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  1. At what point do I need to upgrade the internals ie. HD timing chain kit, oil pump gears, headstuds? I'm about to upgrade my FGXR6T, mods are as follows, walbro 460l fuel pump, Bosch 1000cc injectors, atomic valve springs, Aeroflow gtx3582, plamaman 1000hp cooler, mackilec TSI, HF cat, has an xforce exhaust (not sure on size yet) and 4" dump, I'm wanting to push 400rwkw, problem is funds are getting low and probably could only afford the labor and tune costs atm, what sort of power would be safe until I could afford the other engine work? It's currently running 277rwkw with the standard turbo
  2. What are peoples thoughts on the plazmaman intake manifold on an FG XR6T, worthwhile component or very unnecessary? Are there many gains to be had with upgraded injectors, fuel pump, cooler and turbo?
  3. Thanks for the advice, I just noticed Zac Baldy is using the precision 6235 in his FG so I might look into them, cheers
  4. Can you speak on the precision turbo at all? I've never heard of them and Golebys and empire elite don't seem to stock them, I was also recommended the new aeroflow by my mechanic but im a bit unsure of them also
  5. I love the quick spool on the standard turbo, plenty of punch down low so the gtx3576r is probably my best bet if I can still push over 400rwkw but its more expensive than the gtx3582r, is the 3582 that much laggier?
  6. I've been told the ZF will be fine if I treat it right, no hard downshifts and don't thrash it constantly, has an aftermarket cooler also
  7. FG XR6T, ZF Auto, xforce cat back with high flow cat, 4" dump, muffler delete, turbo side intake, 1000cc injectors, 460l walbro fuel pump, 1000hp plazmaman IC, valve springs, headstuds, oil pump gears and Garrett GTX3582R Gen II turbo, what sort of power am I looking at on 98, should I go with the GTX3582R or is there a better option, it's my daily driver, street use only, looking to make upwards of 400rwkw but want it quick off the line
  8. Be looking at around 5k for the next stage so it'll have to wait a while I guess, cheers
  9. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, I'm looking at upgrading my FG XR6T which is currently running 277rwkw, I'm upgrading intercooler and injectors and looking at around 3-4k with a tune to do it, this should put me up around 320rwkw, I'm wanting around 400rwkw end game but can't afford a new turbo, valve springs and headstuds just yet, my question is will the difference be worth the money, has anyone gone from and to similar power and can tell me if they felt it was worth it?
  10. What do I need for a bigger turbo? Will valve springs do or will I need to upgrade other internals?
  11. Hey guys, got my 08 FG XR6T booked in for a few mods and a tune, just waiting on parts atm, mods after all is done will be, 1000cc injectors, walbro 460 fuel pump, exhaust and high flow cat, 4" dump pipe, turbo side intake, 1000hp plazmaman cooler and an external transmission cooler, it's tuned for 277rwkw atm with the fuel pump, exhaust, HF cat and dump pipe, was wondering what the turbo will max out at and if it's possible to make 340-350rwkw on a stock turbo, if not and I chose to upgrade the turbo what other supporting mods would I be up for, cheers
  12. I had the same problem with my BA XR6T, if the joins in the tailshaft wernt marked before it was taken out and put back in exactly the same way it will be unbalanced, spoke to hardy Spicer and was told it's very common on the BA/BF, very hard to balance again once it's been done too, some places can get it right with a tailshaft balance but the only place down here (tas) that did an in car balance were 3 hours away for me, good luck
  13. Thanks guys, I'm looking to stock some parts then get it all fitted at once and tune to save me money and trouble mucking around, I'm looking at side intake kit, stage 1 intercooler (so I don't have to cut anything) and 1000cc injectors, car is running 277rwkw atm with 460 fuel pump, exhaust, high flow cat and 4" dump, not sure I'll be able to afford a bigger turbo for a bit but that will surely come later, just trying to push 300 as safely as possible atm
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