now and will be purchasing a new belt the brand is SRP any good?
  3. Its pretty straight forward so I dunno
  4. Yeah no worries buying new now... can delete this thread haha for what ever reason didnt think that was a option cheap enough but it is
  5. Have purchased 3 drivers side seat belts with everyone telling me they are road worthy and retract properly. well they arent retracting properly and the last bloke nearly got belted can someone help me with this? am I doing something wrong? They seem to be getting stuck up the top
  6. need to fix threaded bolt holes before just putting in studs
  7. When I purchased car didn't come with heat shield currently in the search for one. how long of studs could I use? Wondering if I could use larger studs to solve the problem
  8. When I removed exhaust manifold to change engine mount I noticed 1 bolt had been changed for a longer as due to a threaded hole though I tightened it to much and its I <3 Bananased, also the same with another bolt. So I have 2 threaded holes which are minced and was thinking about fixing and replacing with studs? Whats the longest bolt I can put into the head. Some suggestions and information would be appreciated thanks
  9. I read that couple years back but couldn't confirm it I do have the smaller filter! Sp hopefully it is the later engine as planning to hopefully make 360 safely
  10. What about engine differences? I have a ba with apparently a bf engine how do I confirm with out checking engine number? Cheers
  11. Just checked now it is sssl and with old bumpstops was 50 new ones I put in on saturday are like 5mm Car is still high as I <3 Bananas
  12. I am all about low, though looking at current car its about 50mm from bump stops. I have ssl front and sssl rear with 20's car is still high for me. I was thinking bags and or coilovers though there wont be much travel in the arms?
  13. that's I <3 Bananasing sh*t... yeah ill pass that job on I remember swapping a few au irs craddles out sh*t job
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