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  1. Is capitalisation a word. ?? I think you might be smarter than me.
  2. Because I see it. your picture dummy
  3. Capitals belong at the beginning of a sentence. I might not be so smart. But sh*t , at least I know punctuation.
  4. Yes, but you grind your teeth. That's a tell tale sign.
  5. In think you might be over the limit also. I think, you have reached the limit. Anyway, what do you guys think of MJ.
  6. Did you know psychologists can not prescribe drugs.
  7. I don't like you. I can assist a needle user but I can not see a psychologist. I am prescribed 30 Valium a month. That is all drs are good for. A script.
  8. I will never learn. I make the same mistakes, over, and over. What is wrong with me ?
  9. I wish someone would teach me a lesson. Im a minority. I deserve attention.
  10. You are freaking me out. I think your smarter than a smartie.
  11. If you start talking sense, then maybe I can understand. I agree. I think its time we got married.
  12. I want to learn. But you are a bad teacher.
  13. Is there a way 2 change my gmail address in settings. Your not teaching me anything.
  14. I wont get it because my gmail is different.
  15. Yer but, I think that mole is about to drop dead. Sorry. I did not mean to offend. This is a politically correct world. Where everybody is welcome. Yes it does. Send me a PM. I wont get it. Because it pertains to my last email and not my current one. 20 years ago it was predicted that the off spring of Africans will cause us many troubles. Guess what ??? Its fckn true. Africans and muslims have fcked the world. Asians , Greeks, Italians, never caused us any trouble. Because there god is the same as ours. The government is fcked in the head for allowing African and muslim migrants into Australia. There god is different so they are different. They don't believe in truth. There god is mahamad. I didt capitalise his name because he is a I ❤️ Bananaser. How many mohamads are there ??? Dumb fkn muslims name there kids after a prophet that cant touch a member of the opposite sex, (but its ok 2 have sex slaves and fck virgins in heaven ) Fkn Hippocrates. There fcking the world. They spread out like poisonous tentacles.

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