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  1. Hey legends, I recently sold my Haltech Plug and Play, waiting on a new setup, but in the interim, I need a ECU.. Will a FGX XR6 Turbo 6 speed manual ECU be compatible with my FG MK2 XR6 speed manual? Both are 234. Cheers.
  2. Yeah hahah did that. Just finalising the last problems.
  3. Maybe in the back of the hump. This is probably is a good idea so when the arvo sun hits I’m not getting facef**ked by the sun haha. Man, ever since an inept performance tuner on the SunnyCoast touched my car it’s been a headache ever since. The codes it was throwing were cruise control codes, Haltech remote logged in and they couldn’t understand what was happening, so they said to send it back and they fixed it for free.
  4. Yeah man, saw that one. My Haltech was going from 40 to 80 degrees and shutting the engine down. Haltech fixed it for free, but this is just a precaution I want to take to keep it cooler, it probably won’t be an issue now, but preventative. I thought if the fans were just to blow the stale air around. Was thinking a little computer fan from like Jaycar just to do that and seeing if anyone had down it. Cheers for the link. Other wise I was thinking raising the rear of the bonnet or cutting wholes in it haha 👀😳. The joys of living in the tropics.
  5. Yeah I was suspicious of it too, just seeing if anyone was doing/ had done it.
  6. Yeah, was thinking that or if anyone was doing the above with fans or shielding.
  7. I wouldn’t be asking if it didn’t. Lol.
  8. Hey all, Has anyone moved the Haltech or ECU's from the engine bay to inside their car? Or What ways have you kept temps down around on your, like did you raise the back of the bonnet, used computer fans to keep it cool? Sorry if this topic has been discussed, did search the internet prior to posting. Thanks in advance.
  9. That shop has now been closed and for legal reason I cannot mention. The head OG head was cooked. The Cam Caps and journals were f**ked, this was found out after buying a new head.
  10. Alrighty all, here's the update: So, I finally got around to fixing the engine. As I mentioned earlier, I slapped a new head on, all the bells and bigger whistles put into it, blah, blah, blah. Now, on Sunday just been (9th of Jan 2022), I pulled the rocker cover off to see if I had somehow placed the cams in the wrong way, I didn't, next thing I checked was the timing, I rotated the engine over 34 times to get it bang on. On inspection of the crank sprocket, the mark on the chain was one tooth out, so it had skipped. The second thing I noticed was the intake cam was in the correct position at 12 o'clock and the exhaust cam was at the 11 o'clock position. So this explains everything, fixed it and guess what, the car runs like it did prior to the inept mechanic who put three valves springs upside down ( I text him once a month asking, "How?" HAHA). So, the timing retarding issue has finally been fixed and sounds like the former glory. Next problem, when the thermo fans come on the car would either switch off or run real rough not like in the lame ghost cam way - worse. The Haltec was throwing all kinds of codes mainly cruise control codes. Couldn't work out why. All by accident, I placed my hand on my Haltec and f**k me, I could cook bacon and eggs on it. Found the setting on the laptop and it was telling me the Haltec was at 80 degrees. Got an air blower straight onto it and it cooled down rather quickly. After four hours of trying to get the car stated it, just wouldn't. Continued drinking and had a good night. The next day on the phone to Haltec and well, the legends they are, are the legends the are. Fixed everything via remote login. The Haltec is being sent back, they're do their magic and once I get the Haltec back then bammmmm straight onto the dyno for a tune. Once again, thank you for everyones input over the time/ length of this post. I took all comments in and it reassured me, everything I was doing was correct and believe it or not, it pointed me in the right direction when I took your comment on board. A long and costly process, but never-the-less, great outcome. Thought I would update and hope this post and comment/s helps those that are ever chasing a similar issue/ problem.
  11. Yeah, I’m currently running at 3584 was at 27psi, was told it was 24, gauge and inept tuner could be well out haha. Next year, I’ll probably go 6Boost manifold for wank factor and a G40 or G45 but only if my current turbo sh*ts the bed.
  12. Wicked man. If I end up needing to replace my HG again, I'll look down this avenue that you're doing. When I pulled the head off last time, the Cosmetic HG looked like it was in great condition and could use again. But it was only $245 but, the latest advice I got was to go back to stock. This comes from a guy that builds barra's in the south part of Brissy. He says he runs them in the 700-800hp cars with no issues, whether I am being fed sh*t again who knows. My original goal when I bought this car was 600-650 reliable HP. When this car is finally up and running, it'll be my weekender. Just want to chop more R8 clubby's haha
  13. Yeah, this is the first time I've had a stock head gasket in. A little wary but hey, it's only coil cover, cam sensors unplug, coolant temp unplug intake bolts, turbo return line unbolt from sump, exhaust manifold bolts, dip stick, belt and pulley's, harmonic balancer, crank angle sensor, rocker cover, timing chain cover, timing chain, cam caps, cams, headstud nuts washers and headstuds with head removal, then basically in reverse for a simple gasket change HAHAHA! All g my man, it probably explains the start of my post cause I was being pulled in so many different directions. Huge learner curve; however, it brought me to this forum which I'm thankful for. A lot of great input from all directions.
  14. Yeah man 100%. The problem is, my car went to a 'shop' on the Sunny Coast and some how that absolute legend put three valve springs upside down which caused two bent valves and a cracked ringlet. I was none the wiser and drove the car around for three weeks and then on the highway lost compression and yep cylinder three gone. Went to another shop in Brisbane and the people that skimmed it and replaced the two bent valves. Thought it was fixed - wasn't. So I spent the next few months honing the block for oversized pistons upgraded all the rods etc etc. I was chasing and replacing everything the scanners were saying was the fault, phasers, sensors and ECU. Whatever needed to be replaced was replaced with highly recommended parts. I thought since the engine was out, I'd upgrade the drive/tail shaft, clutch etc etc. I had my car towed away from that shop and started pulled the engine apart again. Replaced the head and wallah, retardation solved. But yeah as mentioned, happy the car starts and can drives but limited and that's obviously because of the base map. Looking forward to the surge tanks (there some bloody options there) and seeing what I can put down. Not going for 1000hp but if I hit somewhere between 500-700hp and be completely safe I'm fine with that.
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