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  1. Yeah it is, I got it for cost price. I've been told and I don't know how true it is, is that they're the rejected Garret ones. But, people seem to be doing just fine with them. If it dies on me, then I'll get the proper Garret one. Have you used BarraMods.com.au website for buying parts? I keep seeing that page smashed over the Barra pages on FB and I'm all for supporting Aussie companies, would you recommend?
  2. Legendary! Thanks mate. Yeah I got the MK2 FG turbo - small. Thanks for being patient. Still learning what the Barra can and can't handle. So having the Pulsar 3584 is too big or it'll do just fine?
  3. Yeah mate, goes to 20 PSI. Glad I was not the only one that thought that. When they showed me the dyno results, I was like, "How did you get so high in boost but so little in power?" I honestly thought I'd get more. I thought the stock turbo would hold up until at least 400kw?
  4. Really? This might explain two things. If I brake boost or at random if I go to overtake someone either in 3rd or 4th, I'm the lucky receiver of codes P0236 and P0238 codes. High boost sensor. I've replaced them a month and this still comes up. I've stopped brake boosting. But I'll only get them while randomly over taking people now. Hopefully an eboost and retune will stop this. lol.This has only happened since the tune. FYI - I erase the codes and the car is good again. I drove from Cairns to Brisbane over two days (Friday and Saturday, as in yesterday) and it only came on once
  5. I'll let you know mate. Hopefully I don't run into the same problems. I'll be swapping out the turbo smart actuator that's on the stock turbo currently, so hopefully that helps.
  6. Awesome mate, thanks for the information, was not aware. I've tried finding helpful information like this out on the good old FB and nothing like this. Appreciate it mate.
  7. Hey all, At what KW/ HP did you change your oil pump gears at for an FG MK2 X6T ute 6 speed manual? Like is there a specific HP you need to change them at? I'm only chasing 500ish hp. So far my mods are for power are as follows: 1. 4in dump into 3.5 Xforce middle muffle delete 2. 460 Walbro pump 3. Bosch 1000cc injectors 4. Turbosmart actuator 12 psi 5. Antz intercooler piping 6. Antz battery relocation with turbo side intake 7. Autotechnica intercooler (not by
  8. Thanks mate! That is really helpful! Such an amazing car. I do understand why people love them. Glad I snapped one up.
  9. Thanks mate, is really appreciate the information. I didn’t realise a BA/BF turbo would fit on an FG, that was a surprise haha. More mods would mean like, springs, seats, timing chain, sprocket and head studs hey, when I do those I should go an upgrade on a turbo and maybe get 500-600hp?
  10. Hey all, Sorry for the message, I've been searching but can't find the rightish answers, keen to hear peoples experiences. I've always had bikes and one night (I won't say where) I had an FG XR6T stay about a car length behind me. I have a Hayabusa (well three of them), so I think you can gather how quick that car was and I was in complete awe so I went and bought one hunted for a stock one. I've had the ute now for about 3 months and so far I've dropped it two inches all round coilers in the front SL leafs in the rear with one inch lowering blocks, xForce 4in dump into 3.5in. Thi
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