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  1. Happy Birthday acid_xr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday acid_xr6t!

  3. wow looking thru all he pics, how far has it come!! I like it now... its more cute :-P
  4. Ba's with the brake upgrade... outta the question for these as well?
  5. Happy Birthday acid_xr6t!

  6. Happy Birthday acid_xr6t!

  7. Happy Birthday acid_xr6t!

  8. I currenty got the same built 4 speed box built from dominellos with 3000rpm stally in my ba xr6t.... first one destroyed in the first week, second one lasted 6-8 months and it failed sent it back down to him and said no warrenty and was not every happy, currently on the 3rd gearbox built from him and I still do not trust it... this is just my experence with, hopefully you have a better run than
  9. just a random video I found of me runnin on street tyres, the tyres where destroyed and decided to finish them off at the drags that night and get new ones a few days after and still managed to pull a 12.2!
  10. oh frig yeah I keen for cruise, but I got a licence issue once again! qik1 im got passenger seat lol
  11. thanks for the feedback! just not sure what to do next! I want more power! any sugguestion what do to next?
  12. let me no nashy, I goin stay in tully now overnight friday night and leave for townsville eairly sat morning as I got a wedding to go to... so I'll be wanting to leave for tville say 8ish.. the offers there if you like anyway.
  13. I goin thru to townville friday night if that's any help nashy?
  14. yupp the 3000rpm stally helped get it of the line heeps oh and a set of MT's that pass was done on !
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