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  1. Thanks guys, I'm looking to stock some parts then get it all fitted at once and tune to save me money and trouble mucking around, I'm looking at side intake kit, stage 1 intercooler (so I don't have to cut anything) and 1000cc injectors, car is running 277rwkw atm with 460 fuel pump, exhaust, high flow cat and 4" dump, not sure I'll be able to afford a bigger turbo for a bit but that will surely come later, just trying to push 300 as safely as possible atm
  2. Hey guys I'm looking at installing a turbo side intake on my FG XR6T, a couple of questions, are they worth it? Any gains at all? Will my car need to be retuned? And lastly is the antz kit decent or is there another I should look at?
  3. Well this was an interesting read 🙄 I was looking through the search to see opinions on antz turbo side intakes, I guess I should steer well clear...
  4. So I bit the bullet and upgraded my BA XR6T to a 2008 FG XR6T, the FG is auto with 460 walbro, 4" dump into xforce stainless with high flow cat and a tune dynod for 277rwkw, I want to spend another 2k or so and have it retuned, where is my money best being spent at this stage? Ive been told 1000cc injectors will push me over 300rwkw is that my next port of call?
  5. Not really after a specific power goal, more looking for a comfortable, fun weekend driver that will hold its value tbh and something that when I do want more power will withstand it as I didn't want to spend redundant money on my ba and be limited somewhat to what it can produce
  6. So I've decided I'm going to sell my ba xr6t and upgrade to an fg xr6t, I'm in tassie and don't have a great deal of options atm, im tossing up between two cars, one is a standard manual the other is an auto with xforce exhaust into 4" dump pipe and high flow cat, intake muffler delete, 460 walbro and intune motorsport turbo oil feed inline filter tuned with sct hand controller, dyno papers for 270rwkw which to me seems kinda low for the mods? My ba xr6t is a 6sp manual and I love manuals but the stock one I drove seemed underwhelming although the owner came as passenger so didn't get to really put it through it's paces, I'm looking at the auto tomorrow, the auto has full service history, both cars have 160k kms and the auto is priced 2k more than the manual, can I get opinions on what others think as I've heard great things about the zf boxes but not sure which way to go...also would cost me quite a bit to do the mods listed on the auto to the manual I would presume
  7. Thanks for the replies gents, I've got her booked in to be looked over and find out what's been done and have her tuned, I'll jump back on and share once I've had it looked at, cheers
  8. The guy I bought it off had it advertised as 240rwkw so I'd imagine the injectors, fuel pump etc are still there as I would imagine it would be a process to remove it all and replace with standard and he didn't seem to be a bloke that likes doing a great deal to be honest, will a reputable tuner will be able to tell what mods have been done pretty easily? Im happy to have it retuned just want to have it running at its full capability
  9. Hey guys, I have a ba xr6t MKII 6 speed manual, I've owned it for 2 years and recently spoke to the first owner of the car who told me it was pushing 16psi when he had it and that he'd put all the goodies into it, walbro fuel pump, 1000cc injectors, valve springs, it also has an upgraded intercooler, when I purchased the car the guy had a boost controller in it and was running 12psi but he removed it before sale and put it back to 5.5-6psi, my question is would I be able to simply buy and connect a new boost controller and pump it back upto 12psi with no hassles or do I need to have it retuned?
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